HM3: Female Briefs

In a totally unplanned bit of synchronicity, I've just posted the Legwear-Female-Briefs set to HeroMachine 3. This is just a straight item-for-item conversion of the male items, so no big whoop. Only nine items, and most of them are copies from the Pants-Standard set, but at least they fit.

9 Responses to HM3: Female Briefs

  1. ‘Briefs’ seems to be becoming something of a theme today.
    And thanks for the conversions.

  2. Yeah! Thanks, Jeff.

    I’m easily excitable about new art assets. 🙂

  3. Great !! More items !!

    Keep them coming Jeff !!

    Oh, also, the second item in the second row has a problem with patterns. They’re not being applied to the color 2 area. I kind of like it that way, but I thought you should know about it.

  4. @Jeff: I like your female briefs, you really do them justice!

  5. Jeff, I thought this thread was an appropriate place to mention this, but maybe not.

    While you’re giving us female equivalents of lots of items, I noticed you may have missed one in the Foot sections. It looks like you’ve got a female version of everything in there except the Army / combat type boot.

  6. This is awesome, Jeff! Thanks so much! Finally, the female items come after so many male items! This is great! Thanks!

  7. Where’s the Converse shoes made by dblade?
    Tell me please! Thanks!

  8. The Converse Shoes haven’t been added to Hero Machine yet. Actually, I haven’t submitted them to Jeff yet. I have a few items waiting in line so I decided to spare Jeff the pile up until those other items are processed. He’s been busy with female conversions and I don’t like to press.

    I’m starting to think I should probably just send everything and let Jeff decide when it goes in.

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