HM3: New gauntlet

dblade sent in another nice armored gauntlet, now live in two pieces (HandRightStandard and GloveRightStandard). Thanks dblade!

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  1. good job πŸ™‚

  2. Hey dblade, when are we gonna get those multi-part hands you demo’d for the Heavy Weapons update?

  3. Pretty cool! Thanks!

  4. Great stuff as always!! Keep up the fantasy items, I am loving them!


  5. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Great stuff dblade! I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t been able to do up any new submissions but I’m glad to see you’re still at it. I love the fantasy items as well!

  6. @ Mark (2): I’ll see what I can do this week. I just need to prepare them for easy importing for Jeff.

  7. This is great. Should go really well with a lot of the armor already in the program.

    You know what we could really use? Elbow pads. Every time I’m making a well armored character, I have to cheat as far as the elbow goes.

  8. I like fantasy items too but i think HM3 lacks of scifi and high tech items.

  9. Here are two characters with the gauntlets.
    MacGuffin (or Aurromon) of the Chaos Dominion

    and Earth Knight of the Hero Corps

  10. Avatar Captain Kicktar

    I’d like some full arm armor, as it is I have to fake it. Elbow pads would definitely help.

  11. Cpt. Kicktar has a very good point. How about a Game of Thrones style knights? The “Hound” helmet in particular.

  12. Jump on over to the Hero Archive thread in the forums and look for dblade’s Whiz Bang Item Dispenser thread. You can make suggestions there, preferably with links, reference images, or really good descriptions of the art asset you are requesting. I am running a poll every week voting on the next asset that I will work on and complete. These gauntlets were a requested item and were Week 1’s winner. I also create other pieces at my whim, especially simple pieces that don’t take as much time. The mask series, many of which were requested items, is an example of this whim.

  13. @fabien i agree 200% on that one we could really use sci-fi peices in heromachine

  14. Avatar GtaMythMaster43

    Thanks DBlade!
    And this may be off topic but has everyone seen the new Robin Williams Zelda trailer?
    It’s epic. [So is Robbin’s beard]

  15. I agree with Fabien and Aaron. We definitely need sci fi stuff. And some elbow pads or full arm armor wouldn’t hurt either.

  16. New stuff are always welcome and i found new hair good. The most exist long hairstyles are hanging in the face. So what about something like a cheeks form.
    So it disturbs not and you can combine it with a secound hair piece.

  17. And why does robin williams look like santa claus?
    (btw: i just play Zelda the twilight princess. I have not complete it yet.)

  18. I like the upper part of the gauntlet, the glove part I guess. Love seeing new items to use.

  19. I’ve evoked the lack of scifi items. It’s the same thing for steampunk (i want see old uniforms (:-) ).

  20. More cool sci-fi armor would be good. And i looked up the “Hound” helmet and that would be cool to have.

  21. If you have specific images of the kinds of sci-fi stuff you want, please post links either here or in dblade’s UGO Forums thread.

  22. If I had the time I would make a new piece every day. But until I retire or win the lottery I will have to be satisfied with creating 1 guaranteed piece a week.

    So jump on over to the UGO Hero Machine forums and post a request in the dblade’s Whiz Bang Item Dispenser thread. You could be a winner.

  23. Im just posting this up, i dont know if its just me but the ugo heromachine forums doesnt seem to be working atm.