6 Responses to SOD.238

  1. She’s cute. The ear looks a little wonky though, Jeff. Might just be perspective, or the way the hair is positioned over it, but it just doesn’t appear right.

  2. I think if her right eye was just a bit closer to the ear it would be perfect!

  3. Cant say a thing, me drawing ladies=disaster

  4. I think it’s that the ear is too low. If you put glasses on her, they would tilt up because that ear.

  5. the nose’s location in reference to the mouth is wrong. Are you drawing from reference? If you don’t, you probably need to find a chart on how to make a 3d head right. I’m in art school, so my teacher taught us how the chart goes, but you can probably google it.

  6. thejay: Thanks for the comment, but check the more recent version a few posts up. The nose is not in the wrong place, however.