2011 HeroMachine Creators Club “Wanted” Poster

Hammerknight has absolutely knocked it out of the park with the 2011 HeroMachine Creators Club "Wanted" Poster. This thing is a real beauty, featuring some of the most prolific and talented creators who inhabit these here parts, each one done in an Old West "Wanted Poster" style. It's just great, and I can't thank Hammerknight enough for putting it together. Printed, it's 24"x36". Here's the web-sized version, with links to the big one and various smaller sizes after that so you can use it as wallpaper if you like.

Again, just a fantastic job, Hammerknight, thank you so much for putting this together. It's awesome!

Here are the links to the various sizes. Just right-click on the thumbnail and choose "Save Link As", or you can click on the link directly to be taken to the image itself, whereupon you can use the File Save option in your browser.

53 Responses to 2011 HeroMachine Creators Club “Wanted” Poster

  1. Avatar Gero says:

    Awesome job, HK! I think I might be the first besides Jeff to see it, too, since it showed up here while I was posting on the ramdom panel…

  2. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    Well worth the wait HK. Very cool!

  3. Avatar Tarkabarka says:

    It’s Awesome HK. Very very good job.

  4. Avatar Dan says:

    Wow Hammerknight, that’s amazing. How long did it take you to do?

  5. Avatar Mr.Chris says:

    wow, thats impressive

  6. Anarchangel Anarchangel says:

    Wow. I forgot about this.

    Awesome work HK. Who knew we were all such a good looking group πŸ™‚

  7. Avatar X-stacy says:

    Y’all are a good-looking group.

    Must be a rough and corrupt stretch of land you occupy, though, for so many sheriffs to end up on wanted posters!

  8. Avatar Blackjack says:

    I just love it. And I can imagine what my mostly male co-workers would say if they saw this depiction of me. Petitions for “Western Wednesday” would go through the roof.

  9. Rozenstal Rozenstal says:

    I`m not Rozen3! I`m Rozenstal!!
    P.S.: Cool, very cool.

  10. Avatar Brad says:

    It’s more awesome than I thought! I honestly think scientists had to increase the limit of awesome so it wouldn’t get broken by this.

  11. Avatar Gero says:

    @X-stacy 7: Well, there are only five of them, and one has a different color/shape badge, so mabye Wolf is the Sheriff, and Hero of Wu, C-Prime, Kaldeth, and MMI are his deputies?

  12. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    @Rozenstal, I am sorry about that I can fix it.Thanks everyone.

  13. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    @Rozenstal, fix is on the way to Jeff right now.

  14. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    I want to thank everyone that sent in pictures and waited for me to get it done. I believe I started in March, but one thing here and there slowed me down. I hope everyone enjoys it.

  15. Avatar logosgal says:

    Very cool!

    We need to get more women around here, though; it’s looking kind of lonely with only seven of us… πŸ™‚

  16. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, I’ve updated the “Big” sized version, but I’m not re-outputting all the smaller ones.

  17. Avatar Kwnnos says:

    amazing!!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Avatar Arioch says:

    That’s awesome! I especially like the depiction you made of Ams, it’s badass!

    On a slightly related note, am I the only one having trouble with Hero Machine? It was sometimes unavailable these past days, and now, it no longer runs smoothly, but is really slow and using up a lot more computer power than usual πŸ™

  19. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I think each creator made their own portrait, right HK?

    Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the site, is anyone else experiencing it? I haven’t changed anything in the last month or so, so I’d imagine anything wonky is coming from the hosting service.

  20. Anarchangel Anarchangel says:

    Not been having any problems myself.

    And yes, we all made our own portrait. (No, my name is not HK) πŸ™‚

  21. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    Arioch (18) HammerKnight these all together in an unprecidented way. I believe that each of these was actually produced by the person who it represents though.

  22. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    @Arioch, everyone sent me their picture and I turned them into the small poster then mounted them to the larger background, which is a HM3 background saved large and patched together to get the size it is.

  23. Avatar McKnight57 says:

    HammerKnight: This looks awesome. Thanks for thinking of me when you put it together. Kinda forgot about that character portrait. I just noticed that apparently the character’s left ear must have been cut off or something. I’ll just pretend that the tail of the hat is covering up the other one.

  24. Avatar Kytana says:

    Very good. Thumbs up.
    Yeah he forget me but itΒ΄s ok. I am a
    foreign greenhorn.
    It could have been worse when he believe i am a boy.
    Yeah that would harder for me.

  25. Avatar Kytana says:

    Oh i see we have post a picture… i must something missed…

  26. Avatar Whit says:

    Very cool, very smart, love it.

    I have fallen off the radar and need to get back to my glories of HM 1.0. πŸ˜€

  27. Avatar Whit says:

    Ooh,ooh, oh. Oy. So sorry, had missed the memo about sending in a picture for inclusion. :-

  28. Avatar Myro says:

    Niiiiiice. Good job, HK.

  29. Avatar logosgal says:

    @Kytana (24-25): I think the request for pictures went out at least a week or two before I started coming here in mid-March. The only reason I knew about it was because I spent a bunch of my procrastination time those first couple weeks poking around in some of the interesting-looking sections of the archives.

  30. Avatar ajw says:

    so sad that i couldn’t figure out posting before this .

  31. Avatar The Imp says:

    That turned out damn nice, HK! We’re a bunch o’ mangy-looking dogs. (Well, except for seven of you.)

  32. Avatar HouseofH says:

    Damn, I really need to post more. Maybe someday, i can be on a poster!

  33. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    OK Imp (31) with a comment like that I’ve got to put you on the hot seat. Which seven aren’t so mangy, eh? πŸ™‚

  34. Avatar Myro says:

    Imp (31): I take offense at being called “mangy.” I am way too much of a sissified dandy to be referred in such manner, and I would challenge you to a duel of honor, except I might lose, and get blood on my very expensive clothes. Oh, and firing my gun might bruise my hand. And most quick-draw battles take place in the street, with all that dirt, and dust, and animal droppings.
    Yeah, we’ll just let this one go, sir. Besides, I’m sure that you’re just jealous of my clean-shaven face. πŸ˜‰

  35. Avatar Cliff says:

    It looks AWESOME!! I love it. Am I the only fat old guy though? LOL
    I wish I was the fop type, (everyone knows I’m gay … maybe the only one of us here) but I am not a dadny, I sadly just a bog ol comfy bear. My friend says my pic looks like a Trucker, he could have told me that before I sent it in … although I don’t know what I would ahve changed. I wold comment more, but don’t want any of the cuter guys to feel uncomfortable .. although that probably did it anyway LOL Great work on and all, and Hammerknight. BTW .. where is your pic? I can’t seem to spot it.

  36. Avatar McKnight57 says:

    Myro (32): Just as a general rule of thumb, regardless of orientation, I’d say you probably shouldn’t refer to YOURSELF as a “dandy.” Not because of any implications, but because nobody’s really used that word since the late 70’s. And by the way, if your gun bruises your hand, it just means it’s time to get back to the gym.

  37. Awesome job, HK! You’re probably exhausted but it makes me eager for the 2012 poster! Too soon to come up with a theme? ;9

  38. Avatar MartianBlue says:

    Looks good HK. Don’t envy you all the work that went into it, but glad you were willing.

    So there is (I count) 8 women whom grace us with their presence? I was begining to wonder, every one I thought was a girl has turned out to be a guy.

  39. Avatar Myro says:

    McKnight(36): Aha, but an old-timey Western guy would use rhe term “dandy,” usually as an insult against one’s manliness. I’m using it to poke fun at myself for dressing up much nicer than I should for the Old West (I do the same IRL), and maybe poking a little bit of fun at my refusal to grow facial hair, unlike many of my fellow male HeroMachinists.
    Eveerything else is just me compounding the joke that I’m far too effete to be considered “mangy.” Truth be told, I’ve actually handled firearms several times in the past, and I’ve never bruised my hand as a result (although an improperly fitted stock on a 7.62mm rifle did bang up my shoulder pretty good.)

  40. Avatar Chisoph says:

    I never noticed anyone asking for a portrait… Ahh, well, have to wait ’til next year.

  41. Avatar logosgal says:

    MartianBlue (38): Seven of us on the poster, plus Kytana, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least a couple others post from time to time. Maybe, I think.

  42. Avatar Malfar says:

    Thanks HK! The picture is great!

  43. Avatar Tool says:


  44. Avatar Isia says:

    @31 Imp, I would like to think that maybe you are referring to the female characters here, but if I counted right there are……8 of us? Hmm….gonna go back and check the mirror. πŸ™ lol

  45. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    Imp, it looks like the heat got turned up on the hot seat.

  46. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    @Cliff, I am the one in the upper left corner with my lovely wife Isia right below me.

  47. Avatar Frevoli says:

    Great work – deffinately worth the wait

    interesting to see that a few of us went for the “long coat, one side hanging, one side brushed back” look

  48. Avatar VonMalcolm says:

    Awesome Hammerknight!

  49. Avatar Zarae says:

    cool! awesome work. it prolly didnt go thru, but my hubby’s name is “i forget which name i use” tho sometimes i post stuff for him since he gets busy.

    theres more of us girls than i thought tho.

  50. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    My mistake, I was thinking that you forgot which name he used. Sorry.

  51. Avatar The Imp says:

    Yeah… I miscounted.

    Eight. πŸ˜€

  52. Avatar Kytana says:

    So i know to late but i think a lot time how my character would look in westernstyle.
    HereΒ΄s my greenhorn ego.
    I give her a touch of a moulin rouge girl and often use red and white for the color of my land(ok with the blue it looks like more france, so it looked better).

  53. Avatar CPrime says:

    This is beyond badass!