Thor in high school?

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  1. Interesting take on the Thunderer.

  2. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    I envision him listening to “Thunder Struck” by ACDC were he to have grown up and experienced High school.

  3. Is it thor. cuz there is a guy I know who isn’t him but looks like him.

  4. Looks like a cross between Thor and Cable (mostly because of the scar on the eye). I’m sort of envisioning Chris Hemsworth with slightly longer hair.

  5. @ McKnight57:

    I think that “scar” is actually a strand of hair.

  6. Yep, strand of hair.

  7. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    how dare ye mortal try to take the god of thunder’s Levis. these be the jeans of the immortals.

  8. Avatar Watson Bradshaw

    by the way is that Vincent d’onofrio from Adventures in babysitting?

  9. Thor: The Teenage Years


  10. Pretty cool, I like the character but never really followed the comics of him alone. I just read what I could when I saw him.

  11. Aye, we did verily rocketh hard! (I think I stole this one from Super Hero Squad. No, I’m not quite as ashamed as I should be.)

  12. Love the pic! First time I’ve seen you use HM 3 items for your sketch. Looks great!

  13. @ams(12): Oh, Jeff’s done that before. Look through all the SODs and you’ll find some familiar items there 😉

  14. Cool! I always thought Thor kinda acted like a spoiled teenager, so now he looks the part!

  15. Today, when I get home, I think I’m going to have to replace my PS3 backround with this. Teen Thor > Mortal Kombat.


  16. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    Brad (15) I think Thor could five Raiden a run for his money in Mortal Kombat.