HM3: Ren boot

Oops, I forgot one of dblade's other submissions, now in FootRight-MaleStandard, a cool Renaissance boot:

8 Responses to HM3: Ren boot

  1. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    AWsome dblade! We need more footwear.

  2. Separating the art elements was a great idea. More flexible usage. Thanks, Jeff.

  3. Avatar MartianBlue

    aactually I’d say the one without the shoe could easily be use as a cool sleeve

  4. Thanks guys. This has already been useful in a minor redesign on my main character. Much more practical than the Captain America-style boots he used to have.

  5. Here is my use for the boots.

    MartianBlue (3): You may find you’ll have to slightly resize the sleeves to get the desired effect over certain boots.

  6. Renaissance boots? I’m thinking Assassin’s Creed characters would look great now.

  7. @McKnight57: I see you’ve upgraded that character from the last time we saw it in the Open Critique Friday. Looks awesome.

  8. Worf (7): Thanks, I’ve actually updated a lot of stuff for my comic recently. Mostly with the items that have been posted in the last 2 weeks. Good to hear positive feedback on it, though.