HM3: Spiky-eyed Jungle Colonel

dblade is back once again with some excellent additions to the HM3 stable of items, now available. They are:

Long-requested epaulettes for military uniforms, in ShoulderRight-Standard:

A nifty earring gauge good for gritty urban dwellers and savage jungle tribespeople both, in Ears-Standard:

And finally, a set of super-long-lashed eyes (in Eyes-Standard) and a flesh-embedded spike (ShoulderRight-Standard -- that seems like a weird place but that's where the other single spikes are):

Thanks, dblade!

I'm also working on more of the nifty Chinese Zodiacs sent in by MMI, and Hammerknight's amazing "assemble your own custom dice" codes.

4 Responses to HM3: Spiky-eyed Jungle Colonel

  1. ams says:

    Great stuff! I have one critique on the new eye lashes though. With the eye lid and eye already in the items, can the new eyelash be a separate item? In my opinion, it would make it more versital to use as other things. (e.g. flames, shadows, hair extenisions….) It would also allow us to put 2 colors on the item.

  2. dblade says:

    Actually I created the eye as a new item and failed to notice the similarity with the existing eyes that I believe you are referring to. I could resubmit the eyelashes as a separate piece though. Maybe even make some other funky eyelash shapes. And maybe I should take a shot at some eyebrows while I’m at it.

  3. ams says:

    Sorry, dblade my mistake. I find myself, when reviewing new items, to be always looking for how many different ways the item can be utilized. I love looking at new created images and going ” What the heck is that?” and then relizing someone has used something that it was never intended for. But all in all, your contributions to the item inventory are very much appreciated and exciting!

  4. Myro says:

    I should take a look at those facial spikes. They may make a better set of knuckle claws than what I’m currently using for a character.