Encephalitis is NOT a super power

Look, I get that Canada sometimes suffers from "Little Brother Syndrome", the feeling that their bigger sibling to the south is constantly picking on them. But it's awfully hard to resist the urge when we see someone like "Smart Alec" gracing their funnybook pages:

Stealing your mom's galoshes, sealing them with duct tape, then filling them with air does not make you a super hero. Nor does gold-plating your uncle's "Butt Head" hat. However, given that this guy is kind of a wuss, I have to applaud his decision to color-coordinate his purple Depends with the rest of his jammies.

As lame as his outfit is, though, it's actually trumped by his history. From the Marvel Database:

When the battle was completed, Shaman shrunk Thorne's body to the size of a toy and stored him in the pouch, hoping to one day find a way to restore his mind.

Thorne's body was later used by Walter Langkowski to escape from transdimensional space. Langkowski's soul took over the body and escaped from the pouch. After escaping the pouch, the miniature body was crushed when the Box robot fell on it.

You are reading that correctly. He was shrunk to the size of a toy, stored in a pouch, and eventually crushed when a Box fell on him. It's hard to have a more ignoble super career than that, folks.

(Many thanks to Myro for pointing this one out to me.)