“Green Lantern” movie costume

A few days ago, Photoshop images of Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern from the upcoming movie were released by the studio and upon viewing it I had to say OH MY GOD RYAN REYNOLDS' HUGE MODOK HEAD AAAAAAGGGGHH!!

After I recovered from the relatively appalling paste job, my second thought was OH MY GOD RYAN REYNOLDS TOES AAAAAAGGGGHH! Apparently I don't care for feet.

Buddy John really likes the whole concept, revealing a power ring that infuses the body itself, turning the bearer in effect into an energy construct. Thus you see the muscle striations and belly buttons and toes (ugh). But not the penis, because this isn't "Watchmen", people, grow up! Super heroes don't have genitals, we all know that. Or nipples. Because if you're not making babies, you don't need to nurse anything now do you, Mr. Anatomically Correct Person.

John also likes the way the green elements merge smokelike into the black areas rather than having the strict cloth costume or rubber boot crisp edges we've seen in other super hero movie offerings.

Personally, I'm "meh" on the whole thing. It's really hard to judge live-action costumes like this in a static studio shot, especially when it's a Photoshop hack job. You have to see it in motion and watch how it interacts with the environment before you know whether or not it "works". But judging just from these shots, I have some reservations.

I already mentioned how it's odd that some parts of the anatomy are in full evidence but others are not. That bugs me a little. I also don't understand why, if this is energy suffusing the body, some elements are clearly patterned objects (like over his thighs), but then merge into parts that look like a flayed body (the thigh treads go into the calves and the -- ugh again -- toes).

The deficiencies of the mask have been well and truly thrashed out elsewhere so I won't belabor it, but yeah, it sucks. Luckily from the trailer it looks like they're ditching it ASAP in the course of the story.

What do you all think of it?

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