RP: Worst. Christmas. Ever.

(From "Heroic Comics" number 4, 1940-something.)

8 Responses to RP: Worst. Christmas. Ever.

  1. Just wait ’till you’re old enough to mop!

  2. Nothing says love like a sharp pointy pencil.

  3. “This is even better than the cheese grater you gave me for my birthday!”

  4. See how dejected his little brother looks? He didn’t get a pencil sharpener. This is actually the origings story of the villain “Lead Head” and his minion “Number 2”.

  5. “And gruel in my stocking, too! Wow!”

  6. “Yes, that’s right you old stingy cow…Turn your back so I can bash your skull in with this blasted pencil sharpener!”

  7. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course he won’t bash her skull in with the pencil sharpener.

    …he’ll stab her with the pencil he’s sharpening, obviously.

  8. @Dan Gonzalez: You should HM3 that team!