Character Contest 44: Nature

(Elemental contest winner "Fire Satyr" by Andre.)

I wanted to open it up a little to give you more creative freedom this time around, so your Character Design Challenge for this week is to come up with the coolest looking Nature-based character. Ideas that spring immediately to mind are druid or ranger types from fantasy games; weather-control steampunk scientists; lycanthropes or other animal-based human hybrids; elemental characters who control wind, fire, air, water, etc.; classic mythological nature spirits like dryads, fauns, satyrs, or wood nymphs; plant-control villains like Poison Ivy; and many many more that would never occur to me, I'm sure.

A character like Superman would not be a good entry because he's not tied to nature in any way. You could say that since Wonder Woman can fly on air currents she is related, but that would be incredibly lame and you would lose. Zatanna can affect nature with her magic, but that's more of a side-effect rather than the central organizing theme of the concept. Again, lame and a loser.

The Human Torch, on the other hand, would qualify, and certainly Storm from the X-Men or the Red Tornado from DC. You get the idea.

Here are the rules:

  • All entries must be in JPG or PNG form (BMPs are too big), posted to a publicly accessible website (like ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO Forums, whatever);
  • Entries must be made as a comment or comments to this post, containing a link directly to the image and the character name;
  • The image cannot have been used in any previous HeroMachine character design contest -- we had an "Elemental" contest and an "Animalia" contest a while back, for instance, and I don't want repeats of stuff you already did for those;
  • Please name your files as [your name]-[character name].[file extension]. So DiCicatriz, for instance, would save his "Bayou Belle" character image as DiCicatriz-BayouBelle.png.
  • If possible, please make the link go directly to the image (like this) and not to a hosting jump page (like this). If you see "preview" or "rotate" somewhere in the link you're probably doing it wrong.
  • All entries must be in by next Monday, when I'll choose a winner, who will receive his or her choice of any item, or a portrait, to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program.

The link location thing is really starting to be an issue as my internet connection continues to simultaneously both suck and blow, which ought to be impossible but isn't. When I have to load up the DeviantArt shell page to see your image, for instance, it takes a really long time. A couple of weeks ago it took me literally three hours to download just the first half of the entrants. I finally had to lug my wife's laptop to the town library and put them all on a flash drive. Painful. If I can just right-click on the link and save the image directly without having to load the jump page from the hosting site, at least I can queue them all up and walk away while it does its thing.

So yeah, I hate to be a hard-ass about this, but it's getting to that point. On DeviantArt, for example, there's a "Save This Image" button over on the right side of the screen, the URL that thing gives you is the one you ought to post. On PicasaWeb, you can right-click on the image and get "Copy Image Location" and again, that's what you'd want to post.

OK, enough scolding and rules, let's get creative! No limits on entries, so knock yourselves out, I'm really looking forward to this one.

Good luck and thanks in advance for sharing your imagination with the rest of us!

237 Responses to Character Contest 44: Nature

  1. Gargoyle323 says:

    He has the ability to control fire,water,wood,metal and rock. He can turn his body into any when needed and can also absorb and alter the effects of each element.

  2. Gargoyle323 says:

    Professor Scott Nylan was a Vulcanologist who traveled the globe to study and research active volcanic activity. While on a trip to the Kilauea volcano site in Hawaii, he was caught in an eruption and feared to be killed. Miraculously, he survived but was horribly mutated. He was a walking lava flow. He could control his body form,from solid rock to liquid lava. He was now known as Magma.

  3. Me, Myself & I says:

    Bolt is the steriotypical playboy hero. He has more resources than he knows what to do with and has become a bit of an adrenalin junkie. While he does fight crime his he does not do so because he is driven to. His motivation is that he enjoys the challenge.

    Bolt has direct control over and resistance to electricity in all its forms and can even influence anything that stores power such as transformers, batteries.

  4. Me, Myself & I says:


    Iceburg has control over water in gaseous, liquid or solid forms.

  5. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 1

    When Big City girl Brandi Slater was sent from New York to live with her grandma in Maui, she thought it was the end of her social life. That was until she started to learn Polynesian Dance and something mystical happened, with each move she felt more at one with nature, strange markings raised out of her skin and she could now control the tides with a raise of her hand and cause volcanic eruptions with a kick to the air. Her Grandma explained to her that this gift was one that the family had many generations ago and that she was now a KUPUA (demigod) and it was her duty to protect the island from evil spirits and harm.


  6. BenK22 says:

    Ivy is a mild mannered Christmas tree farmer going to the local high school and hoping to leave her small town roots. But when technology threatens to encroach upon her family’s business, she uses her plant manipulation powers to defend it.

  7. Dawn says:


    The Bear-Druid uses nature elements to trap lumberjacks who try to invade the Sacred Forest, defending it. He is a human who transformed himself in a Werebear to have a supernatural look which scares the lumberjacks. When it doesen’t works, he can summon the creatures to attack, or trap them on vines.

  8. Alan Bates says:

    Where does it come from?
    What does it want?
    Is it plant, animal, or something far worse?

    Hero Machine of Horror proudly presents …
    Where Walks …

  9. The Imp says:

    I’m sad that I missed the pop quiz… guess that’s what I get for watching football all day. πŸ˜€

  10. The Imp says:

    Also, the Tree is bad-ass.

  11. DiCicatriz says:

    Sounds like a fun contest πŸ™‚

    One for today:

    1) Nanabeo

    A former street dwelling runaway, her life was changed when she unknowingly drank from the wellspring of all life. From the ancient waters she was connected to the source of all life, imbued with the powers and strength of Mother Nature herself. She now possesses the ability to control the plant-life and climate in her immediate environment. The protector of the planet, she is the Mother of our Mothers, NANABEO!

  12. Gargoyle323 says:

    Guardians to all creatures and fauna who call the woods their home. One of many elemental protectors throughout nature.

  13. Frevoli says:

    What happens when a snowman built using brances from a gallows tree, gets possessed by the spirit of a hanged criminal

    Jackson Frost: One snowman who isn’t afraid to fight back.

    Although trapped in the snow form, Jackson is able to control it; producing snow limbs, weapons and he can move through it (similar to Sandman/Metamorpho, but with snow)

  14. Me, Myself & I says:


    Avian has been blessed by his totem spirit the Eagle with the ability to embody the spirit.

  15. Cliff says:

    OK Jeff, little did you realize what you unleashed!
    I LOVE Nature themes, and I LOVE to display my work ….
    IF you decided the flood is too much, please don’t punish everyone by putting a limit on entries, just write me personally and tell me to keep it down to 10-30 LOL

    I have tried to set these in themes for everyone’s convienance.

    This first post is Cards I’ve made for people.
    Some might not fit in as entries … some might … its for you to decided.

    Birthday – Wolves

    Birthday – Horse

    Birthday – Fairy

    Holiday – Lughnasadh
    the First Harvest of Grain and Corn

    Holiday – Harvest Moon

    Holiday – Eleusinian Mysteries
    the beginning of Fall/Winter when the Goddess Demeter morns her Daughter Persephonie going into the Underworld with Hades for 6 month, making the world turn cold in her grief.

    Holiday – Mabon
    The Second Harvest, usually the Grape Harvest.
    This could have went into the upcoming Satyr post, but there is enough of them in there.

  16. Cliff says:

    Here is Quercus
    the name comes from Poison Oak
    and he looks like Garrett, a friend of mine. Long sandy blonde hair, brown eyes, 6’4″ 120lbs



  17. Hanna says:

    Hello, well I’ve never actually entered a contest before, this is the first time so well…’s my character I don’t think it’s that good though….

  18. Cliff says:


    My very first AD&D character circa 1980,
    We had just played Clue, so her name is Mrs Scarlet spelled backwards.
    I don’t remember if her war dog was named, I think it was Rex after one of my favorite childhood dogs. EVERYONE in the party had a wardog, cheap extra attacks.
    Yes, she bear a resemblance to Cher in the gold armour and bat wing headpeice.



    pronounced Mee Tahl
    this is a pic of her younger days.
    She is actually Princess Metal Wonair du Quamon (which was Rainbow of the Quarter Moon)
    she was a bard, starting as Thief, then fighter, and then Bard. She also charged for her considerable nighttime charms … which made her a prositute.



    an Elven Scout from Warhammer games.



    (Elven for Green Arrow)
    an Elven Archer
    for an upcoming AD&D game. A follower of Solonor the Great Archer.



  19. Phatchick says:
    Since ancient time the noble race of centaurs have been the protectors of Nature. Living closely with the earth, they notice the most subtle patterns of nature and work to keep those patterns in balance.

  20. Matt Sheffield says:

    Black Thorn

    able to create and control plants now you mite be thinking “poison ivy” no she used pheromones Black Thorn uses more brute force like making thorns or a log and using it as a weapon he can also grow herbs to heal or counter react poisons. He also can use any vegetation for stealth.

  21. Cliff says:


    Thorn Rosewood aka Prixie, Prickster, Prickmeister, Bug, Pest and others
    A Palladium character.
    First game he say a naked man staked down and spread eagle in a collusiem with lions growling and pawing at the gates about to be opened. He landed … on the said person’s not so privates and asked if he needed help. the very RUDE man said “P!$$ OFF!” so Thorn flew up over the man’s face and did just what he was told to do.
    He wa also notorious about playing other joke, mostly Faerie Food, the roast Goose, my people feel like they were being goosed, Ham made people act in an exagerated melodramatic fashion, Blueberries made you blue, Peas made you pee … ect.
    Thorn … who later became better known as Prixie flew about naked, but this pic he is behind an ivy (the leaves are Hearts, the vine is Tails)

    Unamed Fairy
    this was the first time I had seen the fairy wings, and had to make one,
    then I thumped myself on the forehead and made several versions of Prixie, one which you have seen, the rest … well I don’t know the rules on non-sexual male frontal nudity ….

    My version of Pan From Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Neverland … and Prixie instead of Tinker Bell

  22. Me, Myself & I says:

    The Pheonix

    The woman had no recollection of before she was found naked in the middle of a farmers field with the crop surrounding her, scorched in a perfect circle. She has since made a life for herself helping out on the farm and recently discovered her powers. She has the ability to control flames and perhaps ironically to heal as well. She has also recently discovered the ability to change forms into that of a bird of fire.

    She is shown below in both forms.

  23. Krimzon says:

    Here’s a guy I made, I just call him Sea King. Sorry about no background, I tried for hours to come up with a decent one and none really fit, so I just left it blank.

    Sorry it sucks. Mine always suck compared to everyone else’s.

  24. Alex says:

    HOTWIRE – Axel Sands has become curator of the egyptian section in The National History Museum of London.On his first day on the job ,comes a shipment of newfound egyptian artifacts.While cheking them he sees a neck braclet which he puts on as a joke but gets a vision in which the falcon God Horus tells him that he is the new protector of the Pharaoh.Axel is lead to a boy who is the last living descendant of the Pharaohs.The boy convinces his protector to become a superhero and fight crime in London as Hotwire

    Biotick –

    Multimind –

    Zeus –

  25. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Krimzon(21)-I don’t think Sea King sucks. It looks pretty cool to me. There are some really creative people that come here and I believe that all entries have their merits. I find myself learning new techniques all the time and I try to keep getting better. Don’t get down on yourself! Good luck with the contest!

  26. Cliff says:


    Here is a Furry Portrait of my friend Nikko



    Leon the Lion Heart,
    I’ve had this character concept since the 80’s back when I drew on paper. LOL



    is a Tiger Hengeyoki WuJen from the AD&D Oriental Adventures.
    For those who have no idea what I just said. Hengeyoki are animals that can take hybrid of full human forms, they are not lyconthropes, Moon and Silver do not effect them more than a normal person.
    A WuJen is an Oriental Mage who gets their spells from self purification, meditation and Oni (Spirits) their spells tend to be over the 5 Elements Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Metal. (haven’t got to play him yet, next month though …)




    Conner Lyall,
    Conner is a 16 yr old dairy rancher’s son, in Joshua Texas.
    (Conner looks like Calven Kline modle and WB Tarzan actor Travis Fimmel)
    Weylyn Lyall, father,
    Mother, Tasha Tate Lyall, is a nurse.
    Kurt his oldest brother is a Buiness major.
    Caleb is middle son and a bit of a sissy boy.
    Once Conner discovered he was a werewolf, and his Dad was one too, and their massive property held the Werewolves gatherings, he joined a VERY ODD pack of other new cubs. They wound up with an aprartment in downtown Fort Worth, with Conner’s new love being am albino, bisexual, crossdressing, uber tech FBI agent (This was a striaght RPer, I had NOTHING to do with it!!! My character was going to be low keyed and fairly non-sexual till Sam came up with Jason/Jezzibel) and Maxwell Rodrigez Jason’s childhood best friend and co-worker, James a former Football Quarter back star and “George” an ex marine turned high school guidance counsiler.
    The Packs name was Too Kaotic To Kare, and their pack totem was a Giant Flemish Rabbit that bestowed the ability to take on rabbit form as well. (We had thought about our pack totem being the Playboy Bunny … but couldnt find the Spirit for that LOL)
    So after the childhood friend is ripped apart by what we find was a pack of PURE werewolves we eventually tracked them down, and in the Cowboy Stadium we challenged them, ripped out their throats (Damaging but not actually fatal to the werewolfs) then we changed into bunny’s and pooped on their faces … in front of all those werewolf spectators.



  27. PapaKrok says:

    Um…this could end badly for either one…
    He’s some kind of naughty forrest god and she’s well…almost naked…

  28. Cliff says:

    These are a few I’ve done for a Greek campain
    these were also before I discover the close up feature, so no Face shots.


    She has been in my Greek adventure AND my Spider themed adventure Weaver’s Way. I had SO much trouble with this one with all the pattern. This was my first use of pattern actually.

    I do so love my fire characters!
    I think this was the first time I used a color outline, instead of just Black.

    looks much too sweet and innocent to be with this lot,
    but she is the daughter of Zephyr the West Wind and has a temper as well.

  29. CPrime says:

    This is Ettia. She controls plant growth.

    Wake. What do you think he does?

    Atmo. She controls the atmosphere.

    Coldburn. She controls energy that is comprised of both heat and cold.

    Icechick. She controls ice. Like Iceman. But a chick.

  30. I posted these originally for an Open Critique Day not a Contest. These are older character designs for a story that I will probably never finish.

    No backstories just the characters. Might continue to update them, or maybe some new characters.

    Good luck, all!

    Characters with HM 2.5 and HM 3 alpha update:

    Here are all the players in one barely formatted page. Sorry, got lazy. There’s 30 pictures. Might be slow to load.

  31. Cliff says:

    Philander’s Story

    Philander is my current IN GAME Satyr.
    His mother was a prostitute chased out of town, who stumbled on a band of satyrs.

    Philander was born in the brothel she was hired into.

    He was kept in wraps and robes and everyone was told he was born “deformed” which wasn’t exactly a lie.
    he did many menial chores with the other offspring of the Ladies.
    toting firewood, empting chamber pots, lithing incense and lamps, washing the Lady’s dresses and gowns …

    he learned the skills of love from his mother’s friend and co-workers.

    (I did NOT include the various ladies, since they are not the least bit nature related … except for a sexual nature LOL)

    then one day an Elf happen to see him, and took on the responsibility to teach him Bardic Lessons

    Philander Body:

    Philander Face:

    Belovar Jarovial

    Belovar Jarovial

    the First Lesson were to learn the Songs of Nature


    Frog Duet



    then Phil was introduced to other Masters of Music

    Gnome Fiddler: Bjorg “Glitterjig” Tselios

    Dobbin the Halfling Whistler

    Alyssa the Slyph singer

    an older Metal the Bard

    the Satyr Auletes (which means Piper, originally named Hedonicus, till he learned to play the Pan Pipes) who taught Phil the Satyr songs of Charm, Fear and Sleep

    Auletes Body:

    Auletes Face:

    Phil has a reoccuring dream he will be a Sacred Prostitute, letting the faithful experience the Love of Pan through Phil.

    in a place called the Phallus Palace

  32. ajw says:

    Shiro ookami the japanese wolf man also known as Tsuki no ryōken the moon’s hound

  33. ajw says:

    hey kyle nice lion face

  34. ajw says:

    lord knows how long ive waited to use him. based off a design of knight quest batman but mainly with his own unique elemental powers and a few tweaks to the uniform

  35. Jeff Hebert says:

    ajw, I have never been able to see a single image you have posted, I get a “Content unavailable” every time. I’ve posted on these comment threads and tried to send you private emails to no avail. You’re doing something very wrong with your links, the ones you’re providing simply do not work. Make sure the images are set to public, first of all, and double check the links before posting to make sure they work.

    I hate that you’re putting in all this effort and no one is able to get to your work, it makes me really upset for you.

  36. joel says:

    entry # 1

    No one knows exactly where he came from, but those in the bordering areas say he is called Hujad. it is said that he can some times be seen at nights in the Sahara. though few have actually seen him, they say that he carries the spirit of the Sahara and can control the elements within it (fire air sand etc.) He appears whenever any try and tamper with or abuse his home. if you seek riches on or beneath his sand, beware of Hujad.

  37. Connor S. says:

    Cliff, I think you spend to much time making tons of entries instead of too much time making one entry, like DiCicitraz, Hammerknight, and Kaldath. How do you think those guys win all the time?

  38. Cliff says:

    I’m sure you didn’t mean that as rude as it sounds, and since we are still in the shadow of the planet Mercury in Retrograde and communications and electronics have been wacky, I will take it how I hope it was intended.
    None of what I have posted today, in case you couldn’t tell, where made for this contest, they were made, as HM is intended, to illustrate my games and stories, some, the card set, are things I had for people’s birthdays or holidays, WHICH I thank you for once again Jeff! They have all went over beautifully, I can’t wait til Tim get’s his Poison Ivy print outs in the mail. He’ll flip! I have one 1st place as well as a run of Honerable Mentions which I am VERY proud of considering the stiff compitition each Contest.
    I’m not sure what exactly you are meaning, since I think I have some real contenders in this contest.
    BUT thank for your comment. If you would like to comment even more constuctively to tell me what you think needs to be improved, please feel free.

  39. ajw says:

    now i finally know why i always lose that’s both a major frustration and a good notification thanks jeff,
    the only problem is every time i test the link it works but apparently its not working that sucks

  40. Nick Hentschel says:

    I’m not sure that this fits the contest, but it’s an idea I’ve wanted to try for years…

    Picture, if you dare, a different sort of vampire, one that retreats not its ancestral earth, but to its native *waters.* In the foul, stagnant water of a tropical swamp it dwells, growing so adapted that in time, it loses even the outward signs of humanity: eyelids, ears, nose. And worse still, after untold ages of undeath in the torrid sludge, its own flesh has begun to rot.
    Like those first, slimy fish and amphibians in the primordial seas, it sloshes and oozes its way onto land, onto OUR sanctuary, to staunch its own decay with human blood. More patient than any crocodile, more voracious than any piranha, it’s…


  41. Cliff says:

    Star Wars

    Ewan the Satyrian Jedi Master
    he could have went with the Satyrs, but didn’t want Wocket to be lonely.



    Wocket the Ewok
    best friend to Steele Wynn, my orphaned human, raised on Kashyyyk the Wookiee planet, and grew up to be a Swoop and Speeder Bike racer … Steele did, not his Ewok friend Wocket.



  42. ajw says:

    The one thing i want to know is can anybody but jeff not see my posts?

  43. Krimzon says:

    Thanks, Gargoyle. :)I appriciate the uplift, haha.

    Everyone else’s look freakin’ incredible. Wish I could create amazing backgrounds and stuff like that. Mine either glitches up or something.

    Sea King was basically just like an evil Poseidon, sort of. It’s not very good, I know. I should work on my characters more.

  44. Gargoyle323 says:

    @ajw(52)- I have not been able to see any of your post,either.

  45. Cliff says:

    Super Heroes

    Jeff, I did these earlier in month for my freind Tim’s birthday on the 29th of this month, they weren’t done because you mentioned her. πŸ™‚
    But Thanks for giving me the tools to make such a lovely Birthday present

    Poison Ivy #1


    Poison Ivy #2


    Element Lad
    This was actually a study in shadows.
    but for the nature element, past the scenery, Jan is changeing sand in his palm to water.

    Kazar and Zabu
    another study in shadows


    my Original Heroes:


    Cat Boy
    I based him off Cat Woman of course.
    Beshears Jewelers was where Bre and I got our wedding rings, sadly 21 years later, they are out of buisness. That diamond wa a pain for me to make LOL



    London Fog
    old time character concept, since the 80s, Cyrus McCloud a London PI with the powers to make any or all of his body into smoke/fog/cloud

    Marina Rivera
    was the daughter of a Lighthouse keeper and an Altantian Sorceress.
    Marina had the powers of water control and water sorcery. One time turning her own sweat into acid to eat through her wrist shackles, forming a dimentional portal in a public fountain, having the soft drink machine damage some petty crooks, then having the fire hydrant outside finish the job. MAN! She could be fun when her personality wasn’t such a stick in the oraface.

    Crimson Cloud
    a HM3 of a friend’s character.
    She was a bit like London Fog, but he mist was always red

  46. Cliff says:

    @ajw, I’ve never been able to

  47. Cliff says:

    @ajw, I had to get a photbucket account since I’m not sure if you can post how Jeff want’s them to on Facebook

  48. joel says:

    Pan is a demon who lures wayward travelers into his forest using the enchanting sound of his magic flute to make them lost forever.

  49. Nick Hentschel says:

    I encountered a few glitches tonight, myself: half the time, it just reverted back to “Background-Standard,” and erased the last 5 minutes’ work!

  50. Cliff says:


    Lets try this again

    I must have a love/hate thing with Spiders
    I have all this, did the New York Spiders for the Sports TEamn Spiderman was my FIRST comic, one year for halloween I decorated the hose woith spiders off all sizes and dressed as one … love Shelob from Lord Of The Rings and Aragog from Harry Potter …Yeah there is something there.

    Here come my Spider themed adventuring party:
    Lord Taaron Tula the Arac Knight
    despite it glitched on me, I’m still posting it, maybe I
    can recreat him this week. He’s also supposed to have a
    cloak with web pattern.

    Erik Nyd aka “Spider” a theif.
    A long time character concept of mine.
    Spider has phenominal climbing and jumping skills, 2 poison daggers, and usually some spider silk rope



    Lexos Celes
    this druid who lives out in the woods by himself and dresses in brown tunic and robes was named after the Brown Recluse.
    He has sage knowlege of arachnids and spider like monsters, and all of spells deal with incects or poison, his usual Druid shapechange is limited to Arachnids.



    I still need to do The Spider Mage.
    It’s taking all I can do, NOT to make him purple and call him Phillipe Jose with a farming background (In Theives World series Philip Jose Farmer wrote a story called ‘Spiders of the Purple Mage’)

    and you have already seen the villianess Nidia from my Greek post.

    Here is Dr. Taarun Tula.
    Yes I recycled the name
    He is an Akabarian,
    which is an alien spider race,
    he is also … a doctor aboard the Med King 5 a 3 mile long Medical space ship.

    Close up:

    You may note that he does have a scalple in his front “hands” and isn’t eating the patient, despite the patien’s paranoia.
    You may also note that Dr. Taaron Tula has “arm” bands with medical symbols. The blue orbs on the Dr.s back are crystals he has tried to enhance his appearance with (he’s even ugly to other Akabarians)

  51. Cliff says:

    is a sailor abord a ship, which I won’t name since it’s my friend’s Tim’s character and vessel.
    BUT I do have his OK to post this HM3 of him since I was the one who made it.
    Thanks to Hammerknight for the Rum Barrel tutuorials a while back.
    I do have a Cliff’s Notes on the ship in the background.

  52. Cliff says:

    know some are still awaiting moderation, but that is it for today. I imagine when/if I post any more, they will be new, made specifically for this contest.
    I have a folder of Texas made character since the Southern Fried Heroes, but I am going to hold off until Texas Heroes Contest comes around.

    I look forward to seeing everyone …. now I can go see what’s been done so far.

  53. Echo & Narcissus: This is my most intricate HM design to date.

    I’m sensing an overwhelming Greek mythology theme. :9

    @ajw: The only Facebook postings that I have ever been able to see are Danny Beaty’s. He has his coded for public view not just those logged in to Facebook. Then again, I neither have nor will ever register a Facebook account.

    Now, UGO forum postings… I can’t view those because I have had problems with my UGO account since I registered! :/

  54. Gargoyle323 says:

    She is the mysterious heroine known as smoke. Appearing out of thin air,she can make smoke and fog like clouds. She can also control smog,fog and clouds near her.

  55. Malfar says:

    This is my Master of the Forest from a song of my favourite russian rock band “the king and the jester”

  56. Malfar says:

    “I have a knife, I have a crossbow. It serves me for 1000 years already. I have the forest and this is my house, I live here all my life. Clouds flow over the forest. If I shoot, I hit the target. (chorus)- Now all the spirits from fairy to pixie call me The Master of the Forest. Fluffy beasts serve loyally, now everybody respects me…

    a quick translation of the part of that song. I know, my Rnglish is not good…Just for you to know, where did my character come from

  57. mindless says:

    my first attempt at this,hope it works , the soul elm guarding the forest and taking the souls of those who seek to destroy nature

  58. MScat says:

    E’aldor the Hunter:

    Planet Torlana is a shining jewel in the midst of a vast empty universe. The beings living on this planet have adapted to the environment where you either hunt or be hunted. The Kaiwana tribe have adapted to this unforgiving life by building their homes on the western sea cliffs. E’aldor is one of the most accomplished hunters in the tribe. The Kaiwana are peaceful people with a deep respect for nature and family. They live by a tribal code, with the Cheif making all final decisions, but this is only done after consulting the tribe first.

  59. MScat says:

    People of the Lake:

    Among the forrest people on the planet Torlana there is a legend that says in the middle of the night the lake in the middle of the forrest will begin to glow and noises come up from the water as if the lake were singing. These legends are actually refering to a creature not unknown to the forrest people. They are a private people who prefer to remain hidden. The people of the lake (I affectionately call Sea Monkeys lol) are an amphibian race that spend more time in the water than on land. They are skilled fighters and organized people. They enjoy to surface in the evening time to sing this is a time of bonding for them. They do not speak to eachother but prefer to use their telepathic abilities to convey thoughts among the members of the group

  60. The Imp says:

    Here’s my first entry, Stormcaller. This guy used to be the Baltic thunder god Perkunas. He put aside his power to live as a mortal and be with the woman he loved, but that all changed when she was killed. Insane with rage and sorrow, Perkunas took the name ‘Stormcaller’ and set out for revenge. He is little more than an agent of chaos; his actions oftentimes make no sense, and at times he is barely coherent. Mortals beware…

  61. spidercow2010 says:

    @Krimzon: I totally agree with Gargoyle. There’s nothing wrong with your entry (#30), and I can’t imagine what you’re talking about when you claim it sucks. What ARE you talking about? Perhaps you are a superhero yourself, with the power to see suckage where none exists!

  62. The Imp says:

    One I did some time ago that I was kind of proud of:

  63. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 2

    LT. Benjamin Atkins was one of the first to be deployed into Afghanistan, but some bad Intel from a shadowy CIA operative named Hicks led him and his platoon into a trap. An abandoned building containing WMD’s was the target but when they got there they were ambushed and fired upon, pinned down he headed into a chemical filled bunker for cover. An RPG took out the bunker in a huge explosion but somehow Atkins still lived. He was now a creature made purely out of silicon and could control the very sands under his feet. Now he searches for the man that set him up

  64. Myro says:

    I had this weird idea thinking about the contest in the shower. See where this goes:

    Alicia Jensen was an environmental engineer working for the Audubon Society to help clean environmental disasters for wildlife, particularly birds, which she has loved since a child. Constant exposure to toxic chemicals and her obsessive interest in avian species has led her to communicate with birds through a combination of telepathy and realistic bird calls. Now, she is Birdsong!

    Yeah, that power ranks up there with Aquaman’s control of sea life.

  65. Legatus says:

    Fantastic contest! My favorites so far are Nanabeo by DiCatriz, Jackson Frost by Frevoli, MMI’s Phoenix and Erlking by The Imp.
    And lots of other good work too.

  66. Kaldath says:

    Entry #4: Idun, Norse Goddess of Spring and Rebirth, Keeper of the Golden Apples of Immortality

  67. Phatchick says:

    Cliff, I totally love your fairy card. she’s just too cute.

  68. Phatchick says:

    Gargoyle323 , SMOKE is an incredible character. I love how you did the sketch effect for her.

  69. CPrime says:

    Ok, seriously. Can Blue Blazer be enshrined in the HM Hall of Fame and therefore be declared ineligible for future contests? Jk.

  70. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Phatchick(84)-Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked my “sketchy” type look. I wasn’t sure how anyone else would feel about it. I thought it turned out pretty cool. Wanted to try something different for me. Again,thanks!

  71. Nick Hentschel says:

    Ummm… all this stuff with ajw’s posts prompts me to ask: can people see MY Facebook-based posts?

  72. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Nick Hentschel(91)- I can see your posts just fine.

  73. CPrime says:

    Gargoyle, your sketch style was awesome. I’d love to know how to do that.

    Also, here’s one more.
    Her name is Nautilia. She’s your basic Namor-type.

  74. Kaldath says:

    Entry #6: The Druidess known only as The Owl

  75. bookaddict1978 says:

    Eve McCalister was a botonistin the Amazon until one day while in the deep jungle she was posessed by a malevolent wood sprite. Now she is Eden, a woman bent on restoring the entire world to the Garden of Eden, no matter what the cost.

  76. Kabare says:

    My Entries

    1. Hero type


    2. Villain type

    3. Sci fi type
    Flame Punk

    4. Fantasy type
    Ariane – Water Priestles

  77. Me, Myself & I says:

    Sorry Jeff, I accidentally placed a link to a Bitmap in my previous entry for Avian (17). Here is the correct link here to a jpg.

  78. Frevoli says:

    okay, this is going to be my last one (which is a shame, as I’ve enjoyed my first character contest).

    He was a normal biology student, until accidently ingesting a mutated plant sample. It was at this point that Greggory Green became the completely stoppable Moss.

    Now gifted with the ability to grow moss; Greggory patrols the streets, stopping crime as soon as he can find a parking space.

  79. Nick Hentschel says:

    Thanks. I’d thought so, but after having at least one major “brain fart” this week, I had to make sure.

    Meanwhile, that picture could use some improving, now that I think of it…

  80. jason ransom says:

    This is necrosis! death is his nature and death nature!

  81. MetallicaFan08 says:

    Winter Freeze:

    Jessica Thompson was the girl you loved to hate. Perfect grades, student body president, girlfriend of the quarterback, and of course, head cheerleader. But that all changed when she and her boyfriend were caught in an avalanche on the Senior Ski Trip. By some luck (and with assistance of a science lab that had been dumping waste in the area), they survived but had changed. Jessica’s skin and hair had turned impossibly white and she could generate and control snow on a whim.

    Now 10 years later, she and Frostbite serve as part-time heroes/part-time search and rescue. She, is true cheer fashion, doesn’t join the action. She instead provides support from the sidelines.


    David Evans was lucky in life. Despite his humble background he managed to attend an elite private school on a scholarship. As the captain and quarterback of the football team and boyfriend of the head cheerleader, he had fulfilled the high school cliche, to his amusement. However during the Senior Ski Trip he was caught in an avalanche with his girlfriend and they were presumed dead. To his amazement, he awoke to find his hair and skin had become impossibly white and he had gained powers. He could not generate ice and freeze anything, even fire.

    Now 10 years later, he and Winter Freeze serve as part-time heroes/part-time search and rescue. He takes care of the hand-to-hand combat while his wife helps from the sidelines. He doesn’t seem to mind however, as she is out of danger and cheering him on as always. After all, she was the head cheerleader.

    Both: As a side affect of their icy nature, they haven’t aged. As if you didn’t have enough reason to dread your high school reunion.

  82. Kenny says:

    i am new but i thought it would be cool to enter a contest so i am here is 19 year old man he used to work with hazardous chemicals he had a pet goat at his house he did not was his hands after messing with the chemicals and he petted his goat the next mornig he was half goat half man he said his name would be goat man

  83. Kenny says:

    i am new but i thought it would be cool to enter a contest so i am here is 19 year old man he used to work with hazardous chemicals he had a pet goat at his house he did not was his hands after messing with the chemicals and he petted his goat the next morning he was half goat half man he said his name would be goat man

  84. Kenny says:

    i am new but i thought it would be cool to enter a contest so i am here is 19 year old man he used to work with hazardous chemicals he had a pet goat at his house he did not was his hands after messing with the chemicals and he petted his goat the next morning he was half goat half man he said his name would be goat man sorry for posting two of the same ones i had the wrong site

  85. TJ says:

    The Dogface soldiers are human/dog hybrid soldiers created to give U.S. special forces operatives the best characteristics from multiple dog breeds, such as enhanced sence of smell, increased agility, and loyalty.

  86. Phatchick says:
    Nox: Goddess of the Night and daughter of CHAOS. Being a real night person, she loves the dark.

  87. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Great Chief Sha’lok

    For millenia, the Druidin people have been ruled by the Great Chief Sha’lok, Master of the Forests, King of Flora. His lower left arm is encased within the Thorn Blade, which brings death to those who would harm his plants, while resurrecting trees and flowers that have died as a result of Man’s interference. Forever encircling his right hand are the Autumn Leaves, razor sharp leaves which can slice through flesh like a hot knife through butter, though they can also revive wild animals, which are as equally loved by Sha’lak as his flora. His body bears centuries’ worth of scars, with new ones appearing every time a tree is cut down or a forest is burned. Therefore Sha’lak is in constant pain due to mankind’s destructive nature, but rather than hate them, he pities Men, for they are blind to the importance of the forests they destroy.

  88. Nick Hentschel says:

    Unannounced, and without a story behind it, I dreamed up this image today: a lovely girl with ram’s horns, who taught children the ways of nature. Perhaps, somewhere in the wilderness, there is a place where druids, rangers, scouts, and hermits go to learn the magics & mysteries of living things. And perhaps there, you would find this young(?) lady as your teacher.

    In a (punnish) nod to Charles Dickens, i’ll call her, “Mrs. Drood.”

  89. Hey jeff this is alittle late but may I submit it to my DA account or website? Photobucket is low for me….:(

  90. Jeff Hebert says:

    I don’t know what a DA account is, but as long as I can get to it wherever it is without needing an account, I don’t mind.

  91. Nick Hentschel says:


    “Damn straight”? Try, “Boo-yah!”

  92. joel says:

    most likely my final entry.

    Human Nature: there’s nothing natural about him.

  93. MScat says:


    An arabian girl orphaned at a young age. She grew to learn she had the power to control the sands around her. She traveled to the states and was soon approached to join a super powered task force under the name SANDSTORM. She is a quiet and peaceful person put this is only to hide the firey temper underneath.


    A genius inventor who always wanted to be a hero. He uses his technology to create a generator that can control the elextromagnetic fields around him. He later built a pair of wings that allow him to fly and now fights crime as THUNDERBIRD. The power in his generator can be focuzed into his gloves and shot out as powerful electricle blasts.

  94. ajw says:

    can anybody help me then, because i dont know what is wrong with my links
    and not to be pompous but there have definitley been times my entries would have been at least noticed.

  95. Me, Myself & I says:

    ajw (129)

    The Dropbox option works really well for me. All you need to do is download the software and any links from your public folder will be visible to everyone.

  96. knitesoul says:

    Entries #1 and #2:

    #1)Chill – An Ice Elemental

    #2)Firaja – When you see her, you also see an inferno behind her. She is neither good or evil, only goes her own way. Don’t mess with her unless you like the smell of your own burnt skin.

  97. VonMalcolm says:

    130 comments already: I wonder if this contest will break 300. So far I am drawing a blank though.

  98. ajw says:

    hey thanks mm&i ill try it cause i can always see your entries
    ill ask if it works when i get it working.

  99. ajw says:

    can you see it gargoyle?

  100. ajw says:

    isnt snowbird a marvel super heroine?
    i think she turns into a polar bear and maybe a falcon.

  101. MScat says:

    I know that the PREDATOR isnt exactly a “nature” themed character so if this is not considered for the contest I COMPLETELY understand, but hear me out on this one lol

    In nature you have prey and predator (the hunted and the hunter) and theres the whole Natural Selection thing…the strong survive and the rest are pretty much screwed…well you get the idea. So in that sense the Predator is totaly nature based. Anyways this was an attemp to create a predator on heromachine πŸ˜‰

  102. Gargoyle323 says:

    @ajw(135)-No,it said I needed to log in and showed it as locked. Sorry you are having so many problems.

    And yes,Snowbird was a member of Alpha Flight,but this is not her.The name fit my character design.

  103. Sevryiel says:

    Here we go, my first entries to a heromachine contest…

    First character: Almariel. She is an elven druid, here with her panther companion.

    Second character: Niphredil. A birchtree-dryad, as I wanted to test around with some different colours than the standart browns and some pattern-use.

  104. Jeff Hebert says:

    ajw, that new one doesn’t work for me either.

    You can use Facebook, you’re just using the wrong links. After you put your image up and publish it — not while you’re previewing it or messing with it, after it’s published and available and all done — click on it so you can see it as the only picture on the page, with the album and edit information below it and to the right, the caption below the picture, and the place where you could make a comment below that.

    At the bottom of that individual picture page will be two lines that say:

    Share this photo with anyone by sending them this public link:

    That link at the bottom is the one you want.

    You also have to make the album the image is in public. To do that, click on the link to take you to the album, then click “Edit Album Info”. Under the “Who can see this” drop down box, choose “Everyone”. Otherwise only your friends on Facebook can view it.

    So to review, I think the basic problem with your Facebook images is that a) they weren’t in public “Everyone can see” albums, and b) you were pasting links from your browser’s address bar while you were messing with it, and not the “public link” at the bottom of the page where the image is.

  105. Nick Hentschel says:

    I’ve been putting my images on Facebook by commenting to the group, and adding the picture as a “Photo” link.

  106. Morzan says:


    Wanderer of the northern forests, shaman of the Great Bear Spirit. He can call upon the forces of nature or turn into a bear if needed. KΓ€rsiΓ€ is finnish for bear, or at least the dictionary says so.

  107. Me, Myself & I says:

    ajw (134)

    You need to place it in your public folder on the Dropbox.

  108. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Entry 3

    In the heart of the swamps lives a creature of legend, a Protector and friend of the wild and all that inhabit it. some say he is a science experiment gone wrong, others say he is the swamp spirit itself. All who enter the swamp that want to do harm will feel the blade like tips of the leaves that grow on him, so Beware of RAZOR LEAF.



  109. MetallicaFan08 says:

    Part of nature is the cycle and balance of life and death. So with that I give you:

    Life –

    Death –

    I’ll stop there before the urge to reference Monty Python overpowers me.

  110. bookaddict1978 says:

    Brimstone was one of Beelzebub’s chief lieutenants until one day instead of killing the innocent that he was sent to murder, he fell in love with her and saved her life. Kicked out of hell forever he was doomed to watch the woman he loved from afar.

    Or so he thought. The Hawaiian Goddess of fire, Pele, approched Brimstone with a deal. She would make him human so he could be with his beloved if he could work off all the evil he had done by doing good.

    Brimstone now fights evil in the hopes that one day he can be with his love.

  111. Me, Myself & I says:

    I was just playing around here. Not sure if this one will qualify as it isn’t a focus on an actual character but on nature itself.


  112. Galactic Ketchup says:

    King of the Frost (entry number two)

    Ordren Nordengrast is the Third King of the Frost. He rules over his domain from his ice-castle in the frozen forests of Galluharden, and he is constantly at war with the Berserker Legions of his mortal enemy, Jorgen Wordriften, who was his father’s closest confidante, until he assassinated his close friend in the dead of night, before turning half of the royal army against the Frost Nation and forming his own military force. Ordren has sworn vengeance, and will not rest until his father’s betrayer has fallen by his hand.

  113. DiCicatriz says:

    Two wind themed characters today, with very different outlooks on life.

    1) Suzume

    A Japanese atmospheric scientist, she was caught aboard an experimental weather balloon as it launched. As she reached the upper atmosphere and the air thinned, she blacked out. A band of cosmic radiation brushed past the upper atmosphere, infusing her body with the extraterrestrial energy. When she awoke, she found she could fly, and manipulate the currents of air flowing through the planet. She breathes in time with the Earth, using her abilities to calm violent storms and purify the air around her. She is Suzume!

  114. DiCicatriz says:


    A rebellious environmentalist empowered by the Mayan deity of wind, Hurakan uses his powers destructively. He ushers forth gale force winds and powerful cyclones to those who he perceives to disrespect the natural world. He is the bane of many a construction firm or industrial plant, Hurakan Champion of the Storm!

  115. Alex says:

    Fang – While on a hiking trip with friends Graham Stokes encounters a woodland spirit which takes over his body but after a agreement both decide to live in symbiosis.The spirit gets to live as a human and Graham can us the animal spirit’s power to transform into a wolf.

  116. DiCicatriz says:

    Couldn’t help myself. πŸ˜€ One more for today:

    1) Primus

    Unearthed during an excavation of the ocean’s deepest trench, Primus is the physical manifestation of all life within the ocean. Life sprang from the water, and his was the force behind it. He controls the ebb and flow of all waters on Earth, his will coursing through the veins of the planet. Any who dare to trouble his oceans should think otherwise, for his wrath is swift and his vengeance terrible.

  117. Gargoyle323 says:

    Every winter they ride throughout the lands spreading ice and snow along the way.

  118. ajw says:
    last resort thanks jeff …if it works please let it work its the moon wolf guy so you should see a wolfman.

  119. Gene says:

    Lightning Bolt is the first hero I ever created using the MSH system back in the 80s. Randomly generated With Weather control, Flight, and energy projection (Lightning bolts of course). He also came with very high intelligence and resources. I eventually retired him to NPC-dom of my campaigns as a sort of retired mentor/benefactor.

  120. Gene says:

    Dr. Chlorophyll a hero capable of manipulating and controlling plants. He can also take on the attributes of plants to gain other powers as needed, i.e. chlorophyll in his skin to heal or eat by sunlight, or bark for armor. He caries a select of seeds on his belt pouches.

  121. ajw says:
    and if that worked this might scarlet lightning
    he’s between batman and the punisher on the violence scale
    controlling a red form lightning

  122. ajw says:

    can anybody see my links?

  123. ajw says:

    wow i cant believe my mistake was using url instead of the shareable link, im so dumb, i also thought lameness was pronounced lamb uh ness.

  124. ajw says:
    the forest god comprised of wolfs mouth bear body racoon tail angry stag head and trees for legs. i get bored in spanish class

  125. ajw says:
    Spark wave i think she seems to fit right in with scarlet lightning but she is definetly less violent, hard for an elemental with violent powers

  126. Gargoyle323 says:

    @ajw- Yes, I can finally see your links!!!

  127. ajw says:

    like what you see?

  128. Gargoyle323 says:

    @ajw- Yes, I especially liked your werewolf(157). Nice use of colors and good design. The white really pops with your use of the darker background. Keep up the good work!

  129. ajw says:

    thanks i have been waiting for this i guess since my first link failed

  130. Gargoyle323 says:

    Well, I wish you good luck with the contest.

  131. joel says:

    another entry (#5)

    Perhaps the greatest and most legendary samurai of all time. he wields for swords, each controlling one of the four base elements of the world. no one knows his true name. they refer to him simply as Senshuken (champion), and he bares that title well, having never lost at a battle of swords.

  132. Andromeda
    Can control gravity to manipulate objects in space like comets, meteors, and even allows him to travel at light speed to explore the unknown areas of space

  133. DiCicatriz says:

    A couple more:


    An even tempered wood-spirit, Ondolinde patrols the forest paths, often playing a whimsical tune to calm the woodland creatures. He’s known for playing tricks on wayward travelers and lost children.

    2) Tectonic

    A hero of the Earth, Tectonic possesses the power of geokinesis and can bend and shape the substance of the planet at his will. An active member of several supergroups, Tectonic spends his downtime in remote mountains, practicing in the use of his abilities.

  134. Me, Myself & I says:

    This character design is more in the traditional super hero style though wielding the raw elemental powers of nature; fire in particular.

    He calls himself Fireball!


  135. Me, Myself & I says:

    This is not really a new entry. I was just playing around with zooming in on flash with HM3 to see what could be done to get a larger image.

  136. Cliff says:


    I somehow missed posting Pouliode, probably because he could have fit in Philander’s background OR Satyrs
    So here is Pouliode (Which is Greek for Bird Song) he is a animal charmer similar to the Pied Piper of Hamlin, but he loves Avians and prefers to be with them even more than his own race.


    Next is the new addtion to the Spider folder, I mentioned him … The Spider Mage. I didn’t make him purple, but I did his magic Spider
    I did notice, put pattern on hood, have pattern on face. Fortunately, it doesnt look bad, just a veil of spiderweb.
    Not sure how to get around that other than masking the web background on the hood I guess.

    and last I was just having fun with new stuff that was recently added, and came up with a Satyr Warrior

    I apologize I forgot to name then with my name, I am here at the house just long enough to post these and forgot to check before I uploaded them. I will watch it next time.
    They do go straight to the pic … wow I did something that goes “straight”! Who’ld a thunk?

  137. Cliff says:

    Figures I couldnt do something straight

    here is the proper link to te Satyr Warrior Full
    I had dropped an S in Satyr DOH!

  138. Cormac says:

    Professor Cuthbert Wakefield-Smythe

    Wakefield-Smythe was always fascinated by thunderstorms, and the intriguing new technology of electricity. For 7 years he toiled to create a machine that would let him summon lightening whenever he needed. The British Government saw the military aspects of this, but before they could reach him, Wakefield-Smythe escaped to the furthest reaches of Scotland, where he could work undisturbed. He could not ignore the power of his invention for long, and has acted as a secret guardian of Great Britain, destroying would-be invasion fleets and using his invention to stop Zeppellin raids during the Great War.

  139. Gargoyle323 says:

    A woodland spirit who loves to have fun and party.He loves to romp and play with the elves and gnomes and all the denizens of the forest. He is seen here playing “Gnome More Mr.Nice Guy” by Alice Cooper with the help of his little friends.

  140. Oquies says:

    Raziya is a fire sorceress seen here summoning a fire elemental. She is a part of a secret and ancient magi clan whose soul purpose is to maintain balance in the world. They are thought to be responsible for many if not most major natural distastes in order to keep that balance.

  141. Me, Myself & I says:

    Here is a native of the savana’s.


  142. Watson Bradshaw says:

    ENTRY 4


    New York, 1978. A doughy beat cop Charlie Horchowski saves a beautiful young gypsy from a street gang attack and to thank him hands him a stallion medallion that would grant him powers beyond that of a normal man. Now with the speed and endurance of a thoroughbred and huge, expanded, set of…detective skills he is in business for himself.



  143. VonMalcolm says:

    I hit two birds with one stone with this one: It is my really late entry to the Logo Contest and also an entry into this contest (sort of). I was trying to make a logo for the HeroMachine itself: though I guess he is more of a mascot (maybe a mascot for HeroMachine could be another one day contest).

    Ladies and Gents, may I introduce to you: The HeroMachine Gun Genies. (The mascot is a Sandstorm Elemental).

  144. abominal401 says:

    His name is Blue Energy and he has the power to control electricity

  145. Me, Myself & I says:

    Hey VonMalcolm (182), I can not view your image.

  146. VonMalcolm says:

    @Me, Myself & I

    Here’s a jump page: Hope it works!

  147. Phatchick says:

    One final (I promise) entry-
    From long, long ago, comes one of my first D&D characters, Olwen Catspaw, a halfling rouge with the ability to communicate with animals. The cute lil’ guy on her shoulder is her companion Frank the Ferret (I told you it was from a long time ago πŸ™‚ ).

  148. Galahad says:

    @Gargoyle3233 (179)

    Man that one’s awesome! I love the work you did on the gnomes, and the pose is just perfect, even with the hands on the lute! I’m jealous of your skills!

  149. Gargoyle323 says:

    @Galahad- Thanks! I wouldn’t call it skill, it’s lots and lots of patience. I’m glad you liked it. Hearing that somebody liked it makes all the time and work spent on it was worth it! Thank you,again!

  150. Haxxx says:

    I have allot of entries so bare with me.

    Here are three Super-Hero types:

    Bug was once a martial artist but when the wilds called him too the termite mounts he went there only to be devoured by the bugs. He reincarnated as a bug swarm in the shape of his old self.

    Born on the savannas to a mortal woman and the hunter spirit she became the essence the African cats in all of their forms. She can run as fast as the Chita, climb as well as the Leopard and take down game as strongly as the Lion.

    Rat Swarm:
    Living at the sewers of the city from young age, Rat Swarm has a bond with rats and mice. They follow him as though he is the piper. His control over the legion of rodents developed at an extremely young age and was capt through his life. He had a period in his childhood when he was adopted but escaped to rejoin his rodent friends. Now he leads the rats in an assault on the surface world that tries to kill theme.


    And a few Fantasy Characters:

    Shadowcaster and a Shadowgourd:
    This witch is able to band and weave shadows to a living life-forms, such as the Shadowguard.

    An aquatic race. The aquatus worship the serpent-god Im’n’Ash and base their lives around his worship.

    Storm Bringer:
    At the icy mountaintops those priests of the snow-god Klesor can summon the powers of the snow, wind and chill to create powerful snow-storms.

  151. watson bradshaw says:

    entry 5 and Final


    This is a project my friend Chris and I are working on for a future web series.

    In the world of Blackwood it is said that years ago the Shadow Walkers cast a spell to create an endless night. In this perpetual darkness, where the creatures of the Black live freely to ravish the townspeople stands the Guild of Light. A coven with the responsibility to restore light to the land and protect the one element that brings light to their land and wards off the Night dwellers. The Gems of the illumus mountains glow and draw power from the few trained wielders and are the only things the Shadow walkers can never destroy.
    Nevil was nothing but a petty thief and cleaning boy at the guilds temple until he tried to steal one of the gems, as soon as he picked it up it bonded to him and shined brighter than any other gem. He had a natural gift and now had to be trained to fight the growing masses outside the village gates.



  152. warpig says:

    don’t know if this really counts but i am calling upon spiritual energy for this one so here is
    Takeshi Ronin

  153. DiCicatriz says:

    A lightning based hero today…


    A NASA scientist, Arthur Coswell was in charge of monitoring the condition of deep space probes. One such probe had received a mysterious signal from deep in the center of the galaxy, but the satellite dish array receiving transmission from the probe had malfunctioned. Despite warnings about adverse weather conditions, Arthur climbed atop the malfunctioning tower to reset the system manually. When he was done, Arthur noticed an unnatural glowing behind the clouds above him. Without warning, an immense bolt of lightning collided with the dish completely vaporizing Arthur’s body. He had been converted into a being of pure electromagnetic energy, and his first attempts at contacting his colleague resulted in catastrophic damage to their equipment. They designed and constructed a special containment suit through which Arthur could safely interact with other people. The armor channels his abilities through its gauntlets and central core. With his abilities Arthur can summon devastating lightning storms. He spends his time attempting to discover the origins of the mysterious space signal, going by the name ARC

  154. DiCicatriz says:

    Bit of a one off, seeing my face in watson bradshaw’s post (#193) made me want to play around with dimensions and I ended up with this:


    A powerful sphinx-like entity, Acertijo lives in a time of great turmoil. Acertijo is the guardian of the natural world, commanding the respect of beasts small and large. He is journeying to the island fortress of the Dark Lord in order to ask him the Fundamental Question, an impossible riddle, the knowledge of which will seal whoever hears it within the Dimension of Confundity. He travels with a number of companions: the immortal swordswoman Findel, Baruk the Mighty, Anglachel the Barbarian, Ash the warlock, and the mysterious corsair Carmacil. Together they are the only hope of all innocent peoples.

  155. Alan Bates says:

    Didn’t notice until now that somebody else took the name Sea King for a character. Oops. Sorry ’bout that. I’m not trying to step on anyones toes.

  156. joel says:

    Should be my final entry

    in china it is said that once every thousand years, a child will be born who can freely communicate with nature. this child will grow up to become the Sage of the Black Lotus. they will then go up to the top of a mountain as old as time itself to meditate and harmonize with nature.

    the Sage of the Black Lotus can do many amazing things (walk on water, cause trees and plants to grow, move rock and stone etc). though the Sage of the Black Lotus is usually peaceful, if nature is threatened he can use his powers to defend it.

  157. Oquies says:

    This name came up with the random name generator a few contests back but, I never was able to post it. So, this is IceBerg Thrower.

  158. ajw says:
    the tree master(lame name)controls foliage and pheromones hence his ladies

  159. watson bradshaw says:

    DiCicatriz sorry for using your likeness, you and my friend Chris look identical and I did that for him πŸ™‚
    By the way really an amazing job on ARC. great work.

  160. The Imp says:

    Sunstrike: A powerful mutant whose eyes act as solar batteries; as long as he can see the sun, he becomes a living solar furnace.

  161. DiCicatriz says:

    Oh I didn’t mind at all, Watson. I had kind of forgotten about the winners section and you just reminded me is all πŸ™‚

  162. Autumn: My favorite season

    (And, dang, some really neat creations that you guys are posting!)

  163. Danny Beaty says:

    Wassup peeps! Here are my three entries.


    Cold Blood is a villain who can create and control winter conditions.


    Gravity Woman can fly. She can also increase and decrease gravity at will.


    The Fire Ant is an arsonist who can create fire at will. He can also fly.

  164. VonMalcolm says:

    Calamari, I’ve got your calamari right here!

    BP’s oil spill and the chemicals released to clean up that oil created a vengeful abomination that now resides in the Puerto Rico Trench: Kraken Cthulhu.

    Full Image:

    Jump Page:

    (Better link for The Gun Genie?)

  165. Solander says:

    My first entry to this contest:

    Master of the elements

  166. ajw says:

    hey im back with persistence how about an evil galactic swordsman contest?
    if not then a galactic peacekeeping swordsman contest?
    just as fun without the copyright.

  167. DiCicatriz says:


    Cave enthusiast Mark Palmer found himself trapped after an unexpected tunnel collapse while exploring an unmapped cave system. He stumbled across a hidden pool of primordial ooze. Within this fluid was the genetic material of the world’s entire biological population. A sudden tremor caused Mark to tumble into the pool, exposure to the ooze reconfiguring his DNA to fit the genetic expression of various animal species. He exists now as an immensely strong and savage chimera-like entity, guarding the pool and devouring those who trespass into his domain.

  168. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Ethereal (entry number three)

    Ethereal is the Lord of the Skies. He has full control of the element of air, as well as the weather. He can make the sun shine in places where crops are in need of sunlight to grow and prosper, and he can bring great storms down upon those who seek to do evil. He is in constant conflict with his brother, Atmos, the Lord of the Void, and when you can hear thunder, it is really the two brothers fighting, as Atmos is jealous of Ethereal for being given responsibility for the only planet in the universe containing intelligent life, while he was left to look over a vast expanse of rocks and gas. However, Ethereal always wins, and after every defeat Atmos leaves again, swearing that he will return and finally defeat his brother.

  169. Galactic Ketchup says:

    Atmos (entry number four)

    Atmos is the Lord of the Void. He has full control over vacuums and areas of complete nothingness, as well as control over the planets of the universe. He can crash moons into each other, or he can send stars into supernova, whatever is his wish. He is in constant conflict with his brother, Ethereal, the Lord of the Skies, as he is jealous of Ethereal’s responsibility for the only intelligent life in the universe. Whenever thunder can be heard on Earth, it is actually the two brothers fighting a titanic battle against each other. No matter how prepared he is, and no matter how much stronger he gets, Atmos always fails to defeat his brother. Perhaps one day, however, he will prevail, and then the world will be a very dark place indeed.

  170. DiCicatriz says:

    Another one, possibly my last entry depending on how much time I have after work tomorrow 😐


    Mesoamerican serpent shamaness, Vibora commands respects of all slithering creatures. Her venom is lethal and her reflexes unparalleled. Woe be to those who cross her, the snake goddess: Vibora!

  171. joel says:

    MY VERY FINAL ENTRY (sorry for so many, but i think this one’s really good)

    Donovan Striker was a fairly well to do banker in a city riddled with crime and corruption. He didn’t care about any of the criminals and killings in the city though, because he had found the girl of his dreams and would marry her in just a couple weeks. One day he got home, and saw to his horror that his bride to be was lying dead on the floor, with a gang sign written on her naked body in blood. Donovan was filled with such rage and grief, it was almost as if his soul had been split in two. The spider demigod Shyrix saw Donovan’s hatred filled body (a shadow of it’s former self), and made him a deal. Shyrix gave Donovan some of it’s power. Donovan now seeks only to mercilessly destroy any and all evil he can find. He gained a new form he can change into at will. In this form, Donovan has greatly increased strength, can create webs of pure darkness, and has small green blades that inject their victims with a very powerful hallucinogenic venom that makes the world around you a living nightmare. All criminals should be mortally afraid of Donovan when he transforms into his other self: Webshadow!

  172. GalacticKetchup says:

    Pyroteknik (entry number five)

    Jason Shaw, better known as Pyroteknik, is the definitive superhero of the ‘Xbox Generation’. Only 17 years old, Jason’s powers came to fruition when his house caught fire and he was trapped inside. Convinced that he was going to die, he prepared for the end. However, the second the flames touched him they became one with his DNA, turning him into a human fireball. Although they wereat first terrified of their son, his parents soon came to terms with Jason’s powers, and they approve of his crime-fighting, so long as he comes back before midnight on school nights. After tackling criminals freelance for about a year, Jason was recruited by the government to join their ‘Corvus Project’, which had produced the super soldier-gone-rogue Metaraven. The project had been refined, and Jason’s merging with the technology went off without a hitch. He chose the name Pyroteknik for himself. When asked about its spelling, he simply replied: “It looks cool.”

  173. Gargoyle323 says:

    Master of the night. He uses his mental control of bats to rule the night. A darker version of Batman.

  174. Greetings everyone, I hope I am not too late to post…
    My first and only entry:

    Lord Aquar the Atlantean:

    One of the Ancient Lords, Lord Aquar was once a deity worshiped by the long lost Atlantean people. After Atlantis was destroyed, the ancient Lord remained deep beneath the dark seas for centuries, sitting in his throne and waiting for worthy men to build a new underwater city, so he may rule once more. Until then he will remain hidden from mankind, always protecting the dark oceans and all the strange creatures that dwell within their vicious waters…

  175. GalacticKetchup says:

    Rhubarbara and Custard (entry number six)

    Barbara Stanley loved rhubarb. It was her favourite food, and she would always have rhubarb crumble for dessert after every meal, including breakfast and supper. Then, one day she went on a visit to a factory which manufactured rhubarb products. When they reached the customary giant vat of mashed, liquid rhubarb, Barbara leaned too far over the railing and fell in. Though she should have drowned, she emerged perfectly fine, except she had now become part-rhubarb. Her skin had turned a shade of pinkish-red, and her hair was as green as the leaves on a rhubarb plant. For reasons I can’t entirely think of, she also gained super-strength, and she is strongest after eating (drumroll please) rhubarb. Her trademark staff is an elongated stick of rhubarb, which Barbara hardened to make it tougher than steel. Now, with her pet dog Custard, she fights crime as…..Rhubarbara! The most delicious superhero of them all! But rest assured, she is aware of the responsibility she now faces! She will not crumble under the pressure! (Good god, I apologise for that one. It even made ME cringe.)

  176. Rosco says:

    I give you: The Masked Ringtail, defender of Madagascar’s last few scraps of forest. Note to anthropologists: yes, he’s dressed as an Antandroy (who live in the desert), but standing in a forest, but I like Antandroy hats the best.

  177. haz says:

    Apollo-proof dryad

    There’s a myth in which Apollo chases a woman named Daphne until she changes into a dryad to escape from him. Not one to take “no” for an answer, he plucks sprigs of laurel from her new form (insert bad “deflowered” pun here). Greek mythology is full of woodland-based virgins and frisky gods. So what started out as a generic dryad became an Apollo-proof dryad. The savvy dryad invests in an intimidating bra, weaponry, and maybe a few chains, just to get the “not interested” message across. A surly expression can’t hurt either. The lower half made of wood promises unpleasant splinters to her more persistent pursuers.

    Octochick (working title got stuck in my head, and now I can’t think of anything else)

    A member of an advanced ocean-dwelling species. They battle over prime real-estate, specifically, territory around energy-giving hydrothermal vents (the yellow light behind her). I imagine the society functions a bit like a bee hive, but with fully sentient members. Octochick belongs to the warrior-class.

  178. Moon Dog: Lycanthrope Shaman

    I also had an idea for “Sundog”, but I think this is last call. :9

  179. K. Merritt says:

    The Wailing Voice – A Wailing Voice is a ghost that becomes a wind spirit, granted with the powers to create whirlwinds, air pressure, cold air, gale winds and siren screams. The more powerful ones appear as grey, transparent humans bound by enchanted chains to retain their forms or else they’ll disappear. It’s been said that the howls the wind makes are actually their screams.

    Dai Mub the Sea Witch – She is a water elemental who also dabbles in magic. Her powers are strongest at night, especially under the moon. Her familiar is a faerie dragon named Pix.

    Faerie Fire – Faerie Fire is a super heroine capable of controlling fire, heat and light (to a lesser degree). Her wings leave a trail of fire when she flies at super-speed. The intensity of her flames ranges from red (the lowest), orange, yellow and blue (the hottest).

    Naeeb The Ecomancer – Naeeb is half human and half wood nymph who practises ecomancy. Although her heritage limits her to hold power over mainly plant-life, she is considered the most powerful in this area.

  180. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, submission time is over, I’m downloading all the entries now and will post the Finalists and winner later today. Thanks for the awesome illustrations folks, the ones I’ve had a chance to see already look great!

  181. K. Merritt says:

    Over by 8 o’clock? Are my entries even valid?

  182. Jeff Hebert says:

    I don’t understand your question, K. Merritt. The contest ran from last Monday till this morning, that was a week. I took a couple of hours to download all the submissions (including yours) submitted throughout that week, judged them, then put up the Finalists. Usually I just pick a winner, but since this week I couldn’t decide among three of them, I opened it for a one-day vote-off by the visitors to the site.

    Only those three Finalists that I picked from the 17+ overall Finalists, which in turn were culled from the 219 total entries from the week, are in the run-off for the winner.

    Hope that helped clarify things.