HM3 101 Part 4

Thanks again to Hammerknight for putting together this massive beginner's guide to HeroMachine 3! See also Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

6 Responses to HM3 101 Part 4

  1. I normally only use this on the head and/or face. Never tried it on any other parts. Nice guild.

  2. Hammerknight, Thanks so much for the tutorials, I really never use the group buttons, but there was been times … I should have.

  3. Thanks Cliff, I’ve never really used it before the tutorial.
    @Oquies, thanks.

  4. I have a suggestion for transformation options, Skew, Bend and Foreshorten. these are just to warp the shape of clothing so that they fit the more dynamic poses.

  5. Araziel, that would be nice, but it’s not possible — Flash doesn’t allow that except while creating the images in authoring mode. Once published, Flash objects can’t be skewed, bended, or foreshortened.