HM3: More rifles!

Mark has continued his great work on ItemRight-Rifles for HeroMachine 3, and I've posted the updated set! Here are a few words from the man himself.

Hi all! Hope you enjoy the new Rifles Set. I tried to include all of the most iconic rifles and sub-machine guns from history and fiction. You'll find the weapons that stormed the Bastille, the beaches of Normandy, the deserts of Kuwait and the terraforming colony on LV-426. Some weapons, like the ubiquitous MP-5, come in a million different configurations; where reasonable, I've tried to give you enough scopes, bi-pods, bayonets, retractable stocks and other accessories to customize each weapon just the way you want.

Now I'm not so arrogant as to think that I've included every long arm and accessory an HM3er could want, so I'm ready to take requests for the weapons I've missed. There are 92 items currently, and Jeff tells me that Flash starts to bog down if you get much past 100, so there's room for about a dozen more items. Make your requests here in the comments of this post.

But here's the thing--You know how Jeff wants reference pictures for items you request? I NEED reference pictures. And not just any picture, I need good resolution pics of the item flat-on the way it will appear in HM. I'm no artist like Jeff. At best, I'm a "graphics technician." For example, this image I can replicate. The rifle in this image I can not.

So if you can find me a good reference pic for a rifle, sub-machine gun or related accessory that you'd like me to add, post it here. I'll do my best to add the most popular requests.

Here's the set of 12 sci-fi rifles, which look GREAT, as a teaser:

Thanks to Mark for his as-always wonderful work on this.

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  1. Avatar Gero says:

    I like the first one. Reminds me of the movie version of the BFG from Doom…

  2. Avatar Mark says:

    @Gero #1 – You just made my day! Extra geek cred to anyone who can identify the other sci-fi rifles πŸ˜‰

  3. Avatar coyote says:

    looks great and as all ways i have 2 words for you steampunk ok one word and links ill keep it down a few links et antiquites/a clef pistolet a silex gb.htm

  4. Avatar Bael says:

    2 looks like the G.I.Joe cartoon lasers. I think that 5 and 8 are from Star Wars (storm trooper and clone trooper) and 9 looks like the marine guns from Aliens, but that T shirt is in the laundry, so I’m not sure.

  5. Avatar Mark says:

    @Coyote #3 – Of your three links, you can probably get pretty close to the first one with existing items. I’ll include it if there aren’t enough unique requests though. The second is AWESOME! But the picture is at a bit of angle. Can you find me a flat view? The third is kinda small to be considered a “Rifle.” It could maybe go in pistols though.

  6. Avatar Mark says:

    @Bael #4 – Right on 2, 5 and 9. Close on 8.

  7. Avatar Worf says:

    I may be wrong, but #4 looks a lot like a Starfleet Phaser Rifle.

  8. Avatar Mark says:

    @Worf (Heh! “Worf”) #7 – Right you are.

  9. Avatar Mark says:

    @coyote #3 – I found a usable reference pic for your steampunk rifle. πŸ™‚

  10. Avatar Gene says:

    #4 looks like a STTNG movie Phaser rifle.
    #5 Is the standard Storm trooper rifle.
    #6 is the bigger Storm trooper rifle – I think it was carried into the detention cell with Han, Luke and Chewie, then handed off to the wook. Some of the sand troopers carried it as well(Ep 4)
    #8 looks like Boba fett’s disruptor.
    #9 M41 from Aliens

    All lo0k good πŸ™‚

  11. Avatar Mark says:

    @Gene #10 – Right on all five. And Thanx!

  12. Avatar Gene says:

    #3 looks really, really familiar, but I can’t place it.

    For suggestions, how about some shotguns? Or are they in another category…..

  13. Avatar Mark says:

    @Gene #12 – There is a pump-action shotgun and a break-action, over-under, double-barrel shotgun in the set already. You can use the various pieces to build either other of them in a sawed-off or assault configuration.

    A side-by-side double barrel isn’t practical because the perspective HM3 requires would make it appear to have only one barrel, so I went with the over-under instead.

  14. Avatar Galactic Ketchup says:

    #10 = Assault Rifle from Halo

  15. Avatar Mark says:

    @Galactic Ketchup #14 & 15 – Yes! And I see you want more Halo weapons. I looked at that one and debated about whether it was a rifle or a pistol.

  16. Avatar Oquies says:

    Not sure if it is just me but, Item Right/Riffles/Page 4 has four empty spaces? Looks like there should be something there but there isn’t.

  17. Avatar Mark says:

    @Oquies #17 – Yeah, I have this obsessive/compulsive thing about organizing my items in logical groups. I just didn’t have four related items that went with the shotgun better than anything else. So I left those slots blank hoping that someone would suggest something that “fits” in that space. If there isn’t a good fit after all the requests are in, I’ll get over myself and fill them with whatever is available.

  18. Avatar Mark says:

    @Fabien #18 – I won’t argue! That is /way/ cool. But is it a Rifle or a Pistol? If they had a rifle version of that…

  19. Avatar Alan Bates says:

    Here’s an idea for two more sci-fi weapons for ya’.
    Mars Attacks Rifle
    Protonpack (I wanted to just use the animated one, but finding decent images of that are next to impossible.)

  20. Avatar Oquies says:

    I seem to have a post that is waiting for moderation…I have never had that before but what ever. Maybe if I just post it again it will show up!

    Mini Gun and Sniper Rifle

    This one has an odd handle thingy on the top that I think I would probably just remove.

    And this last one is just for laughs.

  21. Avatar Mark says:

    @Oquie #23 – Jeff already put a minigun in the tech set, but good find on those pics. There are a couple of sniper rifles already in the set, but I s’pose there could be room for one more. In the comments of Jeff’s “META” post on June 29, Tim requested a Barrett M107 – that’s the one with the “handle thingy” you requested. So I’ll consider that two requests for the M107.

  22. Avatar Oquies says:

    @Mark #24 – I had forgot the tech had a mini gun. And ya the sniper rifle there would not really be needed I was looking for a specific looking one. I still have not found it yet though :

  23. Avatar Gene says:

    @ Mark #13, Okay, I see them now, must have scrolled right by. Thanks.

    If we haven’t guessed them all by the end of they day, you need to tell us where they are from πŸ™‚

  24. Avatar Mark says:

    @Alan Bates #22 – The Mars Attack’s rifle? Really? REALLY? I loves me some B-grade sci-fi, but I won’t even admit to having seen that movie in the theater. As for the proton pack gun, the hose connecting it to the pack makes it tricky. Lemme see what I can do.

  25. Avatar Mark says:

    @Gene #26 – Fair enough, but I’ll give the overseas folks 24 hours. I’ll post the complete answers mid-morning tomorrow.

  26. Avatar Simon says:

    How about spliting them out into 2 categories either by size (SMGs / Rifles) or by genre (Historic / Sci Fi)

    That way you’ve got 200 items and you can pander to all the whims and desires of us geeks! πŸ˜‰

  27. Avatar Mark says:

    @Simon #29 – I dunno. I was expecting more requests. As it is, there have only been a handful. I shouldn’t have too much trouble sticking to the 100 item limit. Guess my initial choices were pretty darn inclusive. πŸ™‚

  28. Avatar Oquies says:

    Ok, problem I have with the mini gun in tech is I can’t figure out how to get a person to hold it. It works great for mechs though.

  29. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    The mini-gun is supposed to be just laid over the hand, obscuring it. You won’t always see the hand holding the gun if it’s hidden by perspective.

    I don’t do a ton of items that way, but the mini-gun is just so big and looks so cool being pointed at the viewer, I thought it was worth it.

    Also, Mark put in an incredible amount of time and effort into these. Besides the very appropriate item requests, don’t be shy about throwing some thank-yous his way too!

  30. Avatar coyote says:

    agian this is great work mark yes thats a good pic all so found a few other steam punk things i just love steam punk ok lol but thank you for what you have done mark

  31. Avatar Legatus says:

    Mark, a big, big thank you for your tremendous work.

  32. Avatar Simon says:

    @Mark fair enough – if the demand’s not there then there’s not a lot of point

    For my part I would love a High Tech Shotgun such as

  33. Avatar Simon says:

    And as Jeff pointed out I am being very rude and not saying Thank You

    So a big THANK YOU Mark for all your hard work

  34. Avatar Mark says:

    @coyote #33 – The first one looks like something I can do. I’m not quite so sure about the second. The picture is kinda small.

    @Simon #35 – LOVE the sci-fi shot gun.

    @Legatus and everyone else – You’re welcome.

  35. Avatar Me, Myself & I says:

    Mark, I must say that I am impressed. Very well done.

  36. Avatar Tim says:

    Thank you so much Mark for putting your time and effort into HM3!!!!

    That being said, I have a few requests of my own πŸ™‚

    Assault Rifles

    ~~ M16A5 EBR (Enhanced Battle Rifle) ~~ (My own design)

    ~~ FN SCAR ~~

    Sniper Rifles

    ~~ Barrett M82A1 / M107 ~~ (One of the best semi-auto .50 caliber snipers in production)

    – Barrett Videos: {For persuasive effect ;)}

    ~~ CheyTac Intervention ~~ (Bolt Action; Arguably better than the Barrett.)

    – Intervention Video: {For persuasive effect ;)}

    ~~ Barrett M98B ~~ (Bolt Action)

    ~~ M110 SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System) ~~

    ~~ SVD Dragunov ~~ (AK version of a sniper)

  37. Avatar Solander says:

    Thanks Mark for an awesome set.


    Flame thrower rifle attachment:

    Laser attachment:

  38. Avatar remy says:

    It’s not a rifle, but still a great looking gun.

  39. Avatar SlimJimGrimm says:

    Ok so I’m a huge fan of Halo so I just had to request this rifle from theupcoming Halo game.

    Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR):

    DMR Right:

    DMR Left:

  40. Avatar Marx says:

    @Tim #39 – Did’ja look at the rifles yet? Because the FN SCAR I drew is right there on the first screen. In fact, the reference picture you linked to from Wikipedia is the exact same reference picture I drew it from. Seriously. πŸ˜‰

    So onto the others. Your M-16 mod is pretty cool, but you can get pretty close to it with the existing elements. Yes the stock and the scope and the front grip are different, from any other the other items, but there just isn’t room to include every variation of every scope, stock and grip. Tell ya what, if I don’t get a full dozen requests for unique items, I’ll add some variant accessories like these.

    It’s obvious you’ve had a jones for the sniper rifles since June. I should point out that I also drew a Dragunov which is on the second screen. It’s a bit different configuration than the one you linked to, but it’s pretty darn close. None-the-less, there has been other interest in sniper rifles and I figure we can include at least one heavy one.

  41. Avatar Marx says:

    @Solander #40 – I think Jeff might be planning a heavy weapons section for missle launchers and flame throwers and such. If he enlists me to help with it, I’d definitely include that.

    @remy #41 – Definitely awesome, but definitely a pistol.

  42. Avatar Mark says:

    @SlimJimGrimm #42 – Can you find me a flat view of it? I’m not a good enough at this to extrapolate from that 3/4 perspective.

  43. Avatar Tim says:

    @ Mark #43: Sorry Mark, I just cleared my browser cache and just now saw those lol.

    As for my M16, even if just the first variant (the one with the grip) makes it in as just a whole item (not in parts) I’d would deeply appreciate it because it is a crucial weapon I need for a novel I’m writing, but then again it’s your choice πŸ™‚

    As for snipers, I didn’t know that rifle on the second page was also a Dragonov, I thought it was something else.

    Overall the Barrett and Intervention are the two top snipers I surely would love to see make the cut.

    The power is in your hands πŸ˜€

  44. Avatar Mark says:

    @Tim #46 – Hmm. Well alright. But If I’m going to do your mod, I’m still going to part out at least some of it so I can add that sweet fore-grip to my assault shotguns. πŸ˜‰

  45. Avatar coyote says:

    and mark again you rock hard core and so do you jeff mind you every one who help with the site even ib the smallst way kicks a%% to me to every one keep up the great work

  46. Avatar Tim says:

    Sounds great to me!!

    Thank you so much Mark!!!!!

  47. @Mark: Excellent renditions, viele Dank!

    Cataloging Items must be herculian. That being said, have you considered separating not just “Pistols” or “Rifles”, but “Pistols – Whole” and “Pistols – Parts?” So you have a complete pistol if you want or design one using parts (grip, clip, barrel).

    I’m not a programmer, just some VisualBasic for Excel and Access. Don’t know how difficult or worthwhile it would be to try separate “pre-fab” from “customizable”. I’m using the approach of database normalization.

    One other suggestion: Needle Gun!

  48. Avatar Mark says:

    @The Atomic Punk #50 – Bitte! Und deine Needle Gun ist schΓΆn!

  49. Avatar SlimJimGrimm says:

    @Mark #45 – I can try to find one but I’m not sure if I will be able to.

  50. Avatar SlimJimGrimm says:

    Ok I found this one but I’m not sure if the picture is big enough or in good enough quality for you so I’ll keep lookinng for better ones.

  51. Avatar Jack Zelger says:

    Nice update, Jeff. I was very close to requesting that #2 rifle when I won that last character contest! I see others were thinking like I was. πŸ™‚

  52. Avatar SlimJimGrimm says:

    @Mark #55 Not really but I think I would rather have that one in instead of the one I was thinking of. πŸ™‚

  53. Avatar Alan Bates says:

    As for the hose connecting to the protonpack gun, it’d probably be best to leave that out or making it a separate item instead of making it part of the gun itself.

    At the very least, other items could easily be modified to fill in for the hose, like certain necklaces and whips and things.

  54. Avatar Tim says:

    @Mark and/or Jeff: Just a quick thought, have you considered making a “Rifles2” set just like the Blades?

    Just considering the possibility that firearms could be considered one of those “larger sets”, why not split it?

    More items = more possibilities πŸ™‚

    Just a thought, not trying to push more work onto your shoulders, just keeping an open mind.

    Feel free to say yes or no. πŸ™‚

  55. Avatar Darth_Neko says:

    Mark, I only have two requests, and It would make me extremely happy. I’m not trying to force you into doing it, I’m just politely asking. I really want the Magpul Masada (Commonly known now as the Bushmaster ACR) as seen here:

    and a tactical flashlight/vertical grip as seen here:

    Thanks again, and great work on the sci-fi rifles! I love them! πŸ˜€

  56. Avatar NEON_N64 says:

    WOW !! That’s an AWESOME job Mark !!!


    1) Rocket launcher: Seriously, we need one of these.

    2) Gravity Gun:

    3) Pulse Rifle:

    (pseudo off-topic) The Turok games from the Nintendo 64 have some very unique and cool looking weapons but I’ve never seen a good picture of them (only ingame pics) πŸ™

    Anyway, keep up the good job πŸ™‚

  57. Avatar coyote says:

    Mark just thoght you might like this its not my thing but im sure some one will like it

  58. Avatar Solander says:

    Hey Mark, how about some automatic shotguns like the UAS 12 or the one Leon uses in Resident Evil 4? I would post some image links if I could, but for some reason my cellphone can’t copy weblinks. Can anybody else assist with that?

  59. Avatar Mark says:

    @Alan Bates #57 – Yeah, the connection would have to be a separate item.

    @Tim #58 – That’s already been suggested on this thread. Right now I don’t think the number of requests is sufficient to warrant a Rifles2 set.

    @Darth_Neko #59 – The pic for the Magpul Masada is nearly identical to the FN SCAR which is already there (on the first screen, middle row, far right). The flashlight is a good idea though.

    @Coyote #60 – You may have just negated what I just told Tim. Those are wicked awesome.

    @Solander #61 – I wanted to do an auto-shotgun, but the common ones look almost identical to assault rifles. The only difference is a slightly thicker barrel, and I couldn’t justify a slot for such a tiny variation. The auto-shotguns that don’t look just like assault rifles are incredibly obscure.

  60. Avatar Mark says:

    @Neon_N64 #60 – Wait… Wasn’t #60 a coyote comment a minute ago? Sorry if I messed that up. As for the rocket launcher, yeah, we need one, but I think Jeff is planning a section on heavy weapons or something. Jeff, care to comment? The gravity gun is interesting and different, but I can’t use that picture of it. The pulse rifle– that might make it in.

  61. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Hey, sorry, if I approve a comment that was held in moderation, it takes its spot on the list where it would have been originally and bumps everything else that was in that spot down one.

    At some point I (or anyone who’s interested — hint hint!) do need to do a Big Weapons set, definitely. But there’s a fair bit of cross-posting anyway, where some things that could go either way end up in two different sets. So if you want to do a rocket launcher now in Rifles, go for it, I think it’s close enough to sneak it in.

  62. Avatar Mark says:

    As this post is now 24 hours old, as promised I’ll name the source references for the sci-fi rifles shown above.

    1. BMG-9000 from Doom
    2. XMLR-3A Laser Rifle from the GI Joe cartoon
    3. Pyrotomic Disintegrator (THE toy to have in the 50s)
    4. Phaser Rifle from Star Trek: First Contact
    5. E-11 Stromtrooper blaster rifle from Star Wars ANH
    6. DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle from Star Wars ANH
    7. A280 Rebel Alliance blaster rfile from Star Wars ESB & RotJ
    8. E-3 Boba Fett’s blaster carbine from Star Wars ESB & RotJ
    9. M41-A Pulse Rifle from Aliens
    10. Assault Rifle from Halo3
    11. Slug Thrower from an un-named Jeff Hebert project
    12. Gauss Rifle from an un-named Jeff Hebert project

    Ok, I admit the last two were trick questions. πŸ™‚ Jeff had those drawings lying around and sent them to me to include.

  63. Avatar Mark says:

    Thanx to everyone for all the great suggestions. I’m sorry they don’t all fit in the set and I’m sorry we couldn’t find reference pics for all of them, but I think we’ve got a pretty strong group of additional items anyway. Here’s my new to-do list…

    The Unnatural Selector
    Barret M107
    Sci-Fi Shotgun
    Halo DMR
    DMC Needle Gun
    Turok Pulse Rifle
    M2045 .300 Magnum
    Mk 41 Gyrojet .51 BMG
    VT-191 Meson Neutralizer
    USAS-12 Auto-shotgun

    Not quite a full dozen, but I’ll fill the extra slots with breakout accessories from these items, or maybe leave one or two empty for a contest winner someday. I’ll get to work on these ASAP and should have them done in a few weeks (I’m not as fast as Jeff). Thanx again!

  64. Avatar Jack Zelger says:

    That #2 “XMLR-3A” gun, was the main gun from the cartoon, but it did come with one figure:

  65. Avatar Tim says:

    Awesome!! Thanks again Mark!

  66. Avatar JarringJackal says:

    Finally some rifles! Thanks!

    One thing that I din’t see and didn’t see already suggested from a quick search of the page was the ZF-1 from Fifth Element.

    This gun is the meaning of over kill!

  67. Avatar laura says:

    Some guns look really huge… normal-shaped guns I mean. Perhaps there could be the need of “small guns” es. if I need to draw a female spy she can’t have a super-gun… ^^

  68. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Laura (71): That’s why there’s a “scale” feature under the “Transform” tab. Pick your gun, then scale it down to whatever size you feel is more appropriate for your character.

  69. Avatar laura says:

    Thank you! That’s a cool tool!!!!

  70. Avatar captperv says:

    how about some just parts to mix and match like with the pistols

    if this is a repeat then ignore it

  71. Avatar Full Metal Crab says:

    Hey, these are awesome Mark. As a suggestion, hows about a bazooka and other heavy weapons, like chainguns, GLs, that sorta thing?