RP: When school cafeteria workers go bad

I want to start a new tradition here at HeroMachine.com and invite you all to come up with better headlines for these random panels than I manage. This one's a good place to start, because while I think the panel is funny as heck, I couldn't quite nail the intro. I just know there's a way funnier take on it.

14 Responses to RP: When school cafeteria workers go bad

  1. its alot like the caption contest – but i have no idea what this comic is.

    “I dont just say words, i use them as weapons!”

  2. Vitamins are the true cause of fires.

  3. One afternoon, at the Top Secret FDA testing labs…

  4. “Is that the last thing he hears before he’s beaten to death by his own morningstar?”

  5. “Capt.Hypersensitivity to the rescue…”

  6. “B 12 had always been jealous of his older brother…”

  7. “Eight essential – and naughty – vitamins and minerals.”

  8. When the “Lord of the Dance” show goes wrong.

  9. Evil Johnny Storm, blames it on one of the Vitamin people.

  10. Moments later, as “VB1” is being taken away by the authorities….

    “But I was trying to put the flames out with my magic mace of good health.”

  11. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    There goes Riboflavin again, showing off his natural right hand.

  12. vitamins are healthy for you-honest!

  13. “Hola, that’s taking the ball in hand.”

  14. Avatar Me, Myself & I

    “I’m what you’d call a ‘Handy Man’ to have a round.”