Character Contest 37 Winners!

First, I'd like to thank Boox909 for serving as a Guest Judge this week, he did a great job and picked some fantastic finalists. He also deserves a great deal of thanks for being one of the folks who keep GoldenAgeComics up and running, helping all of us stay in touch with those classic characters from the dawn of the comics medium. Keep up the great work there Boox909!

Second, thanks to everyone who entered. You did a great job as always and I am impressed with your creativity and imagination. Not to mention your ability to think of some outstanding Golden Age characters!

Without further ado, on to your Finalists and winner, direct fromBoox909 along with his commentary!

The Big Score (in other words, the WINNAH!)

Platinum Bomb
Artist - Cliff

Comment: This is a classic Golden Age bad girl. The design is functional and the execution fits perfectly into a Golden Age motif. No, the art is not the best, but that is part of the point and presentation when we are talking about the Golden Age era. Cliff has managed to capture something here in Platinum Bomb that I believe works and would make a good addition to any retcon publication ala Big Bang Comics. Ultimately, Platinum Bomb won me over, and is my choice for the winner of this contest. --Boox909

1st Tier Runner Ups (in no particular order)

Artist - The Doomed Pixel

Comments: I love the design here. A lot of potential.

Britomartis the Huntress
Artist - Hammerknight

Comments: This is my third choice. The spirit and theme came through and this would be a fine feature in a retcon publication.

Lady America
Artist - Me, Myself & I

Oh Canada!
Artist - Me, Myself & I

Comments: 'Lady America' & 'Oh Canada!' are pretty nice to look at, eh? The best of the patriotic submissions by far.

Artist - spidercow2010

Comments: 'Torpeda' if not for 'Platinum Bomb' this lass would have won the contest. There is so much that can be done with this character. And I hope that Spidercow2010 will develop her.

2nd Tier Runner Ups

Lady Satan
Artist - Mr. Q

Blue Belle
Artist - Cliff

Barbara Blaze
Artist - FelipeSCard

Artist - Sutter_Kaine

Lady Deathbolt
Artist - The Imp

unidentified spider female
artist - rancid

Artist - Gargoyle

Honorable Mention

Lady Justice
Artist - Maniac Mick

Artist - Me, Myself & I

Artist - Connor S.

Frankie Gray
Artist - Ian

Brit Girl
Artist - Bloodless Rose

Artist - DiCicatriz

And that's it for this week. Thanks again to both Boox909 and all of you for the outstanding work.

16 Responses to Character Contest 37 Winners!

  1. The Doomed Pixel says:

    Congrats, Cliff! Really well put together!

  2. Connor S. says:

    Well, this wasn’t the average contest and I was looking forward to seeing Amerykka, but thank you for the honorable mention, Jeff. I take great pride in it. Doomed, I still think you were the best, no offense to Cliff. Both of you did great, and congrats to all the rest!

  3. Gargoyle323 says:

    Congrats,Cliff! Very nice job with Platinum Bomb! Great job by all others.DP-Love the whole layout on Halo!HK-Simple and clean design.Very nice. MM+I-Both ladies look great.Loved the design of OH Canada!SC2010-Great character and overall layout.I really liked the details of the ocean and floor.Also your coloring was very well done! I thought everybody did great work(as usual).I really loved Ian’s Frankie Gray.She had a sultry sophistication about herself and the use of black and white really topped off the look!
    Also thanks to Boox909 for helping out and doing a nice job on picking the winners!!

  4. Me, Myself & I says:

    Thank you Boox909 for taking the time to assist Jeff. For the reasons listed I’m sure Platinum Bomb was the best choice.

    That being said, I think I liked Halo & Britomartis the best (other than my own and I don’t count them because I’m understandably biased :)). I wasn’t really around (and haven’t read many) golden age comics so I wasn’t totally certain about the era. It was therefore serendipedous to have made it into the 1st tier a couple times and the honorable mention. Thank you for that as well.

  5. Me, Myself & I says:

    Oh, by the way, Congradulations Cliff!

    Thank you Gargoyle323 for the praise; its appreciated.

  6. Danny Beaty says:

    Congrats everyone!

  7. Mr. Q says:

    Kinda figured Halo would have taken the top spot. Congratulations to all those who took part. I feel good that I made it in the 2nd runner-up spot. =D Still got ways to go skill wise but I’m improving.

    Mr. Q

  8. spidercow2010 says:

    “Well dones” all around. Thanks, Boox!

  9. spidercow2010 says:

    …and thanks, Gargoyle.

  10. Wesley Belk says:

    I agree, the ones displayed are very well done and make mine look like so much amteurish garbage! lol! I’ll have to try harder on the next contest!

  11. Thanks to all, great contest!

    Platinum Blond, do like the “potato masher” grenades, and the title font.

    In keeping with the theme, Doomed Pixel’s Halo was the tops. She’s got the Moxie. Followed by spidercow’s Torpeda. All-around, she has a 1940s technicolor Disney-esque appeal.

    My other faves:

    Alex’s Dorothy X – actually for the Scarecrow.
    MSCat’s Booster Girl – Flashy Gordon
    DiCicatriz’s Riveting Rosie – Tasteful homage
    Gargoyle323’s Jana – Pose and just the right mix of cheetah bikini (technical note: cheetah’s are native to Africa not South America, it must be jaguar…)
    Ian’s Frankie Gray – An all-around favorite, nice “noire”
    Jack Zegler’s VioletAvenger (great use of the glasses)
    Me, Myself & I’s Lady America and Oh, Canada (Wonder Women-esque); Sapphire (Wonder Woman… Welsh?)
    Oquies’ Felicia – gloves, boots, cowl… nice ensemble
    rancid – ffpop! just awesome, and untitled heroine with white wolf, the pose is put together nicely, “spider-queen”
    r-kelleg: Kaaligula, anklet and bone, very nice touches. Poison Seaweed, the face and hair, nice color compliments
    Sutter Kaine: Baroness Bruecker… was she your 3rd grade German teacher, too? Love the simplicity. Same with Violet Vixen.
    Imp: Lady Deathbolt. The pants and boots alone scream “Totalitarian”, the armband is what sets it out.

  12. VonMalcolm says:

    My Favs, though admittedly chosen without Golden Colored Glasses: (I wish I could access the Facebook pictures!)

    Top 3:

    Frankie Gray
    Barbara Blaze
    Silver Sorceress

    9 More:
    Tasha Thunder
    The Gray Ghost
    Blue Belle
    Freedom Rose
    Lady Satan
    Riveting Rosie

  13. Jack Zelger says:

    I’m going to pretend neither of mine are listed because I’m disqualified due to winning last time… 😀

  14. The Doomed Pixel says:

    Wow, guys! Thanks for all the positive feedback and support! I really appreciate all of your comments!

  15. Cliff says:

    WOW! How awesome, I hoped Platinum Blonde would win, I really fell in love with the character, but knew I had LOTS of tough compitition, namely with The Doomed Pixel’s Halo.

    Sorry I hadn’t written earlier, been a hectic week and I had a deadline I had to meet and been cramming to get it done.

    I want to thank Boox909 for not just picking Platiinum Bomb adn the Honerable Mention of Blue Belle but for judging the entire contest. Thanks a million!

    Congrats to all that got mentioned!

    I would like to mention I thought several relly great designed and executed entries would have done better had they been more Golden Age and less Modern.

    Now a few comments. I truly loved Halo’s background and colors. My color skill isn’t all that refined, partly due to the state of my current eyesight, but even when I was in my teens and twenties my eye for color was never all that. I was really envious of that background.

    Miss America was very clean and simple and effective. I would have out the star on a blue top or boots … like the white on blue on our flag … and it wouldn’t have looked near as nice as this.

    The same clean, simple effectiveness on Oh Canada, and I loved the horse addition

    Torpedo, wow that background. talk about depth, both from the surface and the squid in the distance, the coral up front, the water “liens” and I wouldn’t have thought twice about what fish would’ve been around down there LOL. Plus ya work with what ya got LOL.
    Jeff! Need more fish in Companions LOL

    Lady Justice. I totally geeked out on the scales! I realize how many layers that thing must’ve taken to make. And it looks Awesome.
    Also the costume, background, props and theme are all very solidly united.

    fpop? LOVED the comic dot effect. DIdn’t show much costume though. But nice pose, background and props … and that comic dot effect. Made me “WOW”

    Morningstar impressed me if for no other reason than the rider pose, her leg was a little stiff, but I have tried a 3/4 rider character and it sucked so I know the difficulties involved. Really enjoyed Morningstar.

    Frankie Gray was very kewl and original. Loved the use of the two background bulidings making one seemless skyline and looking like the TWO sides of the center building.

    Brit Girl rocked me due to her brightness and cheerful mood about the piece, loved the red and white … the Energy did make me think Rising Sun though LOL

    Poison Seaweed. I really, really liked the green surf and waves and the belt and thigh design as well as the design of the costume from the neck down. It just didn’t say Golden Age to me though. Don’t feel bad and think I am picking on you, that is a comment on several from me.

    Needless to say I love the costume and color on Silk Stocking LOL one thing I couldn’t get over though, and this is me being OCD, she is called Silk Stocking but wearing FISHNETS LOL
    Still, good work.

    Dorthy X, the Tin Man axe was inspired, I don’t think I would have EVER thought of that. Loved the Tin Man head on the handle.
    BTW being Pagan I take offense at Dorthy’s words “I Eat Witches For Breakfast”. LOL
    My Motto: “I’ve Never Been The Same Since The House Fell On My Sister” OR “Don’t Make Me Get The Flying Monkey’s After You!”

    Tattoine was just awesome. Loved the detail tattoos, but here is the comment “Not very Golden Age” But still a VERY kewl work. Those are some LARGE Yen/Yangs BTW! LOL

    I was impressed with Seraphim’s multiple wings, made me think WHAO someone knows there Angel Lore.

    Felicia, She is SO cute! I admit I already used the Fur Gloves as Leggings on my Leon the Lionheart and Steel my Star Wars alien kid swoop racer raised by Wookies and later become an Alien Studant of the Force. Thanks for pointing out the great use of ’em.

    Booster Girl really soared to the top of my list as kewl AND in theme. Clean and simple, and EVERYONE looks good in those boots, even my two 1970s GUYS LOL

    Lady Deathbolt, WOW the used of the shaded circle, that lightning effect and the shading on the pants make that all really POP almost like it was a photo!

    I liked Kaaligula, I remember how hard of a time I had with my spider character Nidia who had 6 arms, but I also used a lot of web Pattern on her that keep freezing the program. But as i said I like your character, just one I didn’t feel like it fit “Golden Age.” Keep in mind this is MY idea of Golden Age not any Definitive interpritation of it. I didn’t start reading comics till the mid 70s.

    OK sorry I didn’t have the character name or artist saved, but the Sand Sorceress inspired by The Mummy … I saw that sand effect and said WOW I gotta used that LOL I doubt it will be as good as yours though. I also loved the little dust devils, the small backgrounds as small rocks. Good costume, face and pose too.

    I loved Jana, even though she ticked me off since I had already planned a Jungle Girl. LOL Jana is very kewl though. Great use of the backgrounds AND multiple characters and comic cover layout.

    Very good Gangster on the Godmother!

    It is me or does Black Cat have a Halle Berry look to her face?

    I like the look of Riviting Rosie, particularly the headrag, hair and face, even the gloved and particularly the masked Wrench Insignia. Good use of that collar with that cape too!

    Kewl Arachnea! I keep wanting to call her Scarlet Spider though LOL
    Love the use of the web hammock over the city, great costume too, like the used of hair as costume between the waist and wrists.

    Rocketina, for one thing, gotta love the name. Good costume from the goggles, wings, flapped jacket, gloves, belt, skit and boots, it all worked well together. I took the light blue as ice since she is in snowy mountains, which REALLY worked for me.

    Rancid, I love you lady and her white wolf. The arm seemed a little “stiff” though. I liked the pose behind the dog, the pic of the dog above them and the mirror to the left. I also liked that adobe sorta mottled wall and the hand rail.

    Fastshot Faith is great. When I first saw her I thought “Whoa! That’s Western not 40s” then I reminded myself Westerns were VERY popular in the 40s!
    So good going! I loved the 5oclock dirt shadow on her face, the costume is perfect from her hat, braid, neckchief, patterned vest, down to the eagle on the belt buckle, jeans, boots and spurs, and love her ready gun hand. Good use of the animals.

    V Stands For Victory is great, burning and very deteiled field, but it strikes me as VERY Vietnam!

    Those are my faves for now.
    BTW, people who post to UGO, main reason I didn’t mention you, I havent been able to get on the Forums yet, so I haven’t seen your pics! Sorry.

    So is there a new Character Contest yet. It’s now … Friday and I haven’t seen one.
    Also Jeff have you tried to get in touch with me, I haven’t gotten an email yet.

    Till next time guys!
    Keep up the great work

  16. Cliff says:

    BTW one thing that confused me the Contest was called Femme Fatles but I think Jeff said to make super HEROINES! Was it supposed to be Heroes or Villians?