SOD.091 – Invisible Woman


26 Responses to SOD.091 – Invisible Woman

  1. Can you add that into HM 3?


  2. Oh no you didn’t..!

  3. DJ, I’ve actually decided to make ALL items in HM3 Invisible.

  4. The detail is simply incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  5. Avatar Sol Invictus

    Just a quick critique, if I may…I think her head is a little too big for her body, but overall, a stellar job! Have a great April Fool’s Day!

  6. You did her NUDE!!! I thought this was a PG13 site!!!

    Not that I’m complaining….

    Happy April Fools day!

  7. Avatar Danny Beaty

    It’s a whacky, fun filled laugharama!

  8. Cute.

  9. It’s simple. I think I could probably do something almost as good as this.


    I made my own version in HM3. You can get it almost perfect but there are some things that are just REALLY hard to pull off.

  11. my god…

  12. @Loki: Eerily lifelike, isn’t it? Perhaps my finest work to date.

  13. Brilliant! Pure art!! 😛

  14. OK, time to confess — this was an April Fool’s Day joke because it’s actually not the Invisible Woman, it’s Bobby Drake in a snowstorm. Gotcha!

  15. And he’s nude??? Oh man……

  16. You should have guessed that it was Iceman by the snowballs, Gene.

  17. Incredible!! You’ve outdone yourself Jeff! 😀

  18. wow, i actually thought it was snowbird in an avalanche.

  19. I would say it was that invisible dude from “League of Extraordinary Gentelman” in a white box, naked. Or I mean… uh… I can explain! 😛

  20. Are you kidding people? Anyone can see it’s Jessica Alba!

  21. Doesn’t that outfit make her butt look big?

  22. yes hammer. yes it does

  23. What? No background?

  24. dude i made that exact thing just two days ago

    you have no idea how long i worked…..

    and you ruined it all!!!!

    jk!!! happy (late) april fools day (actually, i celebrate it all month!)

  25. Avatar spidercow2010

    Nice use of negative space.

  26. hey an good job on this pic i wish i could do something like that