SOD.088 – Owlbear


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  1. Been on a D&D kick lately? Time to break out the books?

  2. You know it! I don’t have an original edition Monster Manual around any more, though I’d swear at one point I did recently. They do seem to have caught my attention, though.

    On a more technical note, I tried using more gradients and layers on this Flash-colored illustration. I got some surprising effects on the feathers that I liked a lot.

  3. I think I saw that on Warcraft 3.

  4. WoW has something sort of similar, but they wear hoods and have antlers, I think. And they’re fatter. This is the D&D style monster.

  5. Avatar Me Myself & I

    The feathers are really cool.

  6. I was thinking about requesting this in the companion section. This thought lead me to wonder what kind of adventurer would have an Owlbear as a companion.

    “Come along Owlbear… No Owlbear! Put me down! Bad Owlbear! Ba–(death rattle)”

  7. AD&D is awesome. Many fond memories. I still have my original blue MM, but the binding is being held on with duct tape. I’d fortunately found another one while treasure hunting at a used book store, so I’ve got a near perfect copy as well. 🙂

    Good times…..

  8. what no men-bear pig!

  9. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    I like the lighting. Kind of looks like someone is shining a flashlight on it. Perhaps a dark cave background and a yellow stream would complete the effect. 🙂

  10. One thing pops into my mind. World of Warcraft. 😛

  11. AWSOME best picture yet AWSOMENESS through the roof!!!!!!!!

  12. Connor, yes, as we said a few comments back, WoW took the Owlbear model and added a hood, clawed feet, and reindeer antlers.

    Atomic Punk, that’s exactly the effect I was going for, glad you caught that!

    And thanks Tristan!

  13. dude alsome monster what did you get it off of warcrafts lol jk man jk.