HM3: Music to your ears

I've just posted the first set of ItemRight-Music items to the HeroMachine 3 Alpha:


These are the ones I could "easily" convert from either HM2 or the Rock Star mini. And at that, they weren't all that easy, I had to do a lot of cutting and resizing and re-pasting/re-drawing.

I'm still working on the set, with all your suggestions in the last post still pending, but rather than make you wait for the complete release, I figured you might want to play with these as long as they were done. I tried to make the pattern-holding area fit on the face of the guitar, so with a little judicious sizing and moving, you can apply (for instance) the Union Jack flag from Insignia to the guitars.

13 Responses to HM3: Music to your ears

  1. The cello! Wow, the memories – I’d come up with a rad idea for a video game a few years ago – Cello Hero. Alas, it didn’t take off as well as I’d hoped…..Would have been a grand franchise; Violin hero, Tuba hero….*Sigh*

    Yeah, I said it; Rad. Deal with it 🙂

  2. The keyboard guitar! Yes!

  3. Funnily enough Gene, there’s a comedy over here in Britain and they had Lederhosen Hero lol.

    Kinda the same.

    These are looking great Jeff! I can’t wait until the set is finished!

  4. I am just wondering why there are so many contemporary instruments i miss all that medival stuff which would be a great addition to the set, there is nothing what u can use for fantasy characters such as bards.

  5. Hakoon: The Canadian comedy series This Hour Has 22 Minutes had “Bagpipe Hero.”

  6. Nice addition.

    Will the Lute, Sax and Horn from HM2 be in the next update?

  7. Nicely done Jeff! Rockin!

  8. Good stuff so far! I hope you will include the pipe organ made of human bones and skulls.

  9. And Parts! WE’ll need parts! So I can build an axe shaped saxatuiar 🙂

  10. Any chance of seeing Guitar Hero-style variants, with fret buttons and a strum bar? 🙂

  11. How about some primitives?

    A lute, a flute, a simple drum, a harp, some pan pipes… stuff like that.

  12. Medeval Instruments!!!!
    Pipe organs please!