Olympian Games, Gymnastics Results

Thanks to everyone who voiced their opinion in the Olympian Games' Gymnastics Competition! On behalf of Main Man Hammerknight, I am happy to report the following characters are our winners:

medal-goldGold Medal: Spider-Man (Marvel)
medal-silverSilver Medal: Night-Crawler (Marvel)
medal-bronzeBronze Medal: Batman (DC)

After one event, therefore, Marvel leads the overall medal count with 2, while DC is second with 1.

4 Responses to Olympian Games, Gymnastics Results

  1. Very cool, I was hoping for Batman with the Gold, But at least he is in the top three.

  2. Happy to see Spidey got his rightful medal.

  3. Avatar HomicidalClown

    Well I’m glad Batman got a medal.

  4. Really, Nightwing should have gotten a medal in this competition before Batman.