Olympian Games Gymnastics

The ancient Greek Gods have transported some of the most famous and capable super-hero characters from multiple universes to the site of the first ever Olympian Games, pitting the greatest champions ever conceived against each other in comic-book style competition! Hammerknight has tabulated your suggestions and the first event is now under way:

You can vote for up to three characters. Next Friday the votes will be counted, with the top-place finisher getting Gold, second place Silver, and third place Bronze. Make your arguments in the comments as to why you choose who you do, and may the most gymnastically gifted character win!

Many thanks to Hammerknight for thinking up this idea and putting it all together.

11 Responses to Olympian Games Gymnastics

  1. Looks great Jeff, I put my vote in. I hope it turns out to be a real good vote. Can’t wait to see who wins.

  2. Batman wins gymnastics, because he’s Batman. Second and third places go to Mr. Fantastic and Rag doll, because they are the most flexible types. Others are more or less restricted by their joints’ movement arcs, so they are the most capable of performing gymnastic maneuvers. After them come the other more joint bound, but super-agile types like Spider-man, nightcrawler and beast. Last come the physically ‘normal’ types.

  3. I believe St.Joan would win. she has enhanced muscle memory, so she can pretty much do anything she sees. silver would go to Mr. Fantastic and Bronze would go to Monkey D. Luffy

  4. This is a Marvel sweep.
    Tie Bronze–Beast
    Tie Bronze–Daredevil

  5. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Wouldn’t Captain America be automatically disqualified for performance-enhancing drugs?

  6. First place goes to Nightcrawler, second goes to Nightwing, and third place goes to Daredevil.

    Mr. Q

  7. @The Atomic Punk Technically so would spiderman and Mr. Fantastic since their abilities didn’t come naturally through the mutant gene or through practice

  8. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Gold – Spiderman
    Silver – Nightcrawler
    Bronze – Ragdoll

    Honorable Mention: Mr. Fantastic doesn’t exactly do “Gymnastics”, but whatever it is he does do, he does fairly well!

  9. Nightwing is better at gymnastica than Batman althogh not a better fighter.

  10. Gold – Black Widow
    Silver – Daredevil
    Bronze – Nightwing

    as for third place: ditto Tristan

  11. This appears to be the Ancient Olympics, not the Modern Olympics. Performance enhancing drugs wouldn’t even occur to them. In fact any hero whose abilities aren’t natural (any hero period, whether or not their abilities are normal) would be seen as being god like or the child of a god. Cap would be allowed but would take himself out of the running on purpose.