Random Panel: Oversharing, super-hero style


(From "Amazing Man" number 25, 1941. Note that I avoided the easy "getting at seamen gives him pleasure?" joke. Look at me grow!)

8 Responses to Random Panel: Oversharing, super-hero style

  1. So he likes to bust things that are long and hard and full of seamen. Okay!

  2. Hold your breath readers! We’re going deep six into the abyss with Amazing Maaaaaaaannnnn……!

    [On a serious note: God bless the good guys!]

  3. Well when Amazing Man isn’t giving roofies to little boys, what else do you think would give him pleasure? Playing with seamen, of course.

  4. Lol! He must be… you know. Or a adreneline addict.

  5. @Jeff: Are you working on Polearms now?

  6. Old joke:

    Why is a hooker like the Bermuda Triangle?
    Because they both swallow seamen.

  7. …….O_o