Random Panel: Bizarre Ads from Yesteryear


(From "Wonder Comics" number 11, 1947.)

9 Responses to Random Panel: Bizarre Ads from Yesteryear

  1. Avatar Dan Gonzalez says:

    Part One: The “ON” switch and volume knob…

  2. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I know, right?! “What is this PLUG you keep talking about?” And the way it’s written, it sounds like the guy’s Russian. “I send you Big Kits of Radio Parts!” Cracks me up.

  3. Avatar Worf says:

    Part Two: The Dial (Or “Searching the Ether”)

    Part Three: Listening to a Song (Includes detailed description by Enrico Fermi and Nikola Tesla)

  4. Avatar violodion says:

    Ohh, “Bizarre Ads of Yesteryear” (from comic books) is a WHOLE category into itself!


  5. Avatar John says:

    “Be strong like bull! I send you radio kit AND barbell to pump your mah-suls!”

  6. Avatar Donna says:

    I wonder if the order form read something like, “Please to be sending my large collections of radios-part, thus I can begin to study radio very good, yes?”

    In Soviet Russia, radio makes big boxes of parts of YOU!

  7. Avatar EnderX says:

    Tell me, is ‘Learn Radio’ anything like ‘Learn Russian’? I’m not referring to the nationality…I’m just saying it sounds as though whoever put that ad together thought ‘Radio’ was a language unto itself.

  8. Avatar Jester says:

    I wonder what language the instructions are in…

  9. Avatar William A. Peterson says:

    Radio, of course! :->