Caption Contest 56: Golden Lad

Now folks, I'm going to be trusting you here to keep this clean, and to help I am re-instituting the "appropriate for prime time network television" rule, but I just couldn't pass this image up for our next Caption Contest:


If you come up with the funniest, best entry to replace the missing dialog balloon, you'll get to choose either a) any one item in any one slot to be included in HeroMachine 3 or b) an illustration of your head and face to be included in HeroMachine 3 so you can serve as the basis for millions of super-heroes across the world! The rules are simple:

  1. Keep it clean, appropriate for a prime time network television broadcast (this means no use of the Seven Words You Can't Say on Television);
  2. Your entry must be left as a comment to this post;
  3. Be funny.

On a personal note, I tend to find violent homophobic humor un-funny. VERY un-funny. I post a number of "queer" references from the Fifties because it makes for humorous reading in the modern usage of the word, given the fact that you've got a bunch of muscle-bound men in stockings running around beating up other men while being followed by young boys, but the spirit of the thing is important. I don't like implications of violence against homosexual people, and calling stupid, silly, or feminine things "gay" is just kind of lame.

So while technically that sort of thing isn't against "the rules", I don't find it very funny. And I'm doing the judging. Do the math 🙂

Now, lecture over, start with the funny!