HM3: Tech-nically an upgrade

I just uploaded an expanded "InsigniaTech" set for HeroMachine 3, doubling the number of items. Here's a quick preview:


I also have a bunch of gears (cogwheels) per Fabien's request, that's one of the items I regretted not fitting into the Standard set. Hopefully that will help make steampunk types of things easier.

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  1. Wow, looks great!

    Bug: Insignia > Standard/Tech > Bolt (pg1, row1, item1), pattern spills out of the shape (others Insignia are fine).

  2. Thanks for catching that, V, I’ve applied a fix and uploaded it. That item was totally hosed up, I don’t know how I managed that. But, it should work now.

  3. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    Steampunk was my thought exactly with the gears…Thank you!

  4. Jeff, is it just my computer, or are the first 19 items of insignia>tech the same as insignia>standard? And if so, why do we need a repeat of those items?

  5. yay steam punk

  6. @Worf: It’s not just your computer, that’s the way it’s designed. Like in 2.x, the Standard sets are supposed to be compilations of the other sub-sets, so you get a flavor of what they have. Kind of a sampler. Then if you go to the sub-set, you get all the items from it that were in Standard, plus a bunch more. It’s for organization’s sake. If someone knows they want a high-tech insignia, I don’t want to make them remember that most of them are in one place with a few left out and stuck somewhere else, I want them all to be in one easy to find location.

  7. ok then… YAY for even more insignias! (there will be more sets later right?)

  8. Yes, I’m working on “Nature” tomorrow, which probably will be it for a while until I can get the other missing Standard sets done.

  9. HM3 is bringing out the perfectionist is some folks. Noticed a few items with pattern peeking through in spots it best not. A few others allow background color to pop through.

    Insignia with pattern bleed:
    * Atom — Std > pg2, row1, item 2
    * Stylized Tree — Std > pg5, row1, item 1
    * Plain Ankh — Std > pg5, row1, item 2
    * Caduceus — Std > pg6, row2, item 1
    * Stylized Dragon — Std > pg6, row2, item 2
    * Boat Anchor — Std > pg7, row2, item 3
    * Halt Symbol — Std > pg8, row1, item 3

    Insignia with slight color bleed:
    * Shark Attacking — Std > pg3, row1, item4
    * Eagle Emblem — Std > pg3, row2, item2
    * Eagle Outline — Std > pg3, row2, item3
    * Phoenix — Std > pg3, row2, item4
    * Heraldic Eagle — Std > pg5, row4, item 4
    * Stylized Sun — Std > pg7, row1, item 2
    * Rook — Std > pg8, row3, item 2
    * Tri-Gears — Tech > pg2, row3, item 3
    * Ball Fire — Tech > pg3, row2, item 2

    ( Image post to follow. )

  10. Relevant images for post #9 (above):

    Pattern Peeking —

    Color Peeking —