Random Panel: Plus cancer!


(From "Atoman" number 1, 1946.)

11 Responses to Random Panel: Plus cancer!

  1. …and just what the hell is “atomic strength,” anyway?

  2. It must be the strength of a cancer cell…

  3. “He is Strong? Listen, bud. He’s radioactive blood”

  4. Sweet fancy Moses! A talking beaker!

  5. @Hugh: LOL! “Beaky” (…as he shall be known forthwith) was granted both sentience and atomic strength after the initial radioactive experiments, and believe me, he is gonna to need that atomic strength. After Prof. Butter Q. Fingers finishes zapping his own arm with high-grade plutonium, he’s going to have alot more accidents around the lab and Beaky needs that nigh indestructible shell with all the constant droppings he’s facing.

  6. This scene actually makes more sense if it is the beaker talking.

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s how I was born…

  8. God bless you Beaky, my you become the heromachine mascot.

  9. Avatar Danny Beaty


  10. It’s a shame that they killed the title after Beaky’s teen sidekick raised too many eyebrows. I am looking forward to Frank Miller’s bold reimagining of the franchise this winter, however.