Contest 24 Winner: The Marshall

Jonny and I have finished his illustration prize for winning Caption Contest 24, and it's his own creation called "The Marshall". Here was Jonny's description:

I call him the Marshall. Picture super agents meet old west cowboys. Fedora,buckskin jacket,biker boots, and underneath it all is high tech bodyarmor. The Marshall always has a smile on his face no matter the circumstance. Lamb chop sideburns,and Rayban style shades are his hallmark. Standard issue sidearm in a thigh holster ,and if he is expecting trouble a submachine gun completes the kit. The Marshall is a combo of Nick Fury,John Wayne,and James Bond.

I added a toothpick, but it seemed to fit. And while that might be more of a snarl/grimace than a smile, I think it turned out really well:


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2 Responses to Contest 24 Winner: The Marshall

  1. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Will that background be appearing in Hero Machine 3?

  2. Dunno, that’s way too far away to guess. No reason at this point why it wouldn’t.