Caption Contest 3: Three heroes walk into a bar …

The winner of Caption Contest 2 was Dan Swanson!

Spitzer is a bird brain

And here is the comic book panel you'll have to fill with witty repartee to get a shot at your very own custom drawing as well as all the glory that goes along with winning something on the Internet:

Three heroes walk into a bar …

Good luck! In your entry, please specify what person gets which line of dialog. For instance:

Green Lantern: I can't believe how long that guy is taking in the bathroom, what's the holdup?!
Six Pack 1: Why don't you just whip up a green latrine, GL? And make it snappy, my pants are already halfway down, and I don't know how much longer I can ...
Six Pack 2: ... ooops.

And as always, please try to follow the Sitcom Rule: Don't write anything that wouldn't pass a network censor. Yes, even the stupid ones.

The winning entry will receive a prize of one free custom black and white web illustration by yours truly, of pretty much whatever they want (within reason, so be reasonable Dan!). Here is the sketch I did for Hades, the winner of Caption Contest 1:


(Edited to rearrange the pictures and to remove the note about changing Dan's entry, which I ended up changing back to the original.)

(Top image from “Coyote”, Vol. 1, No. 9, ©1984, Stephen Englehart.
Bottom image from "Hitman" #11, ©1997, DC Comics.)