Caption Contest 2: Bird Brains

First, the winner of Contest Caption 1 was ... Hades! There were a lot of really good entries, but for some reason this one made me actually laugh out loud. I know, I'm weird.

Steak n Shake

Hades, if you don't get an email from me shortly, please get in touch so we can start on your drawing. Hopefully it'll turn out well, and I'll post it next Tuesday.

And now, here's your challenge for the second contest, the winner of which will also receive a free black and white illustration:

Caption Contest 2

Like last time, please leave your entry in the comments below, with an indication of which dialog goes where. For instance:

Half-Brain Guy: You mindless twit!
Crow-Head Guy 1: ME, mindless!?
Crow-Head Guy 2: I think you should step over to this mirror, Gary ...

I look forward to seeing what you all come up with this week, thanks for playing!

20 Responses to Caption Contest 2: Bird Brains

  1. Bird Head 1: Whoa! Dude, what happened?
    Half brain: I’m trying out a new look.
    Bird Head 2: Ray Liotta from Hannibal?

  2. Bird Head:Jerked Chicken for sure.
    Half Brain:See I was thinking I tasted like jerked pork.
    Bird Head:Its chicken!I should know!Idiot..

  3. Avatar Richard Tale

    Bird Dude: There can be only one!!
    Half brain: Only one of what, man?
    Bird Dude: Only one mascot of the new SUPER BIRD BURGER. Me!!!

  4. Avatar TannerAwesomePants

    Bird Guy: Um… George half of your brain is missing again…

    Guy With Half Missing Out Of His Brain(George):Crap… Should I like… Go to the hospital or something? I mean, it kind of hurts.

    Bird Guy:You should probably check in the sofa cushions, George, it was there last time. Oh, and can you find my car keys while you’re at it?

  5. Avatar Ashton Jakobson

    Bird: So…I got my IQ tested, it was 130, whats your’s?
    Brain guy: Last time I checked it was 150…
    Bird: But it’s only 75 now huh?

  6. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    Mr. Half-Brain: Aw, great job! Now look what you’ve done! Now I can’t enter the “23rd Annual Intelligence Contest”!

    Bird-Head: Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to!

    Bird-Head: But it’s not like I had any competition anyway…

  7. Bird-Brain: Your resistance is futile, Earth Being. I have devoured half of your brain!

    Half-Wit: Why didn’t you take the other half?

    Bird-Brain:…Well, it wasn’t exactly what I’d call good…

  8. Half-brain: What have you got up your sleeve?
    Duh, I dunno.

    Bird-head 1: C’mon Frank…

    Bird-head 2: Anyone with half a brain could figure it out!

  9. Bird Head: Dude, what happened to your head?
    Half Brain: I donated 50% of my brain to the Republican Party!
    Bird Head: You fool! Now they can use it to create 50 new Republicans!

  10. Avatar ashton jakobson

    Bird man: So how did the surgery go?
    Half brain: Good but I can only seem to remember half of everything I knew before, but I do remember that you owe me 5 bucks from last week…
    Bird man: Oh, right…sure (I actually owed him 10)

  11. Half brain: What? It’s my crummy back right? Please don’t give me the “it’s me”-crap…
    Bird man: Actually, it’s your brain…
    Bird man: Your limbic system doesn’t seem to extract any endorphins. What’s up wit’ that?!

  12. Bird Brain – Thank you for your gift.

    Half Brain – That’s not what “give you a piece of my mind” means.

    Bird Brain – You Earthlings and your silly idioms.

  13. Big Bird: What’s up with the new look?

    Half-brain: It’s the part of my brain that normally regulates sexual impulses…

    Big Bird: I thought you looked familiar, Governor!

  14. Bird – I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do.

    Halfhead – But doc, I cant live like this!

    Bird- Very well, I prescribe that you shoukd stay away from man-eating birds.

  15. Bird: I knew I put too much sulfuric acid in that hair gel! Maybe if I don’t say anything he won’t notice.

    Half-headed Guy: Ya ever notice how much colder the room feels after ya get a haircut? Why is that?

    Bird: Larry, this new look just isn’t working for me. Have you considered a flat top? . . . Oh, wait.

  16. As in the ‘Dan’ of post 13 and not the ‘Dan’ of post 14, just to clarify that there are two of us apparently, maybe more. I feel like I should say…

    “There can be only one!”

  17. Crowmagnon Man: “Mmmmm, Earth eggs are the best! yum.”

    Half Wit: “Guwah guh smrkl. Wok, wok, wok. Thppptttttt!”

    Crowmagnon Man: Why yes, I am all bird under this robe.”

  18. Big Crow: Sorry, I only got the conservative side done…
    Guy with half a head: Can’t you hurry it up?
    Big Crow: Listen, do you know how many libs I have to kill to get half a brain?

  19. Birdface: Listen, Norm, I’m sorry I bit off part of your head. I thought you were a piece of corn.

    Norm: My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

    Birdface: That’s nice, Norm. I’m gonna go stand over head now. Say, do you smell corn?

  20. HALF-BRAIN: “Hey, stop snacking, i need my brain!”

    CARRION CROW: “Yeah, right!”

    CARRION CROW: “Yo, dude, you’re serious? You’ve never used it before, i can tell, man.”