Interest in Making Your Own HM Items?

I was wondering if there would be interest out there in making your own actual HeroMachine items, which would be Flash objects just like everything else -- colorable, selectable, and usable on any of the six bodies. The idea is that I would release the Flash source files (like m1-RightHand-Expansion1.fla for instance) and write up some instructions for how to create your own items. People would draw their own items and send me their versions of the source files, and I'd compile them up into further expansion pack releases for others to use.

The source file for the main engine, heromachine.fla, would not be released.

The thing is, you'd have to own Flash and know how to use it. The code on the item files is very simple, all you have to do basically is change the name of the item in three places and you're good to go. What I don't know is how many people would be interested in something like that, and then how many would follow through and actually do something.


11 Responses to Interest in Making Your Own HM Items?

  1. Alex Myers says:

    Well An Idea I Have Is For More Animal Like Options And Some Anime Influences You Know Like As One Of The Skins Vampire And Werewolf Could Be Put In There Although Vampire Wouldn’t Realy Be Needed Because Their Is A Mouth With Fangs As A Mouth Choice But A Werewolf Skin Would Be Cool I Think Oh And As For The Pants I Wonder What Hakama Pants Would Look Like On One Of My Guys That I Make Well All Thats Left To Say Is Thanks For Letting Me Write This And I Hope You Consider My Ideas If Not Well Then Thats Ok If You Do Then Allright Thanks Again

  2. Anamynos says:

    That would be awesome!!

  3. Me says:

    With great power, comes great responsibility! Have had Flash as part of the CS & Macromedia suite, but have yet to open it. Much the Illustrator-Acrobat-Photoshop person. Imagine not far different.

    “how many would follow through”…? errmmm.

    Sounds like the topic of a poll.

  4. Maverick - Gaijin says:

    If you were able to release the item .fla files i would take the time to learn flash just to increase the customization abilities of an already great product.

    yeah sounds corny i know but i have been doing graphic design for a while and been wondering what flash was like, would be interesting and a little easier to start with a base already and move from there then from scratch.

  5. Redd Fox says:

    I’ll drink to that idea… how can we get started?

  6. John D says:

    I have to get Flash now. I have sooo many ideas I think could be utilized and help Heromachine grow. That’s a great idea!

  7. The Deist says:

    Obviously the opening of the HeroMachine to public contribution with allowing fans the possibility of creating their own items seems like one of the very natural next step in its devlopment …
    Although admittedly the item banks for each element are very well furnished already, it’s more than likely about anyone would come with more ideas fitting their particular needs. I know I would for instance! (^^) Now the issue is how many contributors could actually use Flash, how many could draw decently enough and then how many of these would just bother to give it a try… As of me, I would certainly bother and could draw decently but I’ve never got the time nor the real opportunity until now to dig in how to use Flash, although I’m used to graphic applications and vector-drawing ones so I guess it would not be such a drawback (no puns intended).
    Nevertheless, I hope many more will respond favourably to this suggestion of yours cause, in addition to the amazing new feats you’re working on for 3.0, it would bring what the program screams for the most (or is it the users? ^^): more more more items! Keep them coming, can’t seem to get enough of them really!!!!! Hehehe…

    BTW, why not implementing the possibility of loading any own-made flash objects into HM (mean even unregistered, non built-in ones)?
    Well, guess that’s mostly you want to keep control of what’s inside eventually, right? (^_-)

  8. that would be so kool if you could actulay make your own items because they could be random things of your imagination but i think lots of people would be carryed away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like me………..

  9. Redd Fox says:

    As Said before, this idea is excellent… Heromachine is what I use A LOT to get my creative juices flowing (and copious amounts of Dr. Pepper), and to make our own items for this program would be frickin sweet! I’ve been itching to try out flash in other things than just banners and websites. Maybe an item of the month/week/etc. contest? and whoever wins gets an… I dunno, we’ll figure that out… well you have my vote to create our own items! Cheers!

  10. Daniel Zeino says:

    I like this idea and would love to make my own designs. For example redisigning jpeg-files so you can use them in HM. Karate uniforms, ninja uniforms, the possibilities are endless. You could also add the items you intended to publish but that never made it to HM. There are two weapons I would like to see; the three part nunchaku and Legolas’ fighting knives from Lord of the Rings.

  11. bobby rasco says:

    yer i think that be a great idea making your own items yer that would be MINT!