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Poll Position: Captain Marvel -vs- Captain Britain

It is time once again for our weekly versus match-up  This week I pit Captain Marvel against Captain Britain.

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These two characters have a lot more in common then one might think. Both Marvel and Britain have been granted their powers by a wizard Shazam in Marvels case and Merlin in Britain's.  Both characters have super human strength, and endurance as well  as the ability to fly. Where they differ is what may decide this match up. Britain has enhanced senses, though not as good as say Wolverines, they are still many times better then your average human beings, however he slowly begins to weaken and loss his powers should he leave the British isles  unless he is wearing his costume. Marvel on the other hand  has accelerated healing, and can summon lightning bolts which then can be use as a weapon so long as he is close enough to his opponent and manages to dodge them himself so as not to be transformed back into his normal child's body. Marvels weakness however is that despite having the Wisdom of Solomon his is still just a boy in a mans body and I think this gives the advantage to his opponent in this confrontation thus I award this one to Captain Britain, but that's just my opinion  Who do you think wins this one and why ? Leave a comment below explaining your choice.