Poll Position: Captain Marvel -vs- Captain Britain

It is time once again for our weekly versus match-up  This week I pit Captain Marvel against Captain Britain.


These two characters have a lot more in common then one might think. Both Marvel and Britain have been granted their powers by a wizard Shazam in Marvels case and Merlin in Britain's.  Both characters have super human strength, and endurance as well  as the ability to fly. Where they differ is what may decide this match up. Britain has enhanced senses, though not as good as say Wolverines, they are still many times better then your average human beings, however he slowly begins to weaken and loss his powers should he leave the British isles  unless he is wearing his costume. Marvel on the other hand  has accelerated healing, and can summon lightning bolts which then can be use as a weapon so long as he is close enough to his opponent and manages to dodge them himself so as not to be transformed back into his normal child's body. Marvels weakness however is that despite having the Wisdom of Solomon his is still just a boy in a mans body and I think this gives the advantage to his opponent in this confrontation thus I award this one to Captain Britain, but that's just my opinion  Who do you think wins this one and why ? Leave a comment below explaining your choice.

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8 Responses to Poll Position: Captain Marvel -vs- Captain Britain

  1. Keric says:

    Hmmm… Sups knock off Vs. Cap A knock off? By your description in England or in costume (and what hero isn’t in costume 90% of the time?) I have to give it to Cap B-its a weakness, but not a very big one!
    Where as the Big Red Cheese’s immaturity is a big weakness!

  2. Hammerknight says:

    I’m going to have to go with Capt. Marvel. First reason is that I am more of a DC fan then I am Marvel. Second reason he came first, he started in Fawcett Comics way back when. He survived the move to DC and is still around. Yes he is a boy in a mans body, but it has only been in recent years that they have made him still act like a child. In the old days he did not act like a kid when he turned into the Capt..

  3. Myro says:

    I’m not sure these guys are even on the same power level. Captain Marvel is like a magical version of Superman, while Captain Britain, while an effective brick in his own right, just isn’t going to match up on strength, speed, or invulnerability. While it might be possible that Braddock could exploit Billy Batson’s immaturity and inexperience, the simple fact is that if it came to trading blows, Captain Marvel has the upper hand in this one.

  4. dblade says:

    Myro has the truth of it. They may be the same rank but Captain Marvel is in a different power class then Captain Britain. SQUISH!

  5. Kaldath says:

    I honest can’t answer the invulnerability level difference but in terms of strength while Marvel is stronger (100+ tons ) Captain Britain is no slacker in the strength department either ( 90 tons ).

  6. punkjay says:

    I am going w/ Cap. M. just for the electricity advantage.

  7. WillyPete says:

    To say that Captain Marvel has the strength to lift more than 100 tons is about on a par with saying that the U.S. is in the top 100 economies in the world… He has the Strength of Hercules, who once took over the task of supporting the entire Planet Earth on his back from Atlas! This is more than ‘just a little’ over 90 tons, don’t you think? And, yes, Captain Britain is, nominally, an adult, and USED to be a physicist… But he’s been dumbed down so much over the last few decades that I’d be surprised if he can still spell his own name! Stupid and mature (though not very, really) is not much of an improvement over bright, but immature.
    And, while classic Captain Marvel never really used the lightning from his change as a weapon (always thought THAT was a bit bogus!), the recent tendency to overplay his immaturity is also a turn for the worse. As I remember, Billy Batson was always a good bit more mature (despite his young age) than the adults around him, and, really, than an awful lot of supposed adults in positions of responsibility today (in the so-called ‘real world’)!

  8. Mr Matt says:

    Capt. Marvel he was awesome in the MK vs. DC Universe game.