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    I think its first, middle, and last initials if i am not mistaken.

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    Thanks, Guys. Here are Some more creations one is an older one but one of my faves that i posted in old forums.
    Convict SH03679
    Real Name:Unknown
    Alias: Ransom
    Current whereabouts: unknown

    Ransom as he is currently known is impossible to stop once he gains
    momentum, Verlassen City Police were only able to capture him due to
    a Drug that suppresses super powers. When not drugged he posses super
    strength, strength that gives him the ability to jump great distances.
    He is also considered virtually indestructible. The several scars he
    now possesses were received in the Verlassen City correctional system and
    prisons, even without his powers he seemed unkillable, during his sentence
    he was studied by scientists, they discovered that he has certain genetic mutations
    unaffected by the power suppression drug, one such mutation is he has twice the muscle
    and half the fat of normal humans this is in addition to being much more then twice the
    strength of a normal man, his muscles are 5 times stronger then a normal man’s. Another
    anomaly discovered was his bones are reinforced with naturally occurring carbon nano fibers.
    This man is extremely dangerous and should not be approached, if you see him call the VPD
    and only the VPD, human law enforcement is not equipped to deal with him
    only the VPD has the manpower and the resources to capture and contain him,
    his escape should be considered a fluke. Ransom’s known powers and abilities
    are as follows he can jump great distances he has been known to jump just over a quarter mile,
    lift at least 12000lbs, has extremely durable bones and enhanced healing, this should not be
    considered a comprehensive or complete list and the true upper limits of his strength and
    powers have yet to be ascertained.

    next is an insane fire based villain PyRomantic

    And a cold/ice based female, CryoRaven.
    and a jokester villain named NecroJester.

    And an unnamed unstoppable force of a man.

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    I have been re-watching the seasons of a certain cartoon and was inspired to create my own group of winged creatures of the night.TheClanPart1.pngTheClanPart2.pngTheClanPart3.pngTheClanPart4.pngTheClanPart5.pngTheClanPart6.png

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    These are great, other ways are to clearly write “scenes” or moments in which the day to day person is suiting up as the hero or taking off hero costume revealing wounds from a particularly tough fight. Or have a day job co-worker comment on a black eye or other visible injury he received during super heroing and the character lies about how he got it out loud while thinking to himself the real reason. I hope I articulated my ideas so that they were clear enough.

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    Sweet, excited to see what you do. I love your HM3 style and that your also a fellow Canadian. I have lots of pictures and didn’t want to flood your thread with them, so I just posted them in mine in the same post for reference purposes.

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    Just wanted to check in to see if you got the PM i sent you about remaking one of my characters.

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    uhm wowzers, now i have to try to figure out how you did SoulLess, wont be easy. awesome job though. Did it involve masking a profile head to a shoulder piece or something and whats the lower jaw made of. Is that all really just done in hero machine?

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    Thanks for popping in Zerogarth.
    second The_Phantom_______ entry

    The Phantom Flayer


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    Character Contest 91: The Phantom ________
    The Phantom Racer

    Hopefully he doesn’t get DQed for being heavily inspired by some actual characters. The main inspiration is obvious but I have always wanted to create a similar character of my own. Patrols the night dispensing justice and vengeance two side of the same coin for him, often seen on motor bike, he can sense sin and quilt on his prey and can also sense the absence of these traits, if one he approaches is innocent he leaves them be if not he punishes them. He does this through either violence, wielding his chain and hell fire or through a forced empathy stare, this weapon however will only work on those with at least a shred of conscious, those who do not or cannot feel empathy will be immune to this stare.

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    This one is one i did a while back took my inspiration from a certain sentai show, tried to make my own version of sentai ranger type guy

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    This one is another revision of my Manic Electric Character, i feel I may be getting closer to a solid version the new tech boot items make nice bracer items as well I find. *edit* Just a slight update showing previous Manic Electric Versions and a bio for him.

    Real name: Manfred “Mannie” Rodriguez (working name, not sure if it will stay)
    Height: 5 ft 6
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown, Spiked.
    Style of costume/dress: Manic Electric, dresses in a tactical style, usually wearying army cargo pants, and various tactical belts, he also wears a bandana around the lower part of his face to cover his burns and bracers which help him to focus his electrical energies, allowing him to be more accurate and making it less likely for the attacks to arc to unintended targets.
    Mannie has Electrical powers which can be utilized as either ranged or melee attacks.

    Manfred was once a regular guy with a wife and a kid, however hard time struck him when he lost his job and his income, unfortunately he acquired debt to some organized crime types as well, he needed a way to come up with money to pay them. When he was unable to to pay, the criminals took his family and held them hostage. Mannie heard about a lab that was paying people large some of cash to participate in experimental procedures, Mannie took part but something went horribly wrong and he was electrocuted, he received electrical burns to his face and the lab goggles he was wearing melted to his flesh, he also was driven insane by the electrocution messing up his brain and received electrical powers as well, after killing everyone in the lab he hunted down the criminals who took his family and wiped them all out, his family did not know it was him though as he had wrapped a bandana around his face to cover up the burns, he relocated his family to assure others would not come for them and then he said goodbye and walked away from them. Manic now wonders the streets he is neither completely villain nor hero, but more often then not finds himself on the wrong side of the law, but he does prey on other criminals especially when those criminals endanger the live of innocent women and children.

    Manic Electric


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    Did some Random Character descriptions from Seventh Sanctum and decided to do one that was something like The creepy little girl who serves a sorcerer or mage or wizard , I don’t remember the exact description but this is what i came up with.

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    Voodoo Priestess


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    I need the armored female Canadian deleted if possible, its the 224 Kb one. When i made her i was messing around with exporting to different sizes figured the first one (the one posted) was too big and exported to a smaller size, when i posted yesterday didn’t realize i was posted the huge one. Thanks Kaldath.

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    Two more newer creations. Kind of like exosuit type armor for military or law enforcement or Canadian Super Team, haven’t decided yet.
    EDIT: Grrrrr can’t seem to delete the really big on I posted accidentally.

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