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    Another one.

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    Yeah, but you notice he ain’t handin’ over his bone.

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    I can’t stop myself

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    Thanks, Lull-Carae. Glad you liked it.

    The narrative I was going for is that the devil-girl guards the gates of hell, ably assisted by Cerberus (the big 3-headed dog), and the wizardy-looking guy is offering her–um, something, I don’t know what–to get in. She strikes me as being somewhere between intrigued and amused.

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    Huh. It worked.

    I’m not entirely sure this is even the right place to post this. But the “right place” isn’t very obvious, and I was sort of led here.

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    I think it was during “Superman II” (the movie) that I watched him lift up the ice on top of a frozen-over lake (to put out a fire around Smallville, iirc), but he was holding it by ONE EDGE, and I thought to myself that the laws of physics (or something) dictate that the bulk of the ice-sheet would snap off by its own weight, leaving Superman with at best a large chunk of frozen lakeshore in his hands. Similarly, the Hulk picking up, say, an aircraft carrier would result in much of the vessel bending under its own weight and — well, I’m not sure what it would do, but it certainly wouldn’t be seaworthy afterwards.
    Somehow, this is more bothersome to me than the way metahuman powers seem to keep increasing, which is, I suspect, inevitable when writers are trying to top themselves and continually raise the stakes, and part of the reason for the occasional reboot.
    This is not to say I disagree with anyone’s comment; this is more like a “Yes, and–” comment.

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    GREEN DEVIL – The alien Abin Sur’s starship crash-lands in the woods of upstate New York. Dying, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 sends his power ring to find a man without fear to be his successor. In Manhattan, the ring finds Hal Murdock, an intrepid sightless attorney, and reveals to him his new destiny. The ring imparts to Murdock a set of surrogate “senses” enhanced far beyond normal human capacities. GL power rings, however, are designed to work with the medium of light, and Murdock, blind since birth, knows light only conceptually and shape only by touch, and so has little frame of reference to manipulate light into shapes, as Green Lanterns generally do in combat or rescue. Instead, the ring will produce a construct of sound, smell, taste or touch rather than any green light phenomenon. All such constructs, however, have the solidity that GL light constructs have. I leave it to the imagination of better writers than I to figure out what form that would take.
    For similar reasons, the ring cannot ‘visualize’ the external world for him, so the surrogate senses do not include sight or any analog for sight; furthermore the ring can only partially “explain” its full potential to Murdock (how do you explain color to a blind man?). He and the ring therefore have to find some common ground in order to gain the full effectiveness of a normal, supremely-powerful Green Lantern. In addition, the ring has to be recharged every 24 hours, so he runs the risk of returning to his blind state at a crucial point.
    Always a crusading lawyer, Murdock nocturnally continues his role of defender of the downtrodden as the costumed protector of the victimized & powerless, the Green Devil. He wears a green and black costume similar to the standard GL uniform, but adds a green cowl with horns on the forehead to intimidate opponents and to honor his father, the slain prize-fighter Jack Murdock, who “fought like the devil.”
    Perhaps a better name would be DarkDevil or Dark Lantern, but apparently the names have been (briefly) used.
    Recognition and apologies to Alan Moore and Frank Miller—“always steal from the best”
    His main adversary is King Solomon, a cross between Marvel’s Daredevil adversary The Kingpin (Wilson Fiske) and DC’s white zombie-hulk Solomon Grundy, originally a GL foe. He’s a large, undead and very powerful crime-boss.

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    IRON ATOM – Dr. Ray Palmer, a scientist and expert in nanotech in Stark Industries’ R&D Dept., uses dwarf star material, found in a meteorite, to develop ultra-micro-miniaturized products and electronic components. But prolonged exposure to the material imparts to Palmer the ability to shrink himself and other objects down to any size, including microscopic or even sub-atomic, with no loss of full-size force and mass. In concert with Tony Stark (Stark Industries has proprietary rights) the tiny Palmer constructs a suit of micro-miniaturized armor equipped with Stark’s repulsors and power sources, with advanced weaponry, communications equipment, flight capability, strength enhancement – the usual Iron Man stuff. He has the ability to shrink down, don the tiny armor, change its size and his, and ride telephonic/electronic/optical/sonic signals to wherever he dials, including into computer systems where he and his suit’s electronics and software can play hell with data and hardware. He is an invisibly-tiny high-speed flying heavily-armed strongman who can go anywhere.
    Suit can only enlarge to a fixed size (about 5″ tall) before its circuitry and power supply are rendered ineffective.
    His arch-foe, Crimson Chronos, can send small red ‘chronobots’ thru time to wreak havoc while controlling them from whenever he is.

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