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    Due to the title I’m sure most of you have an idea of what this thread will be. For those that don’t, it’s simple…
    -choose any two characters, comic affiliated or other, and blend them.
    Who would this new entity be? Give as much or little information as you want, but I’d hold off on any pictures unless Jeff, Kaldath, or Hammerknight approves using pics here. Looking forward to what everyone comes up with

    Superman & Thor

    Height: 6’4″
    Weight: 236 lbs
    Eye(s): Blue
    Hair: Red – Superman’s curl and his/Thor’s longer hair
    Facial hair: None
    Costume: Head – She-Ra style headdress/tiara / Neck – Red neck starting at collar bone, with superman style red cape starting there aswell (no yellow S on back) / Chest – Blue Shirt with 4 Thor-like silver plates; One on either peck and another set under those covering part rib and upper abdomen / Arms – Superman style long blue sleeves with Thor sized silver gauntlets a couple inches from end of sleeves / Waist – Thick (think weight lifting) yellow belt with a third set of plates around lower abdomen / Legs – Superman red trunks over blue tights, with knee high armored red boots wrapped in red cloth around the shin (think Thor’s wrapping)
    Insignia: A Fancy Golden N – (Think of a viking drinking horn where the point curls in towards the center) The point starts around the top center of the left bottom silver plate(not the belt) and wraps 3/4ths around getting slightly larger where it splits from the plate traveling northeast than curving bact to the northwest on the blue shirt curving into the side of the top left silver plate. The right plates and horn do the same just from top to bottom this time
    Powers: Flight, Super Strength & Durability, Enhanced Reflexes and Speed, Mastery over Lightning, Chill Breath, (No Heat Vision)
    Weapons: Mjolnir
    Weakness: Magic including magical creatures (no kryptonite)
    Origin: A human-like alien scientist from a distant planet arriving to study earth. His ufo is blasted with a powerful lightning bolt supercharging the ship’s experimental energy force, a strange crystal of unknown power, causing the ship to seemingly implode then at the last possible second explode. He wakes up washed upon shore, standing to his feet he is surronded by a strange tribe of bearded men and dwarves, not knowing the stranger they move with each step he takes keeping their weapons poised to strike. He sees a small piece of the crystal upon the ground, as he picks it up the tribe lunges toward him, forcing him to jump back, with his hand raised lightning strikes the crystal forcing the man to drop it. The tribe falls to their face thinking him a God. Finding a small portion of his ships hull and armed with the crystal, he teaches the dwarfs the secrets of this alien metal having them forge him a hammer, Mjolnir. With the crystal nestled inside this neigh indestructible hammer, it can draw and reflect lightning. An unseen side effect is the crystal now being able to be weilded supercharges the alien aswell turning him into a superhuman capable of flight great feats of strength, endurance, and more. As the men had adopted him so did he they and their name, calling himself the Norseman.



    If I remember right Jeff had a character contest sometime back about the children of two heroes. I’ll send him a e-mail and find out.



    Okay Jeff has spoken, “No Pictures”.



    Has anybody ever read any of the 24 issue run of Amalgam Comics that were made by DC and Marvel?



    I read the ones that were done back in the 90’s. I wish I never sold them.(That goes for all my comics, I miss having and reading them.)



    Thanks for the update HK.

    @Bad-People said:

    Has anybody ever read any of the 24 issue run of Amalgam Comics that were made by DC and Marvel?

    I never read any of them myself, I have seen some of the monstrosities they came up with though, Dark Claw anyone? Getting the opportunity to mix wolverine and batman and you come up with Dark Claw? really? That’s why I started this thread surely some of the talented people on here can do better, but remember descriptions only, no pics allowed due to potential copyright issue(s).



    For anyone interested in this thread, I updated the Norseman with all the info


    IRON ATOM – Dr. Ray Palmer, a scientist and expert in nanotech in Stark Industries’ R&D Dept., uses dwarf star material, found in a meteorite, to develop ultra-micro-miniaturized products and electronic components. But prolonged exposure to the material imparts to Palmer the ability to shrink himself and other objects down to any size, including microscopic or even sub-atomic, with no loss of full-size force and mass. In concert with Tony Stark (Stark Industries has proprietary rights) the tiny Palmer constructs a suit of micro-miniaturized armor equipped with Stark’s repulsors and power sources, with advanced weaponry, communications equipment, flight capability, strength enhancement – the usual Iron Man stuff. He has the ability to shrink down, don the tiny armor, change its size and his, and ride telephonic/electronic/optical/sonic signals to wherever he dials, including into computer systems where he and his suit’s electronics and software can play hell with data and hardware. He is an invisibly-tiny high-speed flying heavily-armed strongman who can go anywhere.
    Suit can only enlarge to a fixed size (about 5″ tall) before its circuitry and power supply are rendered ineffective.
    His arch-foe, Crimson Chronos, can send small red ‘chronobots’ thru time to wreak havoc while controlling them from whenever he is.


    GREEN DEVIL – The alien Abin Sur’s starship crash-lands in the woods of upstate New York. Dying, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 sends his power ring to find a man without fear to be his successor. In Manhattan, the ring finds Hal Murdock, an intrepid sightless attorney, and reveals to him his new destiny. The ring imparts to Murdock a set of surrogate “senses” enhanced far beyond normal human capacities. GL power rings, however, are designed to work with the medium of light, and Murdock, blind since birth, knows light only conceptually and shape only by touch, and so has little frame of reference to manipulate light into shapes, as Green Lanterns generally do in combat or rescue. Instead, the ring will produce a construct of sound, smell, taste or touch rather than any green light phenomenon. All such constructs, however, have the solidity that GL light constructs have. I leave it to the imagination of better writers than I to figure out what form that would take.
    For similar reasons, the ring cannot ‘visualize’ the external world for him, so the surrogate senses do not include sight or any analog for sight; furthermore the ring can only partially “explain” its full potential to Murdock (how do you explain color to a blind man?). He and the ring therefore have to find some common ground in order to gain the full effectiveness of a normal, supremely-powerful Green Lantern. In addition, the ring has to be recharged every 24 hours, so he runs the risk of returning to his blind state at a crucial point.
    Always a crusading lawyer, Murdock nocturnally continues his role of defender of the downtrodden as the costumed protector of the victimized & powerless, the Green Devil. He wears a green and black costume similar to the standard GL uniform, but adds a green cowl with horns on the forehead to intimidate opponents and to honor his father, the slain prize-fighter Jack Murdock, who “fought like the devil.”
    Perhaps a better name would be DarkDevil or Dark Lantern, but apparently the names have been (briefly) used.
    Recognition and apologies to Alan Moore and Frank Miller—“always steal from the best”
    His main adversary is King Solomon, a cross between Marvel’s Daredevil adversary The Kingpin (Wilson Fiske) and DC’s white zombie-hulk Solomon Grundy, originally a GL foe. He’s a large, undead and very powerful crime-boss.



    I never read the individual character spin off comics but I did read Amalgam Marvel vs DC comics which lead to the creation of these cross characters. I really loved the concept and the ideas behind this it could’ve been really good its too bad the writing and stories sucked.

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