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    I wish I was half as good at coming up with a backstory for my characters. I have some great ideas but they never seem to translate to the written word. Awesome characters too.

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    Yeah the Super Axis from Marvel were a strong influence, the Nazi villains from DC were less influential but did play a part.

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    Here is an updated version of The Overlord.

    And also of Thanatos.

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    And also a slight redesign of Sealion making use of new parts.

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    A bit of a rework on Triomphe’s costume

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    Wow, its hard to get responses on here.
    I have a side project where I am taking obscure Public Domain characters from the golden age and giving them a modern makeover.
    To start off I have a hero and a villain that have both received the treatment.
    Captain Freedom – Golden Age to Modern Re-concept.
    And now the Villain.
    The Laughing Skull – Golden Age to Modern Re-concept.

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    And to complete the Big 3 villains here is Thanatos also still a wip.

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    Work in progress for The Overlord not quite happy yet, I think he is missing something…

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    Alias: Sovereign
    Real Name: Unknown
    Genre: Supervillain
    Powers/Special Skills: Mass Mind Control, limited Telepathy & Telekinesis.
    Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: Circuitry in armor/helmet enhance range and strength of his powers.
    Affiliations: none
    Other Aliases: none
    Status: Unknown
    Sovereign is an enigma, he has the ability to mind control thousands of people at once but with a limited range (boosted by his helmet/armor). He is ruthless when dealing with those who oppose his will, especially those he is unable to control, but seems to truly care for his subjects. Under his ‘rule’ there is no poverty, no homeless and no crime, but there is also no free will, creativity or individuality. Those under his power are like worker drones in an ant hive, slaved to the group mind. Who Sovereign truly is and how he gained his powers are unknown as he has avoided capture time and time again (usually by having a dupe on hand to take the fall). He was last seen battling the Guardians of Justice in the small Central American nation of Costa Verdana which he had taken over as his latest realm.


    Sovereign is one of the Big Three villains in the Alterniverse along with The Overlord (a Dr Doom style character) and Thanatos .

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    And here are the sidekicks of the Guardians of Liberty

    Rusty, the Mechanical Marvel
    Liberty Lass
    Zippy, the Speed Boy

    I will eventually post all of the GoL individually with a proper bio for each.

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    Now that I have them finished I present to you the First Super Team of the Alterniverse:
    The Guardians of Liberty

    American Shield
    Miss Liberty
    Captain Quick
    P.O.T.O.M.A.C (Pneumatically Operated Tactical One Man Aquatic Carapace)

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    For a bit of a change of pace, we now visit the small West African nation of Ruganda. Ruled with an iron fist by General Kadeem, Ruganda is a safe haven for criminals, mercenaries and even super villains. The Rugandan Presidential Guard are equipped with a lightweight, micro-weave armour and high tech communications/sensor array headsets that the General has acquired from past ‘guests’, whilst their other equipment is on par with the regular military. Kadeem hopes to continue to improve the equpment available to both his Guard and the regular army.
    It is also believed that General Kadeem has initiated a program to develop his own super soldiers, through technolocigal, biological and even mystical means.

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    I put Phalanx in with the Auxiliaries because he didn’t join the team until Italy officially entered the war in 1940 and, like Italy he switched sides and became a co-belligerent (He was never a fascist himself, just loyal to his country and the dream of a restored Roman Empire). I called these guys Auxiliaries because none of them were permanent members of the team (unlike Southern Belle).
    As to Hotspur’s alter ego, he was named so as a nod to a friend of mine who is English. Chugglesworth was the surname of his character in our M&M campaign and he assured me it was a real name. Chugglesworth just sounded like a golden age villain name (given silly names to point out they are the baddies). I am quite happy to change it though.
    The Japanese have their own team of enhanced operatives called the Imperial Elite and who operate exclusively in the Pacific Theater.

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    And here are the Auxilliary members of the Axis Elite. Most are sympathisers who have sided with the Nazis rather than their own countries.
    Phalanx (Italy)
    Giancarlo Fermi has the ability to manifest copies of himself which he believes comes from the spirits of his Roman ancestors, manifesting through himself to restore the Empire to glory.
    Triomphe (France)
    Mimette Delacroix grew up in the Rhineland region of France claimed from Germany after WWI. The family took on a french name but were still proud Germans at heart. Descended from Teutonic Knights, Mimette was schooled in the art of fencing, a skill she put to good use on behalf of Germany.
    Black Cossack (Soviet Union)
    Like many of his fellow cossacks, Ivan Mikhail Dragunov saw the German invasion of Russia as salvation for his people from the savage pogroms of the Bolsheviks. Volunteering to fight on behalf of the Germans, he was assigned to the Axis Elite once his abilities became known.
    Hotspur (Britain)
    Lord Algernon Forsythe Chuggsworth was one of the founders of the BUF (British Union of Fascists) fearing a red uprising amongst the working class. When the party was officially outlawed, he fled to Germany to continue the fight until his fellow lords realised their error.

    As an added bonus, now that I have a better understanding of HM3 I have updated Southern Belle’s costume to better reflect my original design for her.

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    Thanks for the kind words guys. Redback turned out better than I had hoped, originally had Spider-Man style eyes but when I saw the more spidery ones I knew I had found the element he was missing. As to the Nazis, thanks they were the first guys I machined, before that they were just names & short backgrounds with no ‘look’. I’m not 100& happy with Southern Belle or SeaLion and may redo them at some point. As to Superion, yeah I couldn’t quite pick why the hair looked wrong either. Your post made me have a second look and it clicked – I had forgotten his ears (noob move there). Anyway, below is the corrected Superion.

    As for Captain Wonder’s ring, I just didn’t think to include it but, here he is with ring proudly in place.

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