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    As promised here are the original members of the Axis Elite – the superpowered enforcers of the Axis during WWII:

    The ultimate Aryan, Superion was the first success for the Nazi Eugenics program, he possesses super strength, invulnerability, and flight. Grown in a lab, he had the mental faculties of a newborn when first ‘hatched’ but underwent a series of mental programming to make him loyal and obedient to the reich. He was named Reinhardt Weiss by one of the scientists.
    Gertrude von Falcke was a shining example of Prussian and Aryan superiority, she volunteered to be the first test subject for a new serum that had been created to enhance a persons natural strengths. Gertrude survived the process unlike the other 9 subjects. Christened Valkyrie, she has super strength and armoured skin but is prone to give in to bouts of bloodlust in battle.
    Iron Eagle
    Heinrich Gruber became an ace fighter pilot during the spanish civil war where he served with the Condor Legion. Returning to Germany he was assigned as a test pilot for experimental aircraft. Whilst piloting a new cutting edge fighter, there was a malfunction in the plane’s controls which ended in a fiery crash landing. Heinrich survived due to his skills but was badly disfigured and would never fly again. Needing a test subject foran armoured suit reverse engineered from alien tech that the Nazis had uncovered, the comatose Heinrich was selected. Thus was born the Iron Eagle.
    Markus Grunwald was a fanatically devout Nazi and party member from the earliest days of the organisation. He developed the Purge armour himself in order to be more efficient in cleansing Germany of undesireables.
    Southern Belle
    Charlotte Jackson-Heider was the daughter froom the union of an old southern family and even older German nobility. The fact that her maternal family were died in the wool Klansmen and her paternal family were staunch supporters of the Nazi party were a big influence leading her to be strongly sympathetic to the Nazi cause, so much that, when her powers kicked in at 16, she began training in their battlefield usage. When she turned 21 she went to Germany and offered her services. She was immediately made a member of the Axis Elite.
    Johannes Schultz was one of Germany’s finest swimmers, when he was beaten at the 1938 Olympics he was devastated. In 1939 a strange body washed up on a German beach, scientists studied the body, that of an Atlantean and derived a crude genetic serum from its dna. Johannes was chosen as the test subject. Now he can breathe underwater, swim at amazing speeds and dive deeper that any U-Boat. But, he can no longer breathe air and so must wear a special suit and helmet to walk upon land.
    Master Race
    Adolph Wilhelm Ziegler was always a strong runner and,when injected with a modified version of the serum that created Valkyrie, he became able to move at truly astonishing speeds. Not only that, he could absorb the energy generated by the friction he encountered at high speeds and release it as a devastatingly strong punch, strong enough to pierce the armor of a tank. Doing so exhausted him, often causing him to pass out. A regulator was built into his costume so to warn him when he reached dangerous levels of absorbed energy and needed to expel it safely. Thus was born the Master Race.

    I hope you like them.
    Ancillary members Phalanx (Italy), Hotspur (England) and Triomphe (France) will follow soon. Along with the scientist responsible for most of the team, referred to as the Weaponeer.

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    I have three other members of the Southern Stars, my Australian superteam to post – Opal, Wipeout and a fifth mystery member. But first I’ll be posting my WWII villains the Axis Elite.
    I would really appreciate any feedback and/or advice you guys can provide.
    Just as a little bonus I thought I’d add a villain now. His composure is pretty basic by Machine Standards but I think he still looks OK.
    I give you The Grin.
    The grin appears as an indistinct form amid a cloud of smoke, except for the mask and hat along with it’s eyes and fanged, grinning mouth. The Grin can materialise various parts of itself from anywhere within the cloud, usually manifesting its wickedly clawed hands to toy with its victims one light laceration at a time. The Grin seems to feed on the fear and pain it causes, growing more distinct (and solid) the longer it feeds. Bright Light and Strong winds are its main weaknesses though anyone capable of becoming intangible can see and touch its true form.

    Tommy was late getting home from his night job, wandering the foggy Boston streets alone. Slowly, unnoticed by Tommy, the fog began to rise up into a column that followed him noiselessly. A hazy, indistinct humanoid form could be faintly seen within the column and, when it reached the height of a man a mask and hat suddenly appeared followed by a pair of glowing green eyes and a green, wickedly smiling mouth full of yellowish teeth, fangs really. Tommy froze to a the spot when a hand landed on his shoulder, turning around ready for a fight Tommy froze in terror at the sight before him. Slowly more clawed hands materialised out of the fog, each slashing at Tommy lightly, almost gently even but, where each clawed hand caressed the young man, deep gouges appeared on his body. The hands continued their work, lightly playing over the terrified Tommy, leaving deep, painful gouges. The more pain and fear Tommy suffered, the more the apparition grinned. The next morning, Tommy’s lifeless body was found laying in the street covered in multiple vicious wounds BUT there was not one drop of blood to be found, on the street or in the body. Those who knew what to look for had their worst fears realised…The Grin had come back to Boston.

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    Since I did up Redback I decided to try another of my Australian heroes. It was “difficult” to work out the masking for the side stripes and claws but I got them to where I wanted. Not 100% happy with the colour scheme and may change it a bit but for now, meet:
    Thylacine the Tasmanian Tigress

    As it gets HOT here in summer, Thylacine has a summer version of her outfit:

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    Here is my first ever OC, Bloodsilver. He is a living nuclear reactor who constantly gives off high levels of background radiation. His suit was designed to regulate his emissions. As a mutant, his body is totally adapted to his powers, his blood is literally his cooling system and is silver in colour – hence the name (hey I was just a kid then).
    Anyway, here he is in all his Glory: Bloodsilver the living reactor.


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    I had always wanted to do a spider based character to see if I could make one that was a nod to Spider-Man without being a clone.
    Therefore meet Redback one of the few Australian Superheroes. He is highly athletic, can adhere to walls and other surfaces and possesses retractable ‘fangs’ in his forearms that inject a paralytic poison into victims.
    Yes if anyone out there is into spiders or also australian, I know that the black with red mark colouration is that of the female redback but the pale brown with white mark looks so much duller and the name doesn’t fit the look. To show what I mean here is Redback if her were in the actual male colours:
    And here he is in a darker version of his standard costume:
    Which version do you guys prefer?

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    Yeah they still live very much like bats. Their civilization is (or rather was) at the bronze age level when their planet was conquered and absorbed into the ????? empire. Now they are a mix of primitive and ultra modern as most still follow the ‘old ways’ whilst others have either acclimated to their new situation or been drafted into service.

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    The Stonites
    Originally created by the villainous sorceror Guldazar centuries ago, the Stonites are a ‘race’ of semi-sentient creatures of living stone. They are able to communicate with one another in some unknown fashion. There are no males or females and how they reproduce is unknown. Long forgotten, they were rediscovered in recent times when they ‘attacked’ miners who had unwittingly tunneled into their territory. Since then they have appeared sporadically, usually under the control of some evil tyrant or madman bent on world domination. They seem to be drawn to strong leadership obeying instinctually.

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    Name: Captain Wonder
    Real Name: Steve Carson
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Power(s)/Ability(s): Super Strength, Invulnerability.
    Status: Active
    Steve Carson grew up hearing stories about his great grandfather Fred Carson, an intrepid adventurer who disappeared mysteriously shortly before the start of WWII. One night he dreamt that his great grandfather visited him in his sleep and left him a strange ring with the admonition that it was both a great responsibility and a great burden and that his life would be forever changed if he put it on. The next morning when Steve awoke the ring from his dream was sitting on his dresser along with a note.
    The note told him that he must tell nobody about the ring and that, should he put it on, all would be explained. Curiosity eventually got the better of Steve and he put on the ring, the rest is history…
    Note: Captain Wonder is an homage to the original Wonder Man published by Fox Publications for only one issue before being consigned to obscurity thanks to a law suit from DC Comics. I love some of the obscure public domain superheroes from the Golden Age of comics and Captain Wonder is my attempt to continue their legacies.

    This is Captain Wonder’s standard costume.
    This is a variation of Captain Wonder’s normal costume with the Insignia more closely matching that of his Golden Age inspiration.

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    All fixed now, thanks.
    Seeing as I’m here I might as well post the second of my alien races – The Pazurians
    I’ll add more information on them if people ask for it.

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    Name: American Shield (Golden Age)
    Real Name: Ulysses Samuel ‘Sam’ Steele
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Alliance(s): Guardians of Liberty
    Power(s)/Ability(s): Shield that absorbs kinetic energy, the more energy it absorbs, the stronger it gets, high levels of combat training
    Status: Deceased (old age)
    The Original American Shield, Sam Steele was a worker at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where they were building a new warship with experimental hull plating. Nazi Saboteurs attempted to destroy the unfinished vessel and, in the ensuing explosions a piece of plating landed right in front of Sam, undoubtedly saving his life by absorbing and deflecting the blast and shrapnel. When Sam came to, he noted that the shard of metal was completely unscarred so, for reasons he couldn’t explain Sam smuggled the shard home. Having lost many friends and co-workers in the explosions, Sam, inspired by the recent stories of masked mystery men, decided to become one himself. The shard was roughly shaped like a shield and so he called himself the American Shield.


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    Next up we have three members of the Guardians of Democracy the Cold War (50’s & 60’s) superhero team in my universe
    Super Strong and bulletproof, Commie Smasher was forced upon the team by the US Military as a watchdog to keep the team ‘safe’ from any commie influences.

    Gaining his powers from one of the many atomic tests carried out by the military, Captain Atomic is the leader of the GoD (Guardians of Democracy) and a truly heroic person.

    The son of Captain Atomic, gained his powers from unshielded exposure to his father and joined him as a sidekick and team mate. His powers are mch weaker than his father – he cannot fly or fire blasts, he has only his ‘Atomic Punch” and extensive training.

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