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    Hi everyone, I just found HeroMachine yesterday n I lovd it… I’ve spent some hours on this trying to do something worth showing…
    …there are my first two creations, hope you like ’em 🙂

    Zerogarth (lol) …a seasond hero, wanderer of Gaia… aside from his outstanding melee skills, he has got a lot of powerful ancient artifacts through his journey, thus he’s also called The Collector… many evil creatures have died by his hand, and many shake in fear when they hear his name…é-1.png

    This one its more generic (and comic-like)… I calld him Envoyé (French, don’t know why…) I imagine him bringing a message from another planet… a very violent one… to be honest, I still don’t know what his lord intentions are…

    hehe… well, thats it (sorry if my english its not good enough… I talk spanish on a daily basis, so…)

    Peace ^^



    These look great! You’re very creative, for your first efforts to look like this. I think most people probably start with fairly basic human figures…at least I did. But you’re jumping straight in with weird and wonderful animal hybrids and aliens! Cool



    Thanks Kaylin ^^ im glad u like ’em 🙂 I think I came with this kind of stuff ’cause Im always drawing characters on papper… so I’ve been a long time creating stuff, wiith some story along with them and all…. the thing is that I never finish an idea… don’t know why, but I just keep doing new stuff, even if I liked something done before… uh, I’ve entered your wiki on Kairula, that’s the kind of stuff I never get done… good work by the way, the descriptions are very inmersive 🙂 and I liked the level of detail on the planet cycles and everything… its nice to have a well done context for the stories to unfold 🙂



    I agree the hybrid Del Toroesque (I just made up a word) zerogarth is great. Definitely a lot better than when I started out. Welcome to the Forums!


    These are very good. Especially because it’s your first time using the application. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.



    Thanks Vampyrist, MisterDinoMan 🙂

    …I’ve been working on a new one

    Tezael, son of Zeus, former lord of the Spectral Plane. He controled the soul of every living being, bending their destiny to prevent the Ancient Plan to be disturbed… As centuries passed, he grew fond of the soul of a young woman named Sithirlia, distracted by love, he neglected his duty and drove terrenal existance to chaos… his father, drunk with rage, banished him into the Void…
    By the time Tezael escaped, his godly powers were no more… Being a mortal, he lived in the chaos he brought, lurking in the darkest shadows, bending the will of the unfortunate, gathering his wicked army to bring his father down from Olympus, and to rule existance once again. (Yeah I know, far from actual mithology…hope u don’t mind ^^)


    Magnus Maximus

    Very impressive my friend, very impressive. You’re a mythology kind of guy. I like that.



    Very nice work, welcome to the forums.



    Very cool stuff so far! I can’t wait to see more.



    thanks everyone ^^

    here goes another… I’m not sure ’bout this one… but since its already done, guess I should post it…

    Sithirlia … the women for whom Tezael fell …her soul’s empathy and passion gave her the capacity to comune with nature ever since the moment she was born. As she grew, she became aware of a latent disturbance on the spirit of the planet, she felt how it was taken over by a wave of anger and selfishness cast from the very souls of her brothers and sisters… overwhelmed by its darkness, she hid, wandering the mountains, forests, and every place where the hand of man was yet to corrupt. As time passed, her soul melted with the spirits of the Earth… it was when this communion occured, that Tezael felt her unmatched kindness. They fell helplessly in love as both their souls fought the rising darkness, while leaving all other matters to luck.
    After Tezael was imprisoned, Zeus submerged Sithirlia into a state of disconnection, making her lose all strenght and will. She grew old fast, as her soul no longer found reasons… and died silently, longing for the very love that drove her out of her true destiny.


    Great pose, great use of color and the design is outstanding. This is great stuff! And that story could have come directly from Greek mythology. Well done!



    Thanks MisterDinoMan 🙂 … I liked how the story went out too… a little inspired by GoW2 (just played it last week) xD …bout Sithirlia, she turned out nice… maybe just a little too flat (on composition of course, lol)…

    I’m posting another char from Zerogarth’s world: Gaia =P hope u all like it ^^

    Azram… former Zerogarth’s master. He taught his pupil the way of the artifacts; how to connect with them, and use them at their full extent. He armed himself with the Kalufarah’s Wisdom, a hammer that increases its user’s strength tenfold on impact, making it his only effective physical resource. Being the Spiritual skills his strength, he focused on their training, getting to the ranks of the most respected mages on Gaia… In spite of his physical wakness, his feline heritage gave him great speed and agility, for wich he was named “The Lighting Walker”, nickname that made reference to both his thunder control and outstanding velocity.
    After training Zerogarth, he decided it was time for him to retire. He now resides on Iteria’s great lake, on the floating Temple of the Goat; the same place that saw him embrace the teachings of The Ancients as he grew up would be the place where he will give away his wisdom to the eager youth.



    Hey! its been days since my last update, but finally I’ve got the time to create something… there it goes!

    Leonard Fretzer grew up with a caring and wealthy family on the suburbs of Horadran City. At the age of 6, Leo started having a recurring nightmare, in wich he was an old man of a long lost time, in a land where he wasn’t welcome, running from a hungry pack of wolves just to be killed by the arrow of a merciless mercenary. The dream came back every night ’till Leo turned 14… on a rainy afternoon, alone in his house, having his father’s revolver on his hands, he bended the flow of time for the first time; he teleported himself to the land of his nightmares, right behind the archer that was to put an end to the fugitive’s life. As he saw the old man coming, he raised the gun and fired a single bullet that killed the mercenary… the man kept running, gave a quick look at Leo, and disapeared in the forest. A few minutes passed and Leonard was back in his house, confused and exhausted. That night, the dream was no more. Fretzer kept living normally, being a remarkable student, he enjoyed reading history books on his spare time, learning more and more ’bout the past. This way, years later, he ended reading an old book about the journey of an exiled lord to take his land back. In this book, the lord claims hearing “a thunderous noise” and seeing “a nervous boy with a strange artifact on his hands and fear in his eyes, standing next to a bleeding man” just the day before he could gather with his followers and take back his domains. It was then when he realized what happened that strange afternoon years ago. He started training his talent, and became capable of going back in time and return to his epoch at will, getting rid of the worst evils in human history with his father’s revolver… at a great risk; every time he changed something in the past, it was his own timeline that was affected… if he killed a tyrant, another one, madder than the first, rised and took his place. He decided to focus his skills on a more subtle way and so he became to master time’s acceleration and instant traveling trough space, he even learned how to peek into the near future. As he began to care more about the present, Leonard started fighting the crime of his own time, and became publicly known in Horadran City as Timestream.

    …hehe that’s for now… I guess I will be posting more superheros from now on =)


    Great concept.



    Hey everyone! …I felt like creating something xD so …here it goes!

    Mind Beast, Villain at Horadran City. Capable of focusing his mind’s energy through a device, designed by himself, that generates a spectral, yet physical field arround his arms and lets him grow them in size and change them in form at will.

    more details later… maybe, lolz


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