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    You are just a cornucopia of creativity, aren’t you? Keep up the good work!


    Wolf Master

    Thanks Stulte! There is more to come.


    Wolf Master

    Sorry for the delay my account wasn’t working for a couple of days but im back. Also my spare time is limited, any wanting to contribute to the legendary legion or there enemies feel free just don’t make characters too OP and follow the normal posting rules.


    This arctic owl.He has extra enhanced eyesight and is traiend in many forms of combat. His suit contains a layer of Kevlar making it resitant to small arms fire, he has blades on his gauntlets which can be removed and thrown and his gogles can adjust to varying light conditions. He was born with enhanced eyesight and has birdlike eys though for a time wore contact lenses. He started out as a villain of the same name but once he was beaten by the legendary legion, he joined was offered the choice to join them rather than go to jail so he did. A few of the members still don’t trust him notably zealot.

    Eclipse is a talented mage who was born in a mountain temple and taught the mystic arts. His experience allows him to project energy open portal to other mystic dimensions and create mystic minions such as golems. when the temple he grew up in was destroyed radical terrorist who hated users of magic and his mentor was killed he used his powers to defeat the group. He later decided to become a hero using the alias eclipse and joined the legendary legion after fighting solo for two years.


    Midnight raven grew up in the same temple as eclipse but being only able master dark arts he grew to dislike the other mages and left at the age of 16. He can use the dark arts to project dark blasts and create dark minions. He was the one who told the terrorist group of the temples location out of anger. But he grew to regret this choice and became a vigilante to make up for it. After meeting eclipse he was encouraged by him to join the legendary legion and eventually agreed. He has yet to tell eclipse the truth of what he did.

    The overseer is a cosmic being of vast power. He can project energy, shape-shift, fly at incredible speeds and is virtually indestructible. He also commands a vast army of minions he created. When he came into conflict with earth it took the entirety of the legendary league and several of superhero group to stop him and many died protecting earth (none of the so far mentioned). But unbeknownst to the legendary legion he is still ling in wake planing his next assault this time intending to team up with other supervillians to defeat earth once and for all.


    Wolf Master


    This is Hercules, he not really the Hercules from myth he just uses it as an alias. He is super strong and has virtually impenetrable skin. He is trained in many forms of martial arts. He discovered his power when he was hit by a bus, it smashed into but did not hurt him in the slightest. His powers only kicked in after this original threat to his life. He served in the military for a time but after his first tour returned home and didn’t go back. He made the decision to become a hero after a criminal attempted to mug him in the street. He first met the legendary legion when fighting blitz’s arch-nemesis obilterator and took up on blitz’s offer to join them after the battle.

    Marathon is your classic speedster. He can run at a speed so fast he can cross a continent in a minute, he has super fast reacts and can jump up to 100 meters int the air and even more when he has a run up. As he grew up he got gradually faster and faster. First he was fastest in his school, then the town, then across the entire country and currently he is the fastest known being on earth. He joined the legendary legion to thank them for saving his girlfriend.

    Mirage has no super human powers but is one of the best swordsman on the planet and has a reaction time far faster than the average human being. She grew up in a poorer part of riverway city. When going to the bank a bank robber attempted to clear the vault but she stopped him just using a the cleaners brush and after that she became a full time hero. She teamed up with a hero called brawler and the became best friends. They both joined the legendary legion but she feels out of place being one of few heroes in the team without powers.

    Brawler is the best friend of mirage. He has extra thick bones on his knuckles which act as built in knuckle dusters and he has almost super human strength. He did become a superhero by himself but isn’t the smartest of souls and many of his plans didn’t work out so he stopped after a short time. When mirage ofered to team up he agreed finally having brains on his side even if they weren’t his. When mirage joined the legendary league he joined them with her.

    Amalgamation is a supervillian with the ability to spontaneous generate new body parts even where the wasn’t one.



    Awesome! Would you mind if I tried making a version of one of your characters? I’m not super awesome like ams or anything, but I do know some good shading techniques, and I want to see how I’d do.


    Wolf Master

    Sure go ahead, id love to see the result.


    Wolf Master

    Templar is a skilled swordsman. He has enchanted Armour which can deflect most blows, he can also tell when ever somebody is lying. He is good friends with zealot and they fought together for a time when they where both assassin under the same hire. He quit being assassin 2 years later than zealot and moved to England and was a superhero there for a time. After a while he attempted to track down his old friend zealot and found them fighting the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, he helped them defeat them and joined the legendary legion to fight alongside zealot again.
    The guardian has the power to open portal to other dimensions, summon thing from other dimensions to use in battle and send opponents to other dimensions. In addition he can fly, ages incredibly slowly and has super strength but not to the level of over superheroes such as ape and Hercules. He was given his power when the previous guardian was dying, he may appear old but will likely live for another 300 years. Though not an official member of the legendary legion he has worked with them on several occasions mainly sending dimension traveling villains back where they came from.
    Jackie Frost can project and create objects out of ice in addition she can instantly melt any ice she created. She is really called Jackie Taylor but help conceal her identity for a time she used the name as an alias, she later got her name change to Jackie Frost.Her powers manifested at the age of 7 when while swimming she accidentally froze the entire pool, fortunately nobody was killed. She ran away from home after noticing how her parents feared her after her accident. She joined a group of super powered children who had learned to fend for them selves. She joined the legendary legion after she was given the choice instead of going to jail after she got caught stealing.
    Technophage is a tracker from the year 3024 he got send back in time of exploring a nebula which turned out to be a rip in time. He was discovered in a coma in the secret base of obliterator who had been using him for research on his gadgets. After being freed by them he joined the legendary legion.
    Radon is a ex-mercenary with radioactive powers. After being part of a secret government space mission he was subject to unique cosmic radiation which instead of mutating his cell negatively it instead granted him mutated powers. He can project radiation, is super strong and can mutate and control living things. After discovering his powers he originally used his powers as a mercenary with a pay-check in the millions but he came into conflict with the legendary legion. After originally opting to go to prison he later decided to join the legendary legion but to some members he has yet to earn their trust.
    Baron universe is the most powerful superhero known he has virtually unlimited strength, speed, durability and energy projection abilities, he can fly at the speed of light and is highly intelligent.He has been responsible for defeating countless villains. He was the main opposing force to the overseer when he attacked earth and is likely the only reason they won. He repelled the overseer and fought a final battle with him on the moon. When the overseer was downed he turned to leave and was caught by surprise when the overseer but all his power into a single blast at him which even he could not endure. He is thought to be dead but there is chance that he is out there somewhere waiting to oppose the overseer when he next attacks.



    I like the last guys costume.


    Wolf Master

    Thanks i wanted to merge the fact that he is a universal hero into his costume and i think the stars worked quite well.


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    I decided to put all my heroes as off last week (i have made more since) into a group shot.



    Woah! How did you manage to do that in the Machine without going completely insane?


    Wolf Master

    Actually i did’tn do that in the machine unfortunately all i did was copy every single one into powerpoint, re-size them all, spread them out evenly, group them, save them as an image and then resize them till it was a file small enough to fit in the forums.


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    I decide to try my hand at some cover making. So i made one for my most recent hero… cyclone!


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    This post is exclusively villains, the guy there to give superheroes a job. But some are much more fierce than others. None of the following are just your average street crooks, they hardened psychopathic killlers and evil megalomaniacs.
    First up is lord Varamount. He is the ruler of a hellish pocket universe known as the infernal sanctum. He can manipulate dark magic, create portal to his kingdom, fly and summon hordes of daemonic minions to aid him in battle. He was originally an explorer called Samuel Varamount. He was exploring the deepest depths of the amazon rain forest when he came across an ancient ruin and discovered a glowing black crystal. As he picked up a powerful daemon within escaped and bonded to its victim, also the infernal sanctum and all the daemon within reawakened and Varamount became there ruler and took the title daemon lord. He recently has clashed with many magicians amoungst them eclipse to prevent there attempts of stopping the contetntion to the pocket universe and stripping him of his powers.

    Lulabye has the power to control anybody by singing to them once they have heard enough of her voice they will become her mindless slave till she breaks the bond between her and her victim. She can also send people into a slumber cause them serious pain by singing to them. But people with strong enough willpower are immune to her singing. She was a superhero under the same alias for a short time but did’nt find her role rewarding enough and originally just to pay her bills became a thief then as she began to enjoy her self she became a full on villain.

    Tal Lay Shia one of the best fighters on the planet and is experienced in almost all forms of combat and carries two enchanted blade of supreme power.He also has limited precognition, can climb and run across walls with ease and the ability to become invisible for a short period of time. He trained with a ancient tribe after being swept onto their island after the ship he was aboard became wrecked. He left the island years later being the fully trained killer he is now.

    The butcher is a mass murder and psychopath who gains power from killing others. The more people he kills the more his strength, durability and agility increase though the effects are temporary and eventually where off. He was originally just a killer but after year of escaping the police the legendary legion tried to stop and he was nearly killed when fighting them. He shortly after that became a villain and created himself a costume to provoke fear in his victims.


    Wolf Master

    My entry for the random name contest … sillver wolf the leader of a viking tribe

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