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    Here is some of the stuff that I’ve been working on in HeroMachine. Unfortunately, most of these will probably never be finished as I didn’t think to save copies as text and the latest Flash update wiped my files clean… even though most of these won’t get finished, I do welcome constructive criticism/tips so I can can get better with the program!Captive.jpgCaptiveShading.jpgElfMageWIP.jpgMerchant-1.jpgTest1.jpgWildElf.jpg


    The Atomic Punk

    Willkommen, vespertine! Great start. I especially like “Captive” and “Wild Elf.” Though the skull on Wild Elf’s shoulder seem out of place for an elf, but that’s just me. Add a backstory to either character and you might have a nomination for Hero of the Month. Wink

    Just lost files because of a Flash update. Fortunately, I always back up to text!



    Welcome and I like the captive elf, it is a very nice piece.




    @The Atomic Punk said:

    Though the skull on Wild Elf’s shoulder seem out of place for an elf, but that’s just me. Add a backstory to either character and you might have a nomination for Hero of the Month.

    I think of elves as having a very low-tech society where they live off the land, using every bit; if that means using bones for armor, so be it. :) I understand what you’re saying though, I guess that’s not a very traditional interpretation. I actually tried not to use anything that looked like metal in that piece, but I get carried away sometimes. I did try to make the vambrace look like it was possibly carved “shell” rather than “metal”.

    I’ll definitely have to think of some background information. I tend to be better at creating exotic settings and neglect the characterization a bit. I think that’s one reason I use HeroMachine — to force me to think of the characters more! Most of the time, I find that I pick a piece that looks interesting and start working from there vice having a clear idea when I start. For the captive elf for example, I started with a torso (I think it was actually under the “zombies” tab!) and the round shoulders suggested arms pulled back, so I worked from there.

    I do have a question that hopefully someone has an answer to: a lot of times when I export my images from HeroMachine, the program MOVES all of my items (usually down) about 100 pixels or so and I have to select all items and re-position them when I start work again? Anyone else have this issue? I’m assuming it’s happening when I make my backgrounds too big by accident and the program maybe tries to center the image on that? I really appreciate any suggestions!



    Yeap you answer your own question. When you try to export to big size the program automaticly remove the items to center. Try out widescreen view and make a screen capture. I hope that help you. Your pictures are very interesting. Great execution.



    Oh, that’s a great idea! Thanks! I sometimes forget about the widescreen view… ;) It’s good to know that it’s my own fault, then, and not the program or my computer being buggy.

    Okay… Here is one that actually DOES have a bit of a story to it. The idea is based off of the fantasy trope that a demon or sorcerer could hide their heart somewhere so that they can not be destroyed. This religious sect raises young boys to be assassins (to root out religious heretics) and makes them nearly invincible through storing their hearts in canopic jars. There is more to the story, but that’s the basic idea. This is a work-in-progress that I started today. I can’t seem to find something to approximate a good open wound for the chest and I have put off working on the face (male faces are SO much harder to get to look right for me?), but other than that, I think this one is pretty much done:


    Again, thanks to everyone for the “welcomes” and kind words!



    Your stuff is AMAZING! Love your elves.


    All your images are awesome. Captive in particular is an impressive piece!



    Great stuff, welcome to the forums. Remember to check out the rules and have a good time.



    Thanks, all! It’s really nice to see such a supportive community here… Now I wish I had just a bit more time to create stuff. ;)



    Welcome! Great stuff you’ve got here! Sacrifice is really well put together.



    Thanks, Trekkie!

    Okay… One more for the “Work-in-progress” pool (I tend to start a lot of things, but don’t finish much…). This one was to see if I could pull off a first person view. Not what I expected when I started, but I’m pretty happy with it so far. I was really trying to get a more “blinding” light coming from over the edge of the shield. I’ll play with it more as I get time…DragonfireWIP.jpg



    That’s pretty good, considering it’s a first attempt. One thing I would change is that the shield isn’t really between “you” and the dragon – it’s a bit off to the side. I realise you don’t want to block our view of the dragon itself, but that can be solved by moving the shield down, with the dragon visible over the top. The dragon also needs to be in the centre, looking directly at “you”, like it would be if it was actually breathing fire at you. Of course, if it’s actually aiming for the shield instead of the person holding it – making it a pretty dumb dragon, but if that’s the way you want it – that’s fine and you can ignore everything I just said.



    Thanks for the suggestions! Hopefully I’ll be able to work with things again soon. I’m almost done getting thrashed by the Marines. ;)



    Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve really gone on the forums! I’ve upgraded computers, so that will be my excuse for not finishing the previously posted pieces, but I have a bunch more in various states of completion. :) This one started as a test to see if I could make a dress like one I saw in a picture with the straps falling off the shoulders. I’m pretty happy with it even though I had to make several alterations. She was originally crouched down, but I couldn’t mask her dress well enough with her legs bent. She also originally had her right hand outstretched and I was planning on having it resting on a small dragon, with a spear in her other hand. I need to re-do the bloodstain that used to be around her cut dress and finish up the shading, but other than that I think it’s mostly done. Suggestions/critiques?Blinded-12-2.jpg

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