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    @Anarchangel said:

    There’s something about Luka that I really like but I can’t put my finger on what it is. He’s just an overall fun looking character.

    Also, really nice perspective work on the airship.

    Wow, I feel the same way about Luka. I think it’s the clean design and as Anarchangel said, he’s just a fun looking character.



    Thanks guys, glad you like him.

    The Mezzian army has a special squad composed of their most powerful mages. They are called the Mezzi Seven and are sent in only the most important missions. Their most recent mission is simple: destroy the strongest Arkanian mages they can find. Each of the seven paired off against one of the Arkanian forces.

    Haran, the Viper of Mezzi uses lightning magics. He strikes fast and hard, his claws paralyzing anything they touch. He pairs off with Bryant.



    The Drake uses fire magic, specifically a stream of fire he can control and focus. He pairs off with Aldus Orvan.



    Salvatoe creates rings of energy which he can throw or use as a saw. He pairs off with Deidre.



    Victoria, the Armory creates weapons out of mana. She pairs off with Owyn Fester.



    I’m really digging all of these. I especially like the flame effect you pulled off on Drake! I also like the use of the same insignia on all of the characters. It was almost disappointing when I thought you didn’t use it on your last post. But you know what… boobs!! And when I seen that, all was right with the world again.



    Haran Viper looks awesome, I really dig those cool gloves he’s got and that lightning effect looks killer.



    Thanks guys and Nug, that symbol will become important later.

    The Raptor uses wind magic. He generally stays afloat and uses his marksmanship skills to prey upon his foes from a distance. If things get serious, he will start using more wind magic.



    The Amory’s sister, Cassandra is the Army. She uses clone magic to create an army of herself. She pairs off with Samael.



    Nicely done!



    Thanks and here is the leader of the Seven, Riordan (pronounced Reardon). Like Tristan, Riordan does not have a set magic and uses a variety of magic. He also mixes magic to a powerful degree. He is very intelligent and respects the young king whom he is paired with. He does not care for the war his country is starting and even regrets what he is doing, but he will do what his country demands of him.



    Now heres a groupshot with the details of the fights included.

    Bryant Versus the Viper: They are evenly matched, zipping back and forth, never landing a blow. Eventually Haran got lucky and managed to paralyze a leg and then an arm and then everything. Bryant laid on the ground as Haran got over him to lay the finishing blow around Bryant’s throat. While he couldn’t move, Bryant’s magical arm was able to and it lunged upward, its blade inside Haran’s side. Haran screamed and attempted to use the blade to finish it, but Bryant used a vector and sent the blade and its target flying. Haran was mad and pulled out the blade, ready to return it. When he got close, a Vector appeared at his feet and he was sent sideways. Hard. His wounds bled more and he had dropped the blade. Enough with closeness he said and prepared to launch lightning at Bryant, but a vector moved away his target. They were at a standstill. Despite being unable to use three of his four limbs, Bryant could still dodge. Haran and Byant then played Cat and Mouse for a bit before it seemed the Viper had gotten close enough to strike. Close enough where he did not see a vector move the fallen blade towards him. It flew into his chest and the Viper was no more. Bryant regained use of his extremities after the Viper died.

    Aldus Versus the Drake: The Drake launched snake after snake of fire at Aldus, but he kept on dodging or blocking it with an electric attack. The Drake also used his coiling fire to block lightning. As Adlus dodged, the Drake trapped him in a corner. He put his full force into his twin dragons bearing down on Aldus’s elctromagnetic shield. Aldus’s shield began to crack and heat rained down upon him. Then he launched a bolt of lightning through his shield and through the fire and into the Drake’s chest. The mezzian flew back and fell on the ground, alive, but unable to move.

    Hansen Versus the Raptor: Initially, the two shot at each other, but they were too far apart and too good to be hit. Angry, Hansen launched what seemed to be a senseless barrage of beams which the Raptor dodged. But with Hansen’s grin, the Raptor knew this wasn’t the end. He looked over his shoulder and saw a rough laser rune made up of blast holes on one of the airships. A brilliant beam of red light erupted from the damaged hull. The Raptor made a small cyclone around himself which deflected a majority of the blast, but enough got through to do some serious damage.

    He fell to the earth, a small gust saving him. He was scarred and furious. He launched gust after gust at Hansen who either missed the brunt of the blow or outright dodged it. His anger grew and grew and he finally decided to do it the hard way. Wind around Hansen began to swirl around until a twister several stories high surrounded him. Hansen fired shot after shot, but the winds were to strong to allow anything through. He soon began to notice that air was getting thinner. The vortex was sucking the air from its eye. He had to get out soon. So Hansen made a mad effort, launching all of his powers into a single blast, one that allowed him to get above the whirling winds. He found that at his apex he had enough power left for one shot, so he took it. The cyclone had consumed all of the Raptor’s focus and he didn’t have time to react. A hole replaced his heart.

    Hansen also fell to the earth, not strong enough to repel himself from death. He embraced his fate and suddenly felt the air leave him as a green blur caught him. He was alive, but out of juice. Bryant ran to help the others but before he left, he gave Hansen the Raptor’s gun. Hansen began shooting at the airships propulsion, hoping to bring down the flying weapons.

    Deidre Versus Salvatore: Salvatore tossed rings and Deidre shot arrows but neither could connect. Salvatore got close and a ring became a saw, but still Deidre got away. In a stroke of luck, Salvatore’s necklace of the Mezzian crest was blown off. Salvatore became frantic and threw madly. He rushed to one of his fellow soldiers and did nothing as he got stabbed . He then ripped off the soldier’s crest. As he did this, Deidre shot him in the back of the shoulder and the crest went flying out of his hands. He reached for it and Deidre blew off both his hand and the crest. Disgusted, she shot him in the chest.

    Salvatore’s reaction made her realize something. The Crests were important and not having one meant death. That meant one thing. The Mezzians had an ace up their sleeve. She immediately used a rune to message her comrades; get a crest or die.

    Tristan Versus Riordan: When Tristan heard this message, he confronted Riordan. Despite your mission, you had seemed an honorable man, would you really sink to an attack that broad.”
    Riordan sighed, “So you found out about the Crests. Each one has an antirune for those cannons up there. If we fail in eliminating you, they’re going to burn this place down.”
    Tristan put his hand to his ear and gave a command. “Bryant get those who cannot fight out.” “Riordan, will you allow me at least to save the innocents.
    Riordan frowned, “Go ahead. I know if we do that not only would we be instigators, we would also be slaughterers. Get your innocent to safety. I do not like what my country is making me do, but I will do it.”

    Samael Versus the Army: Samael was quick and his hits were hard, but there were so many of the Army. They both were getting tired. Samael grabbed at one of the clones and grasped the Crest. He did one last onslaught of strike and passed out. Weak, the Army did as well.

    Owyn Versus the Armory: Spear met crimson axe. The two soldiers were equally matched. Owyn was faster, but her armor was too strong. Eventually, she found herself against a wall. An elongated spear with all its force kept her pinned. The blade began to heat up and sizzle as magic poured into it. He armor began to crack. She threw axe after Axe, but none moved Owyn. The armor gave way as she stepped to the side, the spear ripping through her side. She laid against the wall, crimson energy staunching crimson blood. She had fought well and would survive the day.

    Tristan Versus Riordan: “Riordan, you are the last of the Seven”
    “Are they all dead?” Riordan asked, his voice somber.
    Tristan replied back, “No. The girls and the fiery one live.”
    Riordan seemed surprised. “Out of all of us, Haran is the last one I expected to die.”
    “My Bryant is formidable. Speaking of, why did you pair like against like. Spear v. Spear, Speed v. Speed, Brawler v. Brawler, Gun v. Gun, Energy v. Energy, and the two of us, Jack of all Trades?”
    “It would’ve indeed have been easier to dispatch Haran versus your archer or your lancer, but your Bryant could’ve taken down my ringer and my Armory. Pairing off meant only the better man or woman would win. I do respect you and your people that much.”
    “If you respect us so much, why even fight this fight. You attacked us! For what? To be number one? Why fight for such a ludicrous reason, why send so many men to die?” Tristan shouted at Riordan.

    “You’re right. This fight is insane. However my country started this fight and I was sent to finish it. So I’m truly sorry that you must die. You seemed like a noble man.” He raised his hand and three runes appeared. Their energies coalesced and a dark fiery lightning shot at the young king. He dodged and launched his own barrage.
    As he did he shouted, “Following people blindly is stupid and deadly. This war is uncalled for and is insane. I do not want it and you do not want it. Let us stop it. You do have honor. Don’t let your patriotism make you become a monster. The man who killed my parents was like you. He murdered my father and mother out of love for country. He saw this war coming and he ensured we’d be ready for it. To prepare us, he became a monster. He chose that path and he regretted it til his death. His last words to me were “I’m Sorry”. Do not become like him. Do not put your Country above your morals. If you must be the superior nation, do it by being better, not worse.”

    As he said this, he stopped firing back and stood still. “If you want to win this war, then kill me and spare my people. If you want to keep your soul, help me end this needless death.”
    Riordan’s hand glowed then dimmed. “You are right. I have been a fool. I will help you end this war.” Riordan put his finger to his ear and ordered his men to retreat.

    Riordan had friends in high places. Those in power in Mezzi found themselves losing power. Riordan was popular for his war prowess and found himself the new head of the Mezzian council. He ended the war and apologized greatly for his part in Arkanian suffering. It was the first step into what would become the beginning of a great alliance, one that ensured peace.

    The End


    Delta means change. This is especially true of the hero known as Delta. Charlie Holt is superstrong and invulnerable. Alongside this, he is especially proficient in leading others, his mind well suited for strategy. This made him become successful as a hero and then leader of the Champions. He led them to victory after victory, but then things changed. Dr. Mikhail Xand, an evil superscientist had built a death ray. The Champions stormed in and he tested it out on them. Delta pushed everyone away and leaped himself, but he did not completely avoid its blast.

    The ray engulfed his leg and pain shot through the hero. His invulnerability had saved his leg, but it could not save it from all damage. His cells became scarred and damaged, pain coming in waves. He writhed on the floor and through pain closed eyes, saw Rusch knock away Xand. Apogee and Torrent destroyed the ray.

    His leg had been damaged beyond repair. The cellular harm was permanent and the pain perpetual. Amputation was not even possible due to Charlie’s invulnerability. The best they could do was give him a metallic splint which would keep the foot from moving too much to lessen the pain. Charlie quit heroing as a result. He knew a man with a limp would slow down his friends, so he stopped.

    He became a recluse for a while, shut in his apartment. Occasionally, friends would stop by, but he still could not do what he needed to do. Then, change struck again. Rusch was in a pickle and needed help. He called Holt because he needed a strategist. Holt helped out his quick friend and realized he could still help, still be a hero. He now works as an adviser to other heroes, providing plans and help run things from afar. He is still a force of change in the world, making it a safer place.



    I really like that one Vamp. Great story.



    Thanks and here is the Woman in Black, a vigilante.

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