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    Halloran came out of the war with a god complex. He realized that behind his rifle, he held life and death in his hands. One little impulse, one squeeze of a finger, and a life ceased. He is like god in that moment. Does he send that impulse and end something or does he not, gracing that life with its survival. He usually does the former as he is paid to play god by those who wish for someone’s cessation of life. He’ll end anyone, men, women, children, politicians, even J Robert Benjamin if he was paid enough. Before his scope all people are equal, just blips on the radar he can stop.

    And to finish up noir for a bit, here is the essential femme fatale. She is based upon Gilda, thogh her face turned out a bit more Bacall.
    There ain’t anything more dangerous thing in this world than a dame. They reach inside you and grab your heart, squeezing it ’til they don’t need you anymore. They stroll in and broken men lie in their wakes. Genevieve Porter is one of the worst. She uses her beauty as a weapon, using men as pawns to do her bidding. She’ll never get caught with a gun in her hand, she only needs her face and voice. Both of which make pawns readily available at the Twin Ravens where she sings. When you go to the Twin Ravens, listen and look, but do not touch, for Eve Porter is nightshade, beautiful, but deadly.”

    I was looking through the last couple of pages and YES you have awesome pics. I especially like the phobias. I would have never thought of that.


    Thanks and here is a Wendigo.
    When a man eats the flesh of another man, it creates a hunger. This hunger grows larger and larger, until all that remains is the hunger. The soul is gone, the mind is gone, all that remains is the hunger. What once was a man is now a monster and all that remains is the hunger.

    My father’s ship landed here twenty years ago. He was a scout on a research mission and his ship got damaged by an asteroid hit. His ship sought out the closest planet with livable conditions and that happened to be Earth. Its gravity was lesser than his home planet, but he could survive. His ship landed in a nearby woods and he sat there for months, surviving and avoiding contact with humans. During this period, he learned about our culture and language. The more and more he watched us, the more he began to associate with us. He realized our two races were not so dissimilar and that by interacting with us, it would provide an amazing opportunity for scientific study. So Dad used some of his tech to appear human and he set out to integrate into human culture until a rescue ship could come.
    He got a job at a local research lab as Edward Torres and he was ecstatic, he was communicating and befriending a whole other species. Then some criminals attacked his lab, his friends were threatened. So he defended them, his body having superhuman strength and durability due to his home planet’s higher gravity. With this, he realized he could help save these humans from danger. He had grown to love this new planet and he wanted to help it in any way he could. He became one of those heroes he saw on the news, wearing his alien suit and reversing the cloaking tech, revealing his true colors. He called himself Strandon which in his home tongue meant protector.

    His rescue ship finally arrived after he had been on Earth a year, but Dad told it to go home, as he had found a new life here. And he had found love with my mother. A couple years later little Ethan, Me, was born and to my father’s hopes, I looked human, albeit with my dad’s hair. I had inherited some of his power, albeit at a weaker level. I was at peak human potential with strength and speed, and my skin was harder than an average human. My parents raised me lovingly for fourteen years, before they decided to send me to the Institute, a school for young heroes.

    My dad knew I had the spark to save people and that I had the brains to do so well. So I went there and learned how to be a hero. It was tough at first, as I had little to no powers, unlike all my fellow colleagues, but I eventually proved myself to them. I used my wits and my dad’s combat training to excel where those with powers could not. I became a leader there and led a couple of their student teams, and I fought many a battle with my friends beside me and some alien tech to help me.
    Now I’m all grown up and unfortunately, my Dad died fighting for his new home in the alien invasion last year. Even though his ship had little combat capabilities, he gave it his all to slow down the warship and help our heroes here save the day. I live on in his memory, I use what he taught me and what he gave me to help people. My father and I were both outcasts who had to fight to be accepted in our new homes, and that is who I am now: Outcast.


    Alexander of Limbo

    Love the story and the characters! Smile


    Thanks and here is a contest entry. Camazotz is a mayan bat god that symbolizes death, night, and sacrifice. In my own universe he is a vampire god who also rules over blood.
    His more human form
    His more batlike and more powerful form

    Thoth, Egyptian scribe of the gods. I imagined his long finger being his pen, which can magically write on any surface. No shading as it is late and my computer access tomorrow may be limited, so I’d rather get the concept in than stay up later adding the bells and whistles.

    Joshua’s parents were killed when he was little. They were in a bank that got robbed and they accidentally got shot. Ever since then he’s been looking for the men who did it. This also gave him a strong sense of justice. Josh grew up with his uncle and when his telekinesis emerged, he went to the Institute. Josh became more and more powerful, his telekinesis allowing him to control things on smaller and smaller scales. He could shatter something with a wave of his hand. He was soon one of, if not, the most powerful kids at the Institute.
    He was part of Team Beta with Ethan Torres, Jesse Cardenas, Cody Bishop, and Isaac Cross and they became the best of friends. They worked together and often helped Joshua learn to control his new found powers. He had now become powerful enough to control things on the molecular level, able to disintegrate matter. One day when Team Beta was fighting a supervillain, he found the men who killed his parents. He flew into a rage and he almost atomized them. If it were not for his friends, the criminals would be dust in the wind. Joshua was terrified of what he almost did, he had almost murdered two men. He was so scared that he fled into space.

    Joshua Quinn was not heard from for five years. He has recently returned, even more powerful, his eyes perpetually glowing. He can now destroy an entire city with a thought or create a black hole with a clenched fist. He can also transmute matter on an atomic scale. He had become a living god. His isolation from Earth alongside his near omnipotence seems to have detached him from humanity, making him colder, more analytical. He is distant from his old friends and they are the only ones who can even get through to him.

    It is unclear if he will be a force for good or if he will harm those here on Earth.



    Camazotz is really cool and Joshua’s backstory is absolutely great.
    However, I don’t think you can really call him a “god” as that really depends on your perception of what “god” is.
    If you look into biblical sources, you see that God knows all thoughts and feelings of the humans, as well as their souls, and can manipulate them as he sees fit. Joshua doesn’t really have that kind of power.
    Also, no matter how strong he is, Josh is a mortal, while God, or the gods the Greeks, Mayans, Egyptians, Celts and the other people who believed in multiple gods, are immortal. Even if he does have the ability to transmute and manipulate matter, the stuff we humans are made of allows us to live 120-130 years tops.
    And one last thing-You have mainly listed his abilities to destroy things, while clearly with such powers he can do so much more! For example, being able to control all matter around you, potentially gives you the ability to manipulate people’s minds!
    Because basically, thoughts and feelings are chemical reactions and the releasing of a few hormones and other stuff such as Serotonine, inside the brain. He can then control these chemicals and hormones as he sees fit, and potentially manipulate a large portion of people’s thoughts and feelings, even if not completely taking control over their mind (i.e. he cant “read people’s minds).

    tl;dr: Josh has some awesome powers but he is not a god!

    Lol sorry for that, just had to unload this one! :D



    Thanks and I’m going to disagree with you on that. Quinn has the power to create and destroy life with a thought. He could create cities of gold and glass rise from dead earth and he could turn a thriving megalopolis into dust. While he may not be able to read minds, that is not a necessity for a god. As for the immortality, he could manipulate his cell’s telemeres to essentially prolong his life indefinitely. As for the controlling minds, he might be able to do that with practice, but he can create either feelings or nothing by pressing on certain regions of the brain. He could wipe a whole person’s memory or he could create euphoria by releasing dopamine or he could cause pain by really anything. In total, he is perhaps my most powerful character who if he is not a god, which I could argue that he is, he certainly has the powers of one. Dr. Manhattan, who was a bit of his inspiration, is certainly what you’d call a god and like Josh, he is just a massively powered human.

    Kyle Reid was a slacker. He was smart, but he never bothered enough to show it. He joined up with his fellow slackers and he hung out at the Institutes urban park where he could skate. His superhuman speed, agility and strength (Essentially Spiderman minus webs and wall crawling) allowed him to coast by in his power classes. All of this angered Ethan Torres who had to fight for every bit of respect. He had no powers and had to use everything to excel, while Kyle had powers and didn’t use them to their fullest, just getting by. He was the definition of wasted potential.

    This caused fights amongst the two and eventually Ethan got through to him and he started to try. He became a new person, a better hero. He learned how to fight from Ethan. He would eventually become the hero Slam.


    See now I’m not quite sure that is correct.
    If, say, Josh is asleep, he is unaware of his surroundings.
    I can then, potentially, take a gun and blow his head off. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to do this to a god.
    But WHATEVER DUDE! We can be arguing about that for weeks. Doesn’t matter! But he IS really overpowered.

    Kyle looks really nice, I liked the concept, as well as his friendly-looking face.



    I was convinced that Kyle Reid was a shout-out to The Terminator until I remembered the name of Michael Biehn’s character in that movie was Kyle Reese. Close enough, I suppose. But in all seriousness, there’s some really unique designs in this thread. Slam and Camazotz look great, especially the latter’s Bat-form.



    Great design on Slam. Cheers!



    Thanks and here is an alien priest from the planet Agos IV

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