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    Welcome in the forum. Interesting light effect.



    Much better! :)



    I hoped I did it correctly, thank you for approving!

    And, introducing a new character…
    Meet Alatriel Lotherldrian, a Druidess from the southern forests of Evandor.
    Alatriel is relatively young-about 136 years old.
    She was born to a highborn elf that was raped one day, while strolling in the woods, by an evil mage, a Dark Elf named Selvad.
    Afterwards, her mother escaped her court and, nine months later, gave birth to her in Evandor forest.
    She died during the birth and Alatriel was left for dead.
    Luckily, Alatriel was found by a local hunter. He decided to raise her as if she were his own child.
    Unfortunately, seven years later, Selvad, her father, is informed about her. He decides to come after her and kill her, as he wants his heir to be a male, and not some bastard female from a supposedly-noble rape victim.
    Selvad comes to her house and murders her foster parent. However, when he looks for her, no matter how hard he tries, she is nowhere to be found. Even by using his magical powers, Selvad doesn’t manage to locate her.
    Knowing she has to be nearby, Selvad decides to simply blow up the entire place; Using his mighty spells, he creates an explosion that destroys everything within a mile radius. Fires are ignited, and within hours, about a quarter of the forest is ablaze.
    Until today she is unsure how she survived Selvad’s attack. All she knows is, next time she woke up, it was inside a bear’s lair.
    Alatriel grew up with the wild beasts, learning the true ways of nature.
    Fourty years later, the forest of Evandor was already known to be guarded by, as the locals said, a Dryad, a Witch or a Sorceress.
    Under her protection, the forest grew stronger and healed after Selvand’s terrible deed.
    Alatriel has developed real love to all living things under the woods, and swore to protect them.
    Unknowingly, she started whispering sacred, long-forgotten words.
    Her skin started to glow brightly, and new markings were imbued into it;
    She has become the guardian of the forest. A Druidess.
    Now, Selvad knows she survived. He knows what has become of her, and he is coming…
    And Alatriel awaits…




    Loving the lighting on that Future Trooper. Not sure what purpose it serves but I’m a sucker for bits on armour that light up.

    I’m liking Druidess’ design too, especially her, uh…”little” friends. The squirrel sitting on the bear’s head made me laugh, but if you think about it the ability to communicate with or influence animals could be potentially awesome and terrifying in equal measure.



    Thank you very much. No better feeling than people liking your artwork! (As I also draw “for real” and play music).

    And I will go with the assumption that by “friends” you mean her companion animals, and not her rather large, uhm, rack?



    Mind out of the gutter there, Tink. You know exactly what I meant. :D



    Lol I read you brother



    Somehow I’ve never seen this thread, but I’m glad I found it. I especially like the lighting effects on the trooper dude.



    Thank you very much. :)
    Guys, unfortunately I will announce a hiatus. Dunno when I return even whether I return.
    I have a big time off (Like 4 months) before I enlist to the army, and I’d rather spend it with my girlfriend and hanging out than creating art on HM.
    Also, and, perhaps more importantly, I don’t have the muse for creating new characters.
    So I might create something new tomorrow when I wake up with a killer hangover, or next month, or never. Don’t know.
    However, I do wanna say that you are an absolutely delightful community, and I very much enjoyed my time being here.
    I will definitely be around for looking at other people’s artwork or creating my own.
    So, uhm, yeah.
    Thank you for checking out my stuff and commenting. :)



    Good luck and all the best. We’ll be here when you get back. Cheers!

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