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    Hi guys, haven’t posted here for about a year so I figured I’d open a new topic for all my stuff.
    I will mostly be posting fantasy-related characters rather than superheroes.
    Hope you guys will like it and give me helpful criticism!

    First one is a woman knight. Her name is Dame Odelia of the Order of the Falcon.
    Her father’s mansion was raided and looted by barbarians from the north when she was twelve, and her family was slaughtered during the attack. She then decided to seek her fortune as a mercenary for a local baron, and pretended to be a boy in order to be accepted to his ranks. Slowly, she gained renown and influence amongst his troops.
    During one of his campaigns, five years after the burning of Odelia’s father’s mansion, the baron’s army was attacked by a horde of barbarians. In order to save his own skin, he has left her and a company of his men to stall the enemy while he and the rest of his army retreated, only to be ambushed in a nearby gulch by an enemy war party.
    After she understands what the baron has done, Odelia takes the command of the troops that were left for dead, and leads them to a heroic victory against all odds.
    She eventually understands that her true destiny is to become a knight and lead men to battle for righteous causes. Therefore, Odelia joins the order of the Falcon, which is devoted to upholding the rights of the commoners and defending the helpless.
    Now, Odelia is known to be the first Dame of the Falcon, and she returns to the ruined mansion that once was her home, to reflect upon her past…




    Great work! And the story is cool, too!


    The Atomic Punk

    Welcome back, tinker. Great use of the belt item as a stirrup.



    Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it, took me hours to get the pose correctly.

    This is Ursak Mel’grond, an orc from the Hills of Octugar, to the far west. The Orcs of Octugar are known to be a bit more civilized than the rest of the more savage orc races. Ursak is a member of a raiding party, and he is known for his ferocity in battle rather than his lacking sense of strategy and his incapability to lead fellow orcs to battle.
    To battle, he takes his orcish self-made spear, his dagger and a flail he scavanged from a long-forgotten fallen enemy.
    He wears little armor-A reinforced leather vest, covering his fur undershirt.
    He is not an orc of note, and there is nothing else special about him to be honest.
    Hope you guys like him!




    This one doesn’t really have any background story behind.
    It is my first attempt to create something using modern assets and I see it as more of an exercise on new assets and lighting.
    Please tell me what you think :)



    I like the lighting, it certainly works.



    Thanks man.
    I am really making an effort to try and match some of the top artists here.
    So really guys, if you have any criticism or advice, I would most certainly like to hear it!



    Nice lighting!



    Thank you :)



    Lighting effects look nice and shading on the orc is well done. I love the fact he isn’t a typical “greenskin”. The inner thigh on your future trooper could be use a little adjusting. I’d either turn down the alpha and/or add a pattern to it for a bit of extra shading. Also you could add a little shading to the inner calves. Keep up the great work.



    Your comment is much appreciated, thank you.
    Lolled when I saw the quote in your autograph :D



    Great lighting! Your effort’s definitely paying off.



    All Three look awesome. You’ve definitely got lighting effects on medieval armor down, Torog had some good points about Future Trooper, but i didn’t notice until he pointed them out. The glowing effects are very nice.



    Great Job on the Orc, Tinker…. I love the beams of light coming from your future character. I havent seen that done before in such ways. My only criticism is that it looks like he peed his pants. I would tone that down some like Torog suggest. Other than that awesome work!



    Lol Nug.
    Okay guys, I tried my best to work on the shading and edited my trooper.
    What do you think?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)

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