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    Here’s another avatar request from a Shadowrun forum member. Was supposed to look like your average corp wage-slave, a grey-man if you will, nothing particularly challenging or interesting in the work. Just here for completeness’ sake.



    Good stuff Theri. Shadowrun always a favorite of mine. Long live Dunkelzahn!



    Oof, that White Rabbit is giving me the creeps. Reminds me of one of Doctor Moreau’s creations from the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.



    Thanks, Torog! Have you been following the 5th Edition release?

    – Excellent! It was definitely American McGee inspired… meant to be unnerving.



    So, back in October of 2012 I posted the avatar of my character from the Pathfinder campaign I was playing in. Well, here we are in August of 2013 and we’re still playing that campaign. And whereas in the original avatar my PC was a 3rd or 4th level Fighter (Freehand Archetype), now he is 12th Level (7 Freehand Fighter/5 Duelist). Here is his new avatar, complete with all magic items he now has.

    Quite the transformation if I do say so myself… what do you think?

    Also, never realized how easy it is to shade using patterns until now >.<


    The Atomic Punk

    Lots of amazing! The right-hand “glove” is genius as a detail to the left. The expression on his face is “come at me” and you’re not going to win the duel. Which brings us to the sword. Great pose altogether. Like he is offering his sword with a master’s confidence. Sehr gut! I mean… en garde!



    That is some pretty nice work there my friend. Keep it up.



    Hey, thanks for the kind words, Punk and JR! I’m glad the emotion carries over.

    After putting that up on an RPG forum yesterday, I got another avatar request for a PC. This time it’s a paladin of Iomedae, “well-built but not agile, wearing banded mail with jet-black hair and the holy symbol on his shield”.

    I first approached it with a charging smite-attack pose, but the player felt “a serious expression, in a defensive posture, sword at the ready” fit the PC better. I’ll probably finish up the charging attack one tomorrow just for fun.



    Yeah, so somehow the charging paladin turned into a Shark Week tribute… funny how the creative process works sometimes, huh? Enjoy.



    Alright, so you guys won me over. Took about a year, but I’ve come around. I used to feel like the shading techniques didn’t really add much to the works. I felt like it just took a stylized cartoonish drawing and made it look like a poorly rendered, stylized cartoonish CG. That if you chose your colors well enough you didn’t really need to do the highlights and shading. What factored into it more than those feelings though, was that it probably doubled the amount of time it took me to do a piece. Well, it’s growing on me aesthetically, and as I’ve become more and more familiar with the system and the techniques, it’s become much quicker to do.

    That said, I’ve started going back through my old works and adding shading. I’m just going to add the redone pic in the original post, for easy comparisons sake. So far I’ve only done the cigarette flicking ork, and the fairy in the bottle. Enjoy!



    Oh man, you guys. Got a crazy avatar request from the forums the other day. You just have to read it, it’s for Shadowrun and it’s a Pixie PC:

    He is short (half a meter) has large orange and black butterflyesque vestigial wings. his complextion is dark tan almost brown (one olive, one brown parent. dark caramel??) and he has Dark brown hair in dreadlocks that reach the middle of his back and a short but full beard. he also has tattoos acros much of his upper body. his features look somewhat aboriginal (heavy brow, wide flat nose) He tends to dress down scale, prefering overalls or a singlet and jeans and rarely wears something with sleeves. has some oranamentation in his hair and a couble of wooden/bead braclets, Wears heavy work boots. Has biker stlye heavy skull rings and has two large tribal style piercings in his ears. the tattos are mostly polynesian tribal designs.

    And here is the result:

    As you all know, the dreadlock options are kinda weak, so I had to cobble together this guys glorious mane. Also, I’d never done tattoos so that was fun. Probably doesn’t look very aboriginal, but I didn’t want to do anything goofy to force it. All in all, the most detailed request I’d ever received. Fun.



    Wow, very amazing work. Those hair…. wow. And those tattoos are very nice, too.



    He fits that description wonderfully and his hair is great. How did you do it?



    Thanks guys!

    @Vampyrist said:

    … his hair is great. How did you do it?

    Well, I only actually used the stock dreads for the very back layer of hair, all of the rest is various pony tails and braids layered together to get the chunky, flowy look. The beard is 1 part upside down mohawk, 1 part goatee, and three parts wrinkles used to blend.

    Hair is my favorite thing to do with this program.



    Very cool, love the hair and the background is very nice as well.

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