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    Pinup Zombie




    Oh, nasty Laugh


    say hello to Thelma Thunderthighs aka BB, short for Big Baby. isn’t she cute? LOL



    @Weilyn said:

    Oh, nasty

    glad you like it. :)


    the original colors were red, white and blue. i was going to call her Miss America but found out there’s already a comic character by that name. after doing some research she has become Miss Africa.



    a random angel i honestly can not remember who’s pose this is. if you see it and its yours, let me know so i can give props. :)



    Random Barbarian



    as promised earlier, this is Dangentai. he loves Mitka with a fierceness that can not be rivaled, yet she constantly wanders away from him. however, he feels it is his duty to protect her even when she rejects him. he is always there for her when others have broken her heart. his strong hands have gently wiped away many of her tears. his strong arms have comforted her on many nights only to have his heart ripped out when she walks away to another. will she ever open her eyes to the truth and see him for what he is and love him back? who knows. but that is their story.



    The Ace of Spades and The Queen of Hearts



    who has a fear of clowns?








    Elaina Swiftrunner a random ranger


    my username here is also a roleplay name on a different site. he started off as a vampire but has now become something….more. he no longer needs blood to survive. now he thrives on wisdom and knowledge, so he is constantly reading scrolls. after he reads a scroll he eats it, which is how he retains the information on the scroll. he is also a healer that uses the “ancient ways” to achieve “miracles”. he recently went through a metamorphosis. the first picture below is what he looked like before the change. the second is what he looks like now.




    Yin Yan my first attempt at a split character.



Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 71 total)

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