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    very new to Hero Machine, so if my artwork looks like its from the stone age……..lets just say I’m better at photo manipulation with Paint Shop Pro. This piece tells the story of torture. I call it Sacrifice. I look forward to any and all constructive criticism.



    Hi! Welcome to the forum!
    Please be sure to read the forum rules, and have fun with the Heromachine Smile

    Regarding the picture I think it’s solid. Nice composition and choice of colours. Her facial expression makes me think she’s not as helpless as she seemes, but that she’s got a dastardly escape plan.


    Thanks. You might be on to something. true art is open to interpretation, regardless of the artist’s intentions. Laugh



    Great work. I see the relevance of the key there. I’m just kind of baffled by her expression. It doesn’t suggest torture.


    as far as heroes go, I’ve come up with a few. the first one I call Night Devil.

    This next one, I have to say, that TO MY KNOWLEDGE, this is an original creation by me. everything about this one came from my head and if there’s another one like it I don’t know about it. I call him The Pharaoh.

    and then of course there’s the very first piece I did with Hero Machine 3. I call him The Hangman.


    @prswirve said:

    Great work. I see the relevance of the key there. I’m just kind of baffled by her expression. It doesn’t suggest torture.

    I guess that depends on if she likes being tortured? Some people do from what I hear.


    occasionally I do religious artwork. I call this one Revelation. The piece at the bottom of the picture is supposed to be a menorah. its the best I could do.



    Herr D

    Hey, check out Insignia/Tech. There is a crescent shape there that you can set 2 colors to 0 and have an arc. If you practice twisting, resizing, and moving an arc, you might be able to match up and build some basic shapes like your menorah or complete the chain links in your torture picture. Practice with those simple shapes and build up to the more complex ones. You’ll find it opens up some great possibilities.


    My first pirate. Jane Silvertongue



    forget about the big kahuna. this is The Big Cheese.



    this is Night Devil’s side kick Lucy.



    a bit of patriotic flare with The Drill Sergent.


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