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    Name: None
    Alias: None
    Birthday: None
    Powers: None
    Place of Creation: Stockton, California

    In the year 3000, a craze swept the USA. It was a new form of chess, called Real life Chess. It involved sentient and faceless robots that fought and moved like chess pieces. This one was the typical pawn. Colors were changed to fit their owners, but the basic design is the same.

    Name: Jaime Oldman
    Alias: The Shimmering Soldier
    Birthday: November 3, 1987
    Powers: Light Control
    Birthplace: Tallahassee, Florida

    A rare experimental military success for the US, The Shimmering Soldier was granted the ability to blind his enemies with light which allowed the other soldiers to shoot them.

    Name: Sara Swindoll
    Alias: None
    Birthday: April 1, 1979
    Powers: None
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

    G.I. Sara Swindoll was so happy when her foster sister Paige was rejected for American military service. Sara knew it wasn’t what Paige really wanted. Plus she didn’t really want to worry about her sister while she had missions to finish. After all, Sara had suffered through the blood, sweat and tears of boot camp and years of service to America to let worry throw her off her game.

    Mass Reupload for Character Contest! (I may have changed these guys stories from the old thread I had over at UGO)



    A poster for the theatrical account of the Robosapien war of 2712



    The GAR Army Shield



    Name: Zara Elios
    Alias: The Woodswoman
    Birthday: October 18, 1979
    Powers: Energy Control
    Birthplace: Roto, Cook Islands

    The woodswoman is one of the natives of The Cook Islands. She vows to protect the forest at all costs.



    Name: William L. Levinston
    Alias: The Gun Priest
    Birthday: November 8, 1975
    Powers: Mental Gun Control
    Birthplace: Athens, Georgia

    Always the gun enthusiast, William L. Levinston was devastated when he lost his arms in a freak wood cutting accident in Atlanta, GA. His intense distress over the situation turned him into something spectacular…and dangerous. He’d developed the power of mental gun control. He could move firearms and shoot them with his mind. A sad side effect of this ability, however was his loss of mental control.

    Name: Randay Ackers
    Alias: The Sword Bearer
    Birthday: June 12, 1975
    Power: Sword Mastery
    Birthplace: Athens, Georgia

    After William’s accident, Randy Ackers (William’s best friend), decided to watch after him. He was at his home checking on him every day up until the point where William’s insanity had taken hold of him. After that, Randy vowed to help him by all means, even if that meant taking him down. While Randy may not have chosen the best weapon to fight with, it’s the one that he’s most familiar with.



    Love the tempest! So moody! And the rain looks legit!



    Thanks iscarioto!



    Name: Shelley Silver
    Alias: The Wall
    Birthday: August 12, 2096
    Powers: Absorption of Kinetic Force
    Birthplace: Albuquerque, New Mexico

    When Shelley Silver was a kid, she’d always hoped she be one of the few millions of lucky people to develop superpowers. She’d dreamed of flying, mind reading, and even teleportation. Instead, she would up with absorption of kinetic force, and she hated every minute of it. People with her power usually don’t go on to be famous superheroes…they end up working for the government on the front lines of every war.



    Name: Darakna Djinn
    Alias: Red
    Birthday: Unknown
    Powers: Teleportation, Item Generation
    Birthplace: Gal-ol, Mino (on the planet Vesta)

    Darakna, an alien, showed up on earth in Brazil after being banished from her very tiny home planet for disruption of the order of life. Since then, she has used her magical talents in very shifty, but sometimes valiant ways.



    Name: Unknown
    Alias: Arclight
    Birthday: Unknown
    Powers: Omniscience
    Birthplace: Unknown

    Arclight is the guide of the universe. No one is sure of her origins, but whenever someone pivotal to the fate of the universe is lost (mentally that is), confused or in extreme danger, Arclight shows up and sets them on the right path; thereby assuring that the universe will live to see another day.



    Name: Alicia Glass
    Alias: Alicia the Clown
    Birthday: May 15, 2020
    Powers: Randomosity
    Birthplace: Daytona Beach, Florida

    Introducing Alisha the Clown…with the power of Random Powers!! Each time she uses her power she doesn’t know what may happen which makes her a very interesting Supervillain.



    For the character contest: Public domain superheroessuperfan1-Airmale.png





    More Contest Characters

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    Name: Laura Shae
    Alias: The Skipper
    Birthday: July 21st, 1972
    Power: Antigravity Control
    Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan
    The Skipper ,(birth name Laura Shae), developed her antigravity ability when she was just a preteen. At first, she used it to play cruel jokes on her classmates (for example, there was one instance where a classmate of hers, Antonio Villarega, wanted to dunk the basketball, but he was too short. so once he jumped on his 3rd attempt, she made him keep going, way higher than what was required to dunk the ball. It’s said that he’s been afraid of heights ever since). Once Laura reached adulthood, however, she realized the implications her powers could have on people and vowed to use them respectably and for the good of others.

    Name: Dominic Shae
    Alias: Anti Matter
    Birthday: July 21, 1972
    Powers: Anti Matter Control
    Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan

    Laura Shae’s (A.K.A the Skipper) twin brother, Dominic Shae never got over his even phase in school. He bullied his classmates till the day he graduated and the proceeded to take this same punishment out on his fellow citizens. He’s had several run-ins with his sister, but despite his evilness, he really does care for his sister; therefore, he tries to avoid hurting her at all costs.



    Name: Darya Andropov
    Alias: Space Runner
    Birthday: October 4, 2100
    Powers: Atom Gripping and Super Speed
    Birthplace: Adygeja, Russia

    Born in the year 2100 to parents Elena and Artem Andropov, Darya had racing in her blood (Elena Andropov was a race car driver, and Artem was a long distance running olympian). Because of this, it was no surprise that Darya took an interest in running when she was a child. She wasn’t a very fast runner though, until her 19th birthday when her powers kicked in. First Darya developed super speed, which landed her a spot 2124. Shortly after taking the silver medal for Russia in the 100 meter dash, Darya discovered another latent ability. She discovered that her skin contained several particles that were able to latch on to atoms and propel her along, essentially giving her the ability to be able to run anywhere…including space. Couple that with her super speed and you’ve got The Space Runner!

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