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    This is what the universe would look like…if i designed it. Each character here has a connection with at least one other in some form or fashion and those connections will be detailed here. Enjoy the contents of my imagination!



    Name: Laura Shae
    Alias: The Skipper
    Birthday: July 21st, 1972
    Power: Antigravity Control
    Birthplace: Lansing, Michigan

    The Skipper ,(birth name Laura Shae), developed her antigravity ability when she was just a preteen. At first, she used it to play cruel jokes on her classmates (for example, there was one instance where a classmate of hers, Antonio Villarega, wanted to dunk the basketball, but he was too short. so once he jumped on his 3rd attempt, she made him keep going, way higher than what was required to dunk the ball. It’s said that he’s been afraid of heights ever since). Once Laura reached adulthood, however, she realized the implications her powers could have on people and vowed to use them respectably and for the good of others.




    Welcome back, man!



    Name: Unknown
    Alias: The Angel of Music
    Birthday: Unknown
    Power: Instrumental Mastery and Hypnotism
    Birthplace: Unknown

    This is the Angel of Music. He pleases the masses with the most perfect sounds that any human ear has ever heard. The angel seldom ever has to use his special ability of hypnotism, but when he does…it’s always for the greater good!



    Name: Jonathon Kaien
    Alias: None
    Birthday: February 7, 1325
    Powers: None
    Birthplace: London, England

    Jonathon Kaien was a knight born in the year 1325 with a penchant for flair. He was very cocky about everything right up until his death at the hands of an unknown assailant in the year 1360. He had no special powers, just a great ability with his swords, which he named Dama and Caballero.



    Hi Superfan, these look great! I'd love to know more about the Skipper, do you have a backstory for her or anything? Cool



    Nice work.Laugh



    Name: Paige Swindoll
    Alias: The Dancer
    Birthday: August 17, 1984
    Powers: None
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

    The Dancer, real name Paige Swindoll, became an exotic dancer after her attempt to escape her mundane life by joining the military failed. She never told anyone the reason for the rejection, but many speculate at it.



    Name: Thomas Zolari
    Alias: The Birdmaster
    Birthday: January 1, 1970
    Power: Avian Communication
    Birthplace: Vila Velha, Brazil

    Thomas Zolari was born with the ability to communicate both mentally and verbally with birds. No one is entirely sure why, but he uses his powers and knowledge of what he calls bird ‘culture’ to influence everything from wildlife policy to crime rate (he sometimes enlists the help of the birds to stop crimes).



    Name: Sara Sellers
    Alias: The Tempest
    Birthday: May 9, 1985
    Power: Wind Control
    Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana

    Contrary to what many think Sara Sellers A.K.A The tempest, does not control the rain. She only controls the wind. she prefers using her power during storms because it’s reach is greatly increased and she can contribute more to the capture of the criminals that plague the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana.



    Name: Classified
    Alias: Emaciation
    Birthday: Classified
    Power: Increased Stamina, Strength and Longevity.
    Birthplace: Classified

    A product of military testing for The Cook Islands government, Emaciation (Real name unknown), emerged with a simple vendetta…to destroy those that essentially destroyed him. The military was attempting to tweak the human body into being able to survive (and survive with no adverse effects) for longer periods of time without food (they assumed that money spent on rations would be better spent on weapons and things of that nature). They told him that the methods had been perfected, and that he was chosen to go first. Because of their lies, he lives on the brink of starvation without actually dying. Ironically, Emaciation is still able to lift the weight of a normal being and run just as fast.



    Name: Kai Sanders
    Alias: Wisp
    Birthday: March 14, 1989
    Power: Matter Disintegration and Generation
    Birthplace: Utsunomiya, Golden Amethyst Republic

    Wisp is one of the most misdirected villains…ever. Years ago, as a child, his foster father performed many many experiments on him, which granted him the ability to generate a purple smoke that disintegrates matter. Because of the many experiments, he had forgotten most of his terrible childhood, but he remembers the pain he suffered (but not exactly who did it to him). His foster father later told him that he was a part of a secret government project to create a new weapon. After learning this false news, Wisp vowed to take down the Golden Amethyst Republic’s(GAR) government. (The Golden Amethyst Republic is the country formerly known as Japan)



    Name: Jeffrey Asherton
    Alias: None
    Birthday: December 31, 1972
    Powers: None
    Birthplace: Tokyo, GAR

    This soldier fights for the Golden Amethyst Republic Army (or Golden Army for short). He’s had several run ins with one of their most vicious adversaries: Wisp.



    cool! i love them all!
    (is that one guy pulling out his purple guts?)



    Thanks FRM and not intentionally lol i guess i should have decreased the opacity a bit (it’s supposed to be purple smoke)

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