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    I also made another guide. In it, I go over how I made the Ogre design, step by step.



    I made an addendum to the previous guide! This time, I go over how I built the pose for the Ogre.



    I made a new guide. This time, I deal with various kinds of details and go over how I use them in my designs.



    This is Lady Turtle. She is very particular about discipline and little details and has been tasked to uphold the laws of the evil Empress. While not as devastatingly lethal in battle as her Lady Knight comrades, her armor protects her from just about any attack, and her turtle shield allows her to maneuver her opponents into dangerous positions.



    What if haunted places existed and we sent robot drones in them to salvage stuff because they can’t see ghosts?

    Like, a place being haunted would be kinda like it being a irradiated. A site of massive destruction would be unlivable for humans because it’s just so full of ghosts, so we send robots in instead, or humans in Spiritual Hazard Suits.

    Imagine a ravaged city, where the wind carries the screams of a long-dead people, and there walk a a human in overalls covered with holy symbols and  charms, dragging a cart full of loot; and their faithful robot companion who doesn’t know why this place is scary but is always there for their fleshy friend.



    Very impressive work Suleman, really like your interpretation of King.



    Late saying this but great gallery man. Lady Turtle is pretty sweet though.



    Thanks, Viper!

    Gah, if only I could show you the latest pictures here, but my thread is bugged. I can’t add any new image links.



    Uh oh. Maybe it can be fixed somehow?



    Testing… Will this Creators’ Club entry get posted or not?



    Not a new creation, but I finally got around to writing a little bit about the Lady Knights. I picture them as bosses in a video game. The player plays the Squire, who must defeat the knights, acquire their weapons and finally face the evil Empress.

    The game, if it existed, would be something along the lines of Castlevania and Mega Man, with elements from the Souls games. Possibly also a bit like Lara Croft: Guardian Of Light? I liked that game.


    Lady Tiger

    By far the fastest of the knights, capable of vanishing and appearing like a ghost in her native woods.

    She dislikes killing, but the Empress has some sort of hold over her. When she is sent after you, she will stop at nothing and shows no mercy.

    Close Range: 3/5, Long Range: 1/5, Speed: 5/5, Trickery: 3/5

    Weapon: Tiger Blade

    The Tiger Blade is an incredibly fast sword that can cut through just about anything.

    Weakness: The Humming Arrows can find her by the sound of her movement, and the Shark Cannon can burn away her hiding places.

    Stage: Deep Forest

    A dark forest, thick with trees, undergrowth and dangerous animals. The Squire must survive Lady Tiger’s attacks until they can find a way to lure her into the open.


    Lady Buffalo

    Known as the “Human Siege Engine”, no one can match her power. She is a professional soldier and fights for money and fame.

    However, when she puts on her horned helmet, she becomes more like a force of nature than a human being, breaking through walls and hurling stones and opponents like they weighed nothing.

    Close Range: 5/5, Long Range: 3/5, Speed: 3/5, Trickery: 1/5

    Weapon: Horned Gauntlets

    The gauntlets increase the wearer’s power even further, allowing them to make powerful punches as well as grab and throw large objects.

    In addition, they protect the wearer’s hands from dangers like fire or spikes, enabling them to move previously untouchable objects.

    Weakness: A well-timed Constrictor Bola can trip her, leaving her open to attacks. Tusk Spears stick to her armor and can slow her down.

    Stage: City Under Siege

    A proud city, now under attack by the Empress’s forces. In the thick of battle, the Squire will find Lady Buffalo. They will wish they hadn’t.

    If the player does not have access to Lady Buffalo’s weakness, they must lure her into harming herself.


    Lady Python

    A veteran warrior, and right-hand woman of the Empress. When the Empress wants someone taken alive, Lady Python is on the job.

    While unshakably loyal to the Empress, she is honorable in her own way.

    Close Range: 3/5, Long Range: 3/5, Speed: 3/5, Trickery: 3/5

    Weapon: Constrictor Bolas

    Remarkably well-balanced throwing weapons. Can be used to entangle enemies or even animals, which can then be made to help.

    Weakness: The Tiger Blade can cut through the bola mid-flight. The Dragonbone Staff’s reach and power outmatch her obsidian club.

    Stage: Jungle City

    A former metropolis, now a shadow of its former self and overgrown with plant life. The squire must battle Lady Python and her warriors while avoiding capture.


    Lady Hummingbird

    Diplomat, courtier, spy, assassin. She has expensive tastes, and only the Empress can afford her.

    While blind, she is still arguably the greatest archer in the world. She seems to locate her targets by sound, and her Humming Arrows can seem to change direction mid-flight to track noises.

    Close Range: 1/5, Long Range: 5/5, Speed: 3/5, Trickery: 3/5

    Weapon: Humming Arrows

    Arrows that home towards loud noises. Perfect for finding sneaky enemies, but also good for hitting far-away switches, ropes and the like.

    Weakness: Tusk Spears can be used to distract her and create platforms to bypass her ambushes. At close range, the Shark Cannon’s loud blasts stun her even if they miss.

    Stage: Desert Palace

    An unlit palace where rays of light shine through the windows, piercing the darkness. It is a maze that Lady Hummingbird knows perfectly, sniping at the Squire from afar. The player must find a way to close in on her.


    Lady Shark

    A pirate lord with a taste for havoc. She is the nightmare of the seas. She specializes in bombs and other such devices.

    Her right arm has been replaced with a hand cannon, making her even deadlier than she was.

    Close Range: 2/5, Long Range: 4/5, Speed: 2/5, Trickery: 4/5

    Weapon: Shark Cannon

    A strange weapon that can shoot gouts of flame at short range and devastating shots at medium ranges. Not terribly accurate, but it can burn and wreck all kinds of obstacles and enemies.

    Weakness: The Turtle Shield can block her shots, allowing the Squire to close in. The Horned Gauntlets can be used break through barricades and fires.

    Stage: Fleet On Fire

    In preparation for your coming, Lady Shark has made these ships into a deathtrap. Still, you must battle through cannons, fiery obstacles, traps and desperate pirates to finally confront this maritime maniac.


    Lady Drake

    A warrior driven by anger, with the power to control dragons. Her origins and true motivations are shrouded in mystery, but for now, she is aligned with the Empress.

    Did I mention the dragons? She has dragons. Holy shit. While she seems to be controlling them, it is possible that her connection to their primal minds is actually driving her insane.

    Close Range: 5/5, Long Range: 1/5, Speed: 2/5, Trickery: 3/5

    Weapon: Dragonbone Staff

    A massive, cumbersome weapon filled with evil magic and the souls of dragons. It is incredibly slow, but it hits like a truck.

    Weakness: The Tiger Blade is fast enough to allow the Squire to land multiple strikes while Lady Drake is recovering from her swings. Constrictor Bolas can be used to entangle her drakes and ride them like on a rodeo, spreading chaos among the enemy.

    Stage: Volcano Stronghold

    An impregnable fortress on an active volcano. Filled with soldiers and dragons of various sizes. Oh dear.


    Lady Turtle

    A brilliant military commander and upholder of the Empress’s laws. Also, an annoying stick-in-the-mud who has been given way too much power. She likes order, and the Empress has given her the power to enforce her will upon an entire empire.

    While she is not powerful or fast, her massive armor, shield and defensive tactics make her very tricky to deal with. Trying to attack her while she is maneuvering you to traps and ambushes is almost impossible.

    Close Range: 3/5, Long Range: 3/5, Speed: 1/5, Trickery: 5/5

    Weapon: Turtle Shield

    A large shield, protecting its wielder from all frontal attacks and threats. Also handy for passing through traps and the like.

    Weakness: In close range, the Horned Gauntlets allow the Squire to unbalance or even throw the smaller knight. Humming Arrows can be used to deal with the soldiers supporting her, leaving her without support.

    Stage: Floating Fortress

    An artificial island prison, where the surviving enemies of the Empress are taken. This is where Lady Turtle governs from. Filled with gates, guard towers and soldiers.



    Lady Mammoth

    A cheerful hunter from the high mountains, her folk have herded mammoths for countless generations. In exchange for guarding the mountain passes, the Empress has left Lady Mammoth and her people mostly in peace.

    Specializing in hunting beasts, Lady Mammoth does not fight fair. Traps, avalanches and thrown spears are her specialty, and she jumps around like a rabbit. Not to mention, you know, the mammoths.

    Close Range: 1/5, Long Range: 3/5, Speed: 4/5, Trickery: 4/5

    Weapon: Tusk Spears

    Great javelins that are even sturdy enough to stand on. They can stick to certain surfaces, which can slow down enemies or create additional platforms for the Squire.

    Weakness: A well-timed bola can catch her mid-jump, sending her crashing to the ground. The Dragonbone Staff can break her spears into smithereens, limiting her movement options and allowing the Squire to escape her traps more easily.

    Stage: Snowy Mountain Pass

    Lady Mammoth guards this pass. Her tribe and their mammoths are in your way. Take care, she has prepared many traps for you.



    On the Squire’s quest to defeat the evil Empress and her Lady Knights, she is assaulted by a mysterious figure: Lady Phoenix. Is she an enemy, or is this some kind of strange test?

    Lady Phoenix can, uh, fly. That is weird! Unlike the other knights, she is not heavily armed. Her reinforced leather armor also functions as a harness for her wings. Don’t underestimate her, though: If she is strong enough to lift herself high into the air, she is a force to be reckoned with. She also lights her wings on fire sometimes, watch out for that.

    Lady Phoenix returns multiple times to attack the Squire, despite seemingly plunging to her death. She lives up to her title.



    I’ve been struggling with a design and I need something to freshen me up. Would anyone be up for an art trade?



    @Suleman- Yeah, why not.



    Hey man, I’ll help you design that game with the ladies lol sounds really cool.

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