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    Thanks, both of you! I had a fair amount of trouble getting the ground under Boneface right, eventually I just gave up. I do agree that it could look better.


    This is a return to a more simple time. It’s a design for a space fighter flightsuit in a friend’s roleplaying game campaign. Nothing fancy.




    The dashing Gryphon Rider hitting on a young nobleman. She can show you the woooorld.

    The Gryphon Rider is, technically speaking, opposed to the evil Empress. However, she is way too busy doing things like this to actually be very useful to the cause.
    She is driven by her own moral code and libido, and is thus blinded to the plights of the common folk.

    I have no idea how this design ended up like this. I just wanted to make an opera singer, and suddenly she’s standing on a gryphon for some reason? All I wanted was a ladder!



    I was pondering a little bit about how the Gryphon Rider’s outfit would work in the previous picture I posted, so I painstakingly reconstructed the character in a front-facing view. That’s about all there is to this. This is pretty rough and has no shading, but not everything needs to be so pointlessly detailed.



    The Gryphon Rider is great. She’s shining, shimmering, splendid. Is there a story behind her missing fingers? Gryphon training accident? Also, I dig the simplicity of the Space Fighter flight suit.



    I saw Gryphon Rider in the CDC 400 comments – way to raise the bar.



    I’m not dead!

    Here’s a straightforward DnD character just to shake off some rust.


    Dungeons And Dragons character:

    Magpie, Halfling warlord/commander/whatever

    The woman who would become Magpie served in the border guard of the kingdom, before she got in the way of a corrupt official who wanted to blame a town’s orcish resident for the town’s troubles. She was deemed a traitor and a thief and was sentenced to hang.

    Thankfully, the executioner was unused to hanging tiny halflings, and got the length of the drop wrong. Rather than snapping her neck, she permanently injured her throat and vocal cords, resulting in a nasty cough and a ludicrously raspy voice for someone her size.

    Having survived the hanging and played dead, Magpie was saved by her few remaining friends and went to exile under an assumed name.

    By adventuring, she hopes to find allies and resources to weed out corruption in the land.


    (Yeah, I used the name Magpie for a similar character before. I liked the concept so I played it in a game.)



    Always spectacular concepts and execution!  Cheers!


    Herr D

    Tough for a halfling to play dead. Good stuff.



    A wood elf druid I play in a Dungeons And Dragons campaign.

    The druids of Yofor’s order believe their fates are tied to their soultrees. When Yofor was barely over a 100 years old, human shipwrights cut his tree down to be a great mast while he was away on his initiation.

    When he returned and discovered the tragedy, he decided not to give in to sorrow or a lust for vengeance, and instead enlisted on the new ship, letting his tree guide him in a different way.

    He has sailed with the ship on many an adventure and has now arrived in Baldur’s Gate, where he feels his destiny lies. For now, at least. The tree is patient, and the wind calls.

    Much like a ship at sea, Yofor lets the wind lead him. He believes in omens and takes opportunities where he sees them.This approach to life may make him seem like a chill hippie philosopher, but his core is hard like heartwood.


    Made some tweaks to the shading:



    Medeia, Astropath Transcendent

    A player character in a Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader rpg I’m playing in.

    Astropaths in the WH40k universe are psychic wizards capable of interstellar telepathic communication and other weirdness.

    Medeia herself specializes in shapeshifting and likes to take animal forms.



    Here’s The Highway Man as my half of my art trade with AMS.



    It’s Agent Magpie again! She’s in a sewer, having a very bad day. She’s gonna stab somebody!

    This one had a lot of tricky elements to figure out, so I could fiddle it for ages and still not be satisfied. Sometimes you just gonna have to say it’s finished.



    Black Ice for SteelGeneral2 based on his original character

    I think this turned out alright, considering I haven’t done a traditional superhero costume in like a decade. I figure this is more like an action figure version that the Arctic Wind team’s sponsors try to sell to Canadian kids. So, naturally, he looks a little bit like a hockey player.


Viewing 13 posts - 376 through 388 (of 388 total)

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